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Index Best Known Date Tape.Ep # VQ/AQ Source

First Four Contestants

1st Half PGs 2nd Half PGs More Info
1972 Rec 2/16/1972 Cullen Disc 9.1 9/9 SM

Mark Goodson, N/A, N/A, N/A

N/A, N/A, N/A N/A Pitch film for syndicated TPIR by Dennis James. Mark Goodson hosts, and interviews Dennis; they play sample pricing games, and they show clips of Dennis hosting Monty's LMAD.
1972.0011D Ep 1 #0011D Air 9/4/1972 Imad 2.1.1 9/9 SM w/OCs

Connie, Myra, Sandy, Paul

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices N/A Very good dub of the first show. Paul's SC difference was only $4!
1972.0012D Ep 2 #0012D Air 9/6/1972 Imad 2.1.2 10/10 SM w/OCs

Lillie, Doreen, Pauline, Dottie

Grocery Game, "Bullseye 1", Double Prices N/A 2nd ep! Very low bids for IUFB1. Douy misses price of car in "Bullseye 1" by only $3! My favorite quote…"We'll always have a place for you when you get out here to Hollywood!"
1972.0013R Ep 3 #0013DR Air 9/8/1972 Imad 2.1.3 9.9/10 SM w/OCs

Connie, Fannie, Irene, Jeri

Grocery Game, "Bullseye 1", Double Prices N/A The 3rd TPIR Ep, with slate! This is the first broadcasted ep with "Come On Down!" Bullseye 1 gets blue windows. $25 diff in the SCs!
1972.0014D Ep 4 #0014D Air 9/7/1972 Imad 2.1.4 9.9/10 SM w/OCs

Jenny, Sue, Pearlene, Lilian

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices N/A The 4th TPIR Ep, with slate! They revert back to "Stand Up" instead of "Come on Down." Pearlene is excited! Features the first overbid; Bob doesn't tell price of the other SC!
1972.0015D Ep 5 #0015D Air 9/5/1972 Imad 2.2.1 10/10 SM w/OCs

Boo-boo, Jeannie, Lynne, Libby

Grocery Game, "Bullseye 1", Double Prices N/A The 5th TPIR Ep, with slate! Boo-Boo is a hilarious contestant! Bullseye 1 is back to white windows.
1972.0022D #0022D Air 9/12/1972 Brent 1.1.05 (skip 4 10/9 GSN

Gloria, Brenda, Pat, Helga

Grocery Game, "Bullseye 1", Double Prices N/A Very weird opening! Lots of empty chairs on stage left, and sparse applause. Missing 2nd SC reveal. Bob didn't catch two $350 bids! *M.E.*
1972.0025D #0025D Air 9/15/1972 Tony 2.1.5 9.9/10 Trade GSN

Terry, Juanita, Marilyn, Gerry

Grocery Game, Any Number, Clock Game N/A Earliest Clock Game playing shown by GSN! (3rd playing) Juanita loses PG1 by spending too little; first time in TPIR history!
1972.0031D #0031D Air 9/18/1972 Brent 3.1.02 9/9.9 GSN

Forrest, Dee, Mary, Euco

Bonus Game, Any Number, Clock Game N/A Fourth ever playing of Clock Game! New car revealed behind the Barker wall! Audience participation in Clock Game: they shout Higher or Lower with Bob!
1972.0033D #0033D Air 9/20/1972 Brent 2.1.08 10/9 GSN

Rita, Marion, Mabaree?, Robert

Clock Game, Any Number, Bonus Game N/A The 13th episode ever aired!
1972.0041D #0041D Air 9/25/72 Brent 3.1.04 8.5/9 GSN

Hildred, Paula, Mary, BJ

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices N/A This ep could use some TBC action! Hildred finally learns something before the 3rd IUFB! A LOT of time is killed after the end of SCs--nearly 2 complete plays of the theme!
1972.0044D #0044D Air 9/28/1972 Aldridge 3.3 4/6 Trade

Carolyn, Helen, Pat, Eleanor

Grocery Game, Double Bullseye, Double Prices N/A Third playing of Double Bullseye (2-Player Bullseye 1). Both of those contestants compete w/ea.other again in the Showcases!
1972.0051D #0051D Air 10/2/72 Brent 1.1.03 10/9 GSN

