Welcome to one of the few pages devoted to Germany's version of The Price Is Right!

The show's name actually translates into "The Price Is Hot." It ran on German TV from 1988 until 1997, and was hosted by Harry Wijnvoord.

FORMAT: The show was 30 minutes long. Just like in the stateside Price Is Right, 4 contestants would be called to come on down and bid on a prize to play a pricing game. After each segment, another contestant would be called to fill the gap. The pricing games are somewhat similar to the American version. In the episode I have on tape, these three games are played:

3 Nieten - 3 Strikes. Similar to our 3 Strikes, but not necessarily played for a car.

Alde Neiner (sp?) - Nine-pins. Contestants get one freebie shot, then they can win three more by successfully guessing whether the number of cents in an item is higher or lower than 50 cents, or whatever it's called in Germany.

Switch? - Just like the American version of the same name.

>>>>> Click Here to see these games in play! <<<<<

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN: Under certain circumstances, the Showcase Showdown is played. Only if all three games are lost or won, or if only one game is won, it is played. If two contestants win their games and one is lost, the two winners automatically advance to the Super Preis. Their wheel is similar to ours, except the colors are changed and the wheel has a bar across it so you can grab it from the front and spin. It is not necessary to get it all around, and the wheel always stops in the center of the number. The wheel is reset to 100 after it is spun. Contestants take only one spin. If they get 100, they win a car or motorcycle. Otherwise, the two highest scorers advance to the Super Preis.

SUPER PREIS: The two finalists here bid on one showcase, and the closest one wins. However, there must be no more than a 5,000 DM difference to win. I'm not sure if contestants can go over and still win.

OTHER THINGS ABOUT THE SHOW: In important places, the original American music is used on the show. For example, when contestants are called, they play the old 1976-1980 Come On Down music, and they play the end of the TPIR theme when contestants come up on stage, at the end of each segment, and when contestants go to the Super Preis podiums. The 1972-1976 First Four music is played when contestants spin the wheel. Click Here to listen to an MP3 with clips containing the American music!

>>>>> Click Here to see the Showcase Showdown and Super Preis! <<<<<

One other thing real quick...

The official site for the show is at Pearson Germany's website. Here's the link:,Ubersicht.04.Der_Preis_Ist_Heiss.php?m=2

It features the typical PR blurb about the show, general rules, and two pictures. You'll also need a translator like Babelfish to get an idea of what it says if you don't know any German.

You may also need that translator for another excellent DPiH page, This site has tons of exciting pictures, audio, and video for your enjoyment. Very thorough!

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