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Last Updated 4/25/2013

The information in this database was provided by Steve Gavazzi, who makes only limited promises as to its accuracy.

Pricing games for most shows from Seasons 1-15 (1972-1987) are known in alphabetical order only (e.g. Any Number, Bonus Game, Clock Game...)
Pricing games for all shows from Season 16-present are known in gameplay order only (e.g. Clock Game, Any Number, Bonus Game...)
Pricing games for some shows from Seasons 1-15 are known in both orders.

This database IS NOT my collection. Follow the links below or on my home page to see my collection. If you have any ideas for additional features, my contact info is on my home page; please write to me!

One glaring flaw is that some early episodes have 2 or 5 pricing games listed, and some others have 4 or 7 listed.

Seasons 1-15 Usage Example: There are 5 playings of "Double Digits". By searching for just "Double Digits" and selecting "Search by alphabetizing" and "Search PGs in Alphabetical Order", you'll return 3 matches. But, keep in mind results are listed alphabetically, so if you search for "Clock Game" and "Double Digits", you'll return the other 2. This utility searches such that PG1 is the first pricing game you selected alphabetically, PG2 is the next game alphabetically, and so forth.

Seasons 16-present Usage Example: By selecting "Search by keeping" and "Search PGs in Gameplay Order", you can see which shows with known gameplay order have the pricing game you selected in the specified slot. You can find, for instance, shows where Any Number was played 4th, or a show where both Lucky Seven was played 1st and Plinko was played 2nd.

Also, you can now search for shows simply based on date or production number.

Check out Mr. City's other game show search engines: (Not all features have been implemented yet.)

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Search by alphabetizing the selected games, with highest game going to the PG1 slot (For searching Seasons 1-15 shows that do not have known gameplay order)

Search by keeping selected games in their selected slots (For searching games from all seasons with known gameplay order)

Search the "PGs In Alphabetical Order" database only (All of Seasons 1-15 only)

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