COME ON DOWN! and Contestant's Row

Some funny clips

Contestant's Row is the stepping stone to playing a pricing game, spinning the Wheel, and all that other good stuff. However, some people make their mark in Contestant's Row, or even while coming on down!


Yolanda reveals all as she works her way into Contestant's Row. Watch the full show opening, now NEW AND IMPROVED with MUCH BETTER video quality!


Bob still doesn't know what's going on until before the second IUFB!


Just when you think Yolanda is enough, Theresa's wardrobe malfunctions on the very same day! (Now with MUCH better video quality, too!)


Vanna White gets totally scolded by Bob after a rough round of bidding!


The late '70s saw Johnny in many different locations doing his announcing, including this contestant call from the audience!


Bob asks Johnny for the name, and Johnny reads it! Let Marc Breslow's graphical genius show you both at the same time!


Bob reads her shirt in the right place, and he really does leave her alone! Now he won't take her bid until she takes off her shirt!


How did George end up with Marie's nametag on...well, where it ended up? Watch the hilarity from Friday of the 10th Year Premiere week!

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