Catalog of Non-TPIR Shows

This is my official catalog of non-TPIR shows I can trade for. As I find more and watch them, I will write about them here, so stay tuned for updates! Also, those of you looking through this list are encouraged to alert me about any factual omissions or typos I have made in the list; likewise, I will encourage you to learn more about these shows by sources like Wikipedia, the Game Show Pilot Light, or maybe by trading with me for them! Maybe someday I'll have pages for each show, but that is highly unlikely any time soon at all.

In parentheses by most shows is important information: first is the source, usually GSN, OB (original broadcast), OC (original commercials), SM (studio master); next is the Video Quality/Audio Quality. 10/10 is the best, 0/0 is the worst. A number like 10/8 indicates better video than audio (uncommon), and something such as 8/10 indicates better audio than video quality. Scores below 6 indicate significant flaws in the quality.

THE JOKER'S WILD (107 eps)

More To Come Soon

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