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The purpose of this page is simply to provide a place to link to clips I want to put on other pages of my Game Show Site--only problem is, I haven't written those pages yet. So as I write those pages, clips will appear and disappear off this page, and when they do go away, you can find them again by digging around within the rest of my game show site!

Clips are in Windows Media format b/c it's just better quality than Real. If Mac or Linux people can't play Windows Media, then please let me know.

Also, I extend thanks to those of you who have put my clips on YouTube, thus allowing them to reach an even broader audience. If you do this, though, I request one thing: Please do not edit out the 5-second title card at the beginning! Leave it in. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Can't find your favorite clip anymore? Check the Content Pages, linked to on the left and from the Home Page. It's still on my site somewhere!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 12/6/1975 - Finally, the conclusion to Crying Guadalupe's day on The Price is Right! See how she fares in the showcases; will her nametag go damp one last time?

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 11/2/1983 - After Bob "checks" Contestant's Row, he puts two girls on the spot by making them do a TPIR-related cheer! Watch "The Price Is Right Girls" in action!

BIG SITE UPDATE! Hey everyone, I wanted to call your attention to what I've been doing the past six months; creating a new Photo Gallery for all my Price is Right clips! Check it out by clicking here, then by clicking on most any of the links on the TPIR page! It provides a whole lot more features than the old pages did, and you can read all about them on the TPIR Main Page by clicking here.

TATTLETALES - 1974 - Allen Ludden is getting distressed that he cannot match answers with Betty White at all, and when he misses this question too, he takes drastic measures! Will the Red Section run him out of the studio?

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 12/6/1975 - In a continuation of my series with Crying Guadalupe and Crazy Pamela, here is a clip of the two of them, plus Deborah, in the Showcase Showdown! Watch Guadalupe duke (or perhaps weep?) it out with one of the others in a suspenseful and exciting SCSD, and the intense outpouring of enthusiasm for Guadalupe from the audience!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 10/15/1991 - Aside from Melanie, there was another crazy woman on TPIR that same day: Perpetual Motion Marilyn! Who else could actually *detract* attention from the models during the Bump game? Absolutely hilarious!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 10/15/1991 - Remember Melanie? She's the Samoan who wore the crazy paisley sweater and practically pushed Bob onto the Big Doors. Watch her play Most Expensive, beat up Bob, and then listen to Rod's reaction at the end of the segment!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1982 - In the early 1980s, the Equal Rights Amendment was a very hot political issue of much discussion and debate. Of course, it manages to find its way on TPIR... Is Bob for the ERA, or against it? Find out in this clip where Bob almost makes some people mad! Also features part of a playing of Trader Bob!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1981 - Derrick is a male exotic dancer, and just as Bob starts talking to him, Johnny interrupts Bob with the prize! Check out this weird prize reveal, and the surprise evident on everyone's face!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1972 - "Place your bid for fun on" this ULTRA-RARE commercial for The New Price is Right, featuring Bob Barker himself!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1977 - Here is a showcase skit in which Johnny plays a King Midas-like game show producer, with a golden Magic Touch!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 12/1975 - Crying Guadalupe!

It's only fitting that in a show having someone as weird as Guadalupe, a whole bunch of other *weird* stuff happens too! You won't believe what you'll see in the 1st act: Janice's false teeth, and Pamela goes *absolutely crazy!*

In this clip, meet Crying Guadalupe as she goes to play a pricing game!

In honor of the simultaneous occurrences of the 50th Anniversary of The Price is Right (source: EoTVGS) AND Mr. City's 20th Birthday, Mr. City brings you...


12/2/1957 - Bill Cullen shoots some pool while the contestants bid on the pool table!

4/7/1958 - Don Pardo makes a very special announcement and cameo in this episode!

4/7/1958 - This clip features a one-bid with a couple of strange bonuses following it up!

4/7/1958 - It's a bird... It's a plane... It's a Cessna!

6/26/1958 - This guy ends up with four industrial-sized candy makers in his bonus! Also, Bill Cullen says a whole lot of spiels!

6/26/1958 - Some lucky home viewer could write in and win, among other things, a new house!

8/21/1958 - It's Bonus Island ...errr... an ISLAND BONUS!

10/8/1958 - Watch Bill play an electric piano while he takes bids (or at least tries to)!

7/29/1959 - Merv Griffin guest hosted the show for 2 weeks. Here is the opening to his first week, including a disappointment for all eligible bachelorettes!

6/29/1960 - Here is a priceless reaction to winning a dinette set! A highly recommended watch!

JEOPARDY! - 3/2/1979 - Here is the opening from the series finale of the 1978-79 version of Jeopardy... you know, the cool one with Frisco Disco as its theme!

JEOPARDY! - 3/2/1979 - Instead of Final Jeopardy!, the top winner of the day would play Super Jeopardy! Check it out right now!

Now in their permanent homes in the Vintage TPIR section!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - Christmas Specials!

Model chat from 1979!

Model chat from 1982! Dian gets risque in her wish! (audio only)

Model chat from 1984!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1/2/1978 - One of the most popular clips lately pertained to the lump on Bob's head from a particular contestant. How did he attain this lump? Simply by getting Florence up on stage! Watch as Florence has a rare (as in, this is the only time I know of) opportunity to win a Mercedes-Benz!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1974 - Gee, how do I even start explaining this one? Carol is *crazy* ahead of her time! She has only one choice of price tags, then doubts her choice after asking Bob silly questions! A must-see!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1972 - Hey, it's not just 1/2 hour Price is Right, it's Syndicated Price is Right with Dennis James! Check out this marvelous playing of Grocery Game!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1/2/1978 - Bob has been beaten up all day, and he still can't help comment on it even through the 2nd half of the show! Includes not just a Model chit-chat, but, well I won't spoil it...

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1977 - Bob is multilingual! Here he is speaking Spanish with a contestant!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1985 - TOM KENNEDY - This has got to be one of the longest Plinko playings in TPIR history!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1975 - Ever wanted to know what the opening to the first hour-long show looked like? Well HERE IT IS! Notice the different-looking chasing lights!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT - 1984 - Meet Patricia, the woman who just couldn't control herself! No, I'm not talking about the Patricia who ran to the bathroom, this Patricia just couldn't stop knocking knees!
Patricia wins her way up on stage and the camera is showing her legs more often than her face!
Here she is in SCSD #2; has it stopped yet?

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