Dale, Ann, Valerie, Linda

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Double Prices N/A Earliest playing of 5 Price Tags shown by GSN! Won on 1st try! From GSN's "Club A.M." The program fades to black before the logo!
1972.0071D #0071D Air 10/16/1972 Imad 2.2.2 10/9 GSN

Charleen, Dot, Joanie, Marilyn

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A Premiere of Most Expensive! Lina can't find her heart before IUFB2.
1972.0112D #0112D Air 11/14/72 Russ 8.D2.3 9/10 SM No OCs

Linda, Marilyn, Rosalind, Diana

Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices N/A Terrible camerawork today leads to a FUNKY shot before IUFB2! Bob mentions a shortage of show tickets before IUFB2!
1972.0114D #0114D Air 11/16/72 Brent 2.1.09 9.7/10 GSN

Blanche, Colleen, Charlene, Lynn

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A FUR ALERT in PG2! Amusing IUFB1 round; Bob offers $376 or *$374* instead of $375! Lynn wins the Car in Any Number but her husband needed the mower! How much does Fred weigh?
1972.0115D #0115D Air 11/17/72 Russ 8.D2.5 9/10 SM

Dorthy, Kathy, Ellie, Shelly

Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices N/A Re-aired in 2000. SM copy has some tracking issues, but is more complete than the reair. The First 4 all come down out of order! Goofs in both SCs!
1972.0133D #0133D Air 11/29/72 Brent 3.1.03 9/9 GSN

Debbie, Irene, Brenda, Vivica

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Most Expensive N/A More shaky camerawork on this ep. Contestant asks about automatic transmission in PG1 & it must have helped! Ken made 4 trips to TnPIR!
1972.0135D #0135D Air 12/1/72 Brent 3.1.05 8.9/9 GSN

Shirley, Charise, Joyce, Bonnie

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Double Prices N/A Bob mentions people shout "Come On Down!" to him on the streets! Does food come with the refrigerator? I hope not; it's not real! (PG3) Ronald did not have confidence in his wife!
1973.0183D #0183D Air 1/3/73 Russ 8.D4.3 8.5/9 SM No OCs

Becky, Connie, Sandee, Gail

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Most Expensive N/A Bob trips over his words a bit after PG1 & before the SCs! Dan (IUFB3) worked as a chemist for the Apollo mission, and has Matilda been in the US for 16 or 60 years?
1973.0184D #0184D Air 1/4/73 Russ 8.D4.4 8.5/8.5 SM No OCs

Marilyn, Dona, Ginny, Barbara

Money Game, Give or Keep, Double Prices N/A 2nd playing of Money Game AND Give or Keep (Earliest playings GSN showed)! Marilyn loses her shoes before PG1! Bob speaks a bit of Spanish in PG2! Bob yells at a bidder for turning around!
1973.0193D #0193D Air 1/10/1973 Russ 8.D5.2 8.9/9.9 SM w/OCs

Becky, Donna, Judy, Judy

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Clock Game N/A
1973.0211D #0211D Air 1/22/1973 Russ 6.4.3 7.2/7 GSN

Donna, Vicky, Ruthie, Joe

Any Number, Bonus Game, Clock Game N/A Perfect win in Any Number! Also, a perfect show! Ruthie is very excited!
1973.05 Rec 2/1973 (No JL) Tony 1.1.01 10/10 GSN

Lynn, Suzzette, Melissa, Sherry

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Clock Game N/A *Two* asterisks are lit up in Contestant's Row at the show's opening! Great playing of Grocery Game!
1973.0243D #0243D Air 2/14/1973 Imad 2.2.3 10/8.9 GSN

Joyce, DJ, Yashiko, Angela

Give or Keep, Any Number, Most Expensive N/A Valentine's Day 1973; a great show! Bob gets roses at the opening and passes them out to each contestant! DJ decapitates hers after PG1 and Jo goes crazy during IUFB2!
1973.0321D #0321D Air 4/9/1973 Russ 8.D5.3 8.9/10 SM w/OCs

Darlene, Jean, Marge, Joyce

Hi Lo, Money Game, Clock Game N/A Premiere of Hi-Lo, different rules; she picks an item & then decides which row it goes on!
1973.0312D #0312D Air 4/3/1973 Russ 2.2.08 5/8 GSN

