Bob Barker in "Simon Says..."

In 1971, an obscure production company called DUNDAS (Not obscure, but very likely the predecessor to the revived Barry & Enright duo in the 1970s!) with an elsewhere unheard-of producer named Wesley J. Cox filmed the pilot episode of a game known as Simon Says...

In this show, a giant talking computer would dish out facts about members of the audience, and audience members were paid $100 or given prizes if they could make correct assumptions about other members of the audience, or about the audience as a whole. The whole setup reeks of Let's Make A Deal, and although the whole computer aspect is somewhat believable, they start using the computing power for totally silly and purposeless things.

Here is the introduction of Simon, the talking computer...
And this is the show's graphic.
At first, Bob has the computer tell facts about various audience members.
Here is the first deal of the day in which a lady can win a dishwasher if she can guess how many dishes she's done in her life. (300,000)
Mr. Dominic gets $10 for keeping secret!
Why is the man on the left classified as a housewife? I guess you'll have to click here to find out!
How many men in this audience like girl-watching?
Both of these people will win prizes if the gentleman can guess the lady's "vital statistics."
In this last deal, notice the computer's font looks nothing like in the previous deals!
Simon Says... is a DUNDAS production, but I'll be hearing Simon's theme "The Savers" again on The Joker's Wild next year!

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