Date Tape Eps. # VQ/AQ Source Contestants Pricing Games More Info Link
5/12/1975 Comp / TPIR Trade 3 #1 NA / 10 9.9/10 SM Carol, Rosalynda, Patti, Martha One Right Price, Any Number, Grocery Game Dennis James nighttime ep; 3rd season premiere! Excited Martha does very well in Any Number! Audio issues in beginning of PG3.
6/17/1976 Brent Trade 2 10 5.5/7 Syndie Carol, Lola, Norma, Patricia 5 Price Tags, Race Game, Range Game DENNIS JAMES Nighttime ep; 3rd season finale!
10/5/1977 TPIR Trade 3 #2 1 6/7 Syndie Karen, Kathryn, Mary, Pamela Money Game, Grocery Game, Clock Game Dennis' 3rd-to-last show as host. Heart-breaking loss by 1 cent in Grocery Game!
3/12/1980 1980 & 81 DVD 1 9/10 SM Kenneth, Debra, Alda, Kelli Money Game, Cliffhangers, One Right Price TPIR Primetime Production #300N in stunning quality! Could be the last ep of the 1972-1980 primetime series!
4/29/1985 Russ 1 12 9/9 GSN Janet, Judy, Frank, Kathleen Double Prices, Plinko, Danger Price (Tape date indicated) Very hilarous PG2-Plinko chip gets stuck so many times! Johnny O does announcing & CNAOS.
5/1/1985 Barkow 2 #2 ? 9/10 GSN Roberta, Patricia, David, Bonnie Money Game, Most Expensive, Shell Game Bonnie forgets to come up on stage after winning IUFB1! Roberta has a crack at $1K in Shell Game! SC2: "Priceless Treasure Map" Gene Wood does the CNAOS plug.
8/1/1985 Nick 4 Disc 4 4 7.9-8/8.9 GSN Marilyn, Kimberly, Soccorro, Robert Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Secret X Larry runs up to shake hands with Tom after he is called before IUFB2; his VERY ODD Secret X strategy pays off! Johnny is shown in front of a red backdrop; Rod does the CNAOS plugs.
9/5/1985 TPIR 2 of 2 3 5/7 ? Lisa, Vicki, Catherine, Brett Lucky Seven, Grocery Game, Danger Price Tom Kennedy's Nighttime Premiere. (Air date indicated) "The Ultimate Spy" showcase. Perfect bid in IUFB3.
9/16/1985 TPIR Trade 3 #2 3 7.9/8 GSN Uma, Daniel, Kathleen, Margaret Punch-A-Bunch, Money Game, Most Expensive Kathleen wins *$10,050* in Punch-A-Bunch! Gene Wood does the CNAOS, Johnny announces.
10/25/1985 TPIR Trade 3 #2 4 7.5/8 GSN Gary, Barbara, Richard, Susan Lucky Seven, Race Game, Grand Game Gene Wood announces. Race Game won in 11 seconds! Camp Bel Air SC.
10/26/1985 Russ 1 10 7/7 GSN James, Donna, Robert, Sarita Punch A Bunch, 3 Strikes, Most Expensive Gene Wood announces; Holly has a blooper! Rod does the CNAOS plug.
1/12/1986 Chris Carrion #1 ? ? ? ?, ?, ?, ? Money Game, Grand Game, Take Two Gene Wood announces, but Rod Roddy does the CNAOS plug!
2/1/1986 Nick 4 Disc 4 3 9/9 GSN Denise, Deena, Charlie, Mandy Deluxe Dice Game, Danger Price, Cliffhangers Rod is very enthusiastic! Samuel won't round to the nearest dollar in PG3, but still does very well!
2/24/1986 Barkow 2 #2 ? 8/10 GSN Marla, Kimberly, Ronald, Barbara Switcheroo, Range Game, Take Two Rod Roddy announces. Cool camera angle in PG3: Ronald has a deep voice!
5/6/1986 Russ 1 11 7/7 OB Some OC Elaine, Daniel, William, Sharon Punch A Bunch, Any Number, Double Prices Rod Roddy announces. William does a backflip after PG1. SC: TPIR Time capsule from the 26th century!
5/31/1986 Russ 1 09 ? SyndieOC? Elizabeth, James, Jeannie, Molly Golden Road, Cliffhangers, Double Prices Tom Kennedy's FINALE (supposedly). Double Overbid; models join Tom in the audience!