Hilda, Gwen, Van, Leslie

Grocery Game, Money Game, Range Game N/A Premiere of Range Game w/$50 range! Van knocked his mic off; has an good convo w/Bob before IUFB2. Another hilarious chat before IUFB3; Bob will be "arrested and psychoanalyzed!"
1973.09 1973 (No JL) Russ 2.2.10 4/6 GSN

Bonnie, Danny, Barb, Steve

Any Number, Hi Lo, Clock Game N/A Danni HATES Clock Game! Bob sits her down on the steps to talk with her. SC2 is *EXACTLY* the same as SC2 in the prev ep on tape (which was lost!)
1973.0402D #0402D Air 6/5/1973 Brent 1.1.08 9/9 GSN

Gloria, Barbara, Fred, Linda

Any Number, Give or Keep, Double Prices N/A Vera's clothes start falling off as she stands up before IUFB3.
1973.0404D #0404D Air 6/7/1973 Phil D2.1 8.3/9 GSN

Jose, Sue, Jill, Donna

5 Price Tags, Hi Lo, Clock Game N/A An English woman is named Jose! And Donna thought she was bad at Clock Game! Two very excited girls in the SCs, and Greta Garbo's crown is included in SC2 as a bonus!
1973.0362D #0362D Air 5/8/1973 TPIR Trade 3 #1.1 5.5/4 GSN

?, Francis, ?, Judy

Hi Lo, Double Digits, Range Game N/A Fourth playing of Double Digits! (Most think it's the premiere.) Audio fades in & out intermittently in 1st seg. Frances lost her voice from squealing. Range Game has $100 range.
1973.13 1973 (No JL) Brent 3.1.09 8.9/9 GSN

Vicky, Penny, Regina, Becky

Hi Lo, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices N/A Becky is hyper before IUFB1! Very interesting convo with Becky before PG2 about getting married. Charlotte loves Bob!
1973.14 1973 (No JL) Brent 3.1.06 9.5/9.5 GSN

Carol, Virginia, Janet?, Robin

Hi Lo, Money Game, Most Expensive N/A Virginia has "Try Me" on her nametag! Funny convo with out-of-towners before IUFB3. Bob speaks Spanish with Juan & he responds in Spanish!
1973.0524D #0524D Air 8/30/1973 Brent 1.1.06 9/9 GSN

Jan, Lavaune, Jerry, Dolores

Give or Keep, Money Game, Clock Game N/A A curtain is behind Bob at the open, and in front of the 1st IUFB! High totals in PG1! A live dog is offered in the showcases!
1973.16 Rec 8/1973 (No JL) Phil D2.2 8.5/8.5 GSN

Mary, Maryanne, Kristi, Judy

Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Range Game N/A Bob makes a great deal of funnies in PG1 about Lea & Perrins! "Concentration" prize cue used in IUFB3. SC2: A hilarious Salute to the '50s!
1973.0553D #0553D Air 9/19/1973 Brent 3.1.07 9.5/9.5 GSN

Cathy, Elaine, Corky, Sharon

Money Game, Give or Keep, Range Game N/A Cathy takes a BIG SPILL coming on down! Give or Keep is played for a car! Awesome use of Chroma Key during the SCs.
1973.0522D #0522D Air 8/28/1973 Russ 2.2.09 4.5/7 GSN

Linda, Susan, ?, Jean

Lucky Seven, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A Premiere of Lucky Seven; Linda wants to win more than just $7! "The Thing" from VW is offered in SC1, and a *submarine* in SC2!
1973.0582D #0582D Air 10/9/1973 Aldridge 3.5 4/8 Trade GSN

Joyce, Linda, Carolyn, Kathy

Lucky Seven, Mystery Price, Most Expensive N/A From Sep. 1973. Bob opens w/a funny comment. It's MYSTERY PRICE...The dinger AND the losing horns sound simultaneously!
1973.0535D #0535D Air 9/7/1973 Greg 1.1.9 7.9/8 GSN

Donna, Regina, Stephanie, Barbara

Temptation, Hi Lo, Clock Game N/A Premiere of Temptation!
1973.0563D #0563D Air 11/29/1973 Russ 8.D6.3 8.9/10 SM No OCs

Penny, Maryblye, Denise, Lisa

Mystery Price, Any Number, Clock Game N/A Premiere of Mystery Price, and Wednesday ep of 2nd Season Premiere Week! Ep was supposed to be shown on 9/26/73.
1973.22 1973 (No JL) Brent 3.1.08 9/8.9 GSN

Lillian, Margaret, Cindy, Donna

Lucky Seven, Give or Keep, Double Prices N/A Rare (among half-hour shows) shot of Johnny calling a contestant before IUFB2! Bob makes funny comments about the cameramen and a couple audience members before IUFB3.
1974.0721D #0721D Air 1/14/1974 Russ 8.D7.1 ? SM No OCs

Arlene, Patricia, Rodney, Candy

Temptation, Hi Lo, Range Game N/A Bob won't let Patricia change the number in Temptation! Interesting convo w/Martha before IUFB3.
1974.01 Rec 1/1974 (No JL) Barkow 2 #2.4 8.9/9 GSN

Stephanie, Zola, Judy, Gary

Hi Lo, 5 Price Tags, Clock Game N/A Beginning thru IUFB1 has bad tracking. A clock on Johnny's podium shows the time--8:27!
1974.0795D #0795D Air 3/8/1974 TPIR Trade 3 #1.3 8.9/9 GSN

Angela, Deborah, Hilda, Jeanne

Temptation, Hi Lo, Clock Game N/A Bert Convy makes out w/Anitra in IUFB1 and promotes Tattletales! Prizes & Financial Consideration provided by... Jack in the Box?!?
1974.0913D #0913D Air 5/29/1974 Russ 8.D8.2 9/9 SM No OCs

Rochelle, Isabella, Laura, Michelle

Temptation, Hi Lo, Range Game N/A Just get this episode; it's *hilarious!* *Tons* of basket cases today, and tons of overbids! Josephine is funny before IUFB2. Rachel throws her purse when she's called!
1974.0912D #0912D Air 5/28/1974 Russ 8.D8.1 9/9 SM No OCs

Gwendolyn, Virginia, Jane, Lenora

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices N/A Lenora is hilarious throughout the whole show! Contestant has a VERY LONG name before IUFB2; another great convo with everyone before IUFB3! Debut of the logo on Any Number!
1974.05 1974 (No JL) Brent 3.1.12 8.9/8.5 GSN

Christine, Reine, Lynn, Yosepa

Temptation, Hi Lo, Double Prices N/A MO. Ticket/Consolation cue used as grocery cue in PG2! Both SC contestants' husbands come on stage!
1974.06 1974 (No JL) Brent 1.1.16 4.8/5 GSN

Gloria, Judith, Sylvia, David

5 Price Tags, Race Game, Double Prices N/A Samuel shows his tummy before IUFB2, and he "boxes groceries for bongs"?!?"! One of the prices gets revealed as the Race Game curtain is raised!
1974.1025D #1025D Air 8/16/1974 Russ 8.D8.3 9/9 SM No OCs

Delaine, Robert, Bonnie, Nicki

Any Number, Give or Keep, Clock Game N/A DivX format. Re-aired in 1998; this is from that broadcast. PVC pipe furniture for PG2! Robert is a great Clock Game player!
1974.1024D #1024D Air 8/15/1974 Brent 1.1.11 6/6 GSN

Vicki, Suzie, Judy, Shallot

Hi Lo, Money Game, Double Prices N/A Hilarious conversation with Crying Vicki in PG1; she makes Bob sad too! Judy is just as nervous about PG3! Elevator SC
1974.09 Rec 8/1974 (No JL) Russ 6.2.7 7/7 GSN

Jamie, Sister Irene, Virginia, Patricia

Card Game, Give Or Keep, Range Game N/A Early playing of Card Game!
1974.1 1974 (No JL) Brent 2.1.06 9.9/10 GSN

Anne, Shauna, Jane, Linda

Lucky Seven, Give or Keep, Double Prices N/A Shauna wears one of the first TPIR-related shirts! Interesting convo with "Italian Anne" before IUFB3. Very good contestants today! Prop problem w/Double Prices!
1974.11 1974 (No JL) Brent 3.1.11 8/9 GSN

Linda, Judith, Violetta, Susan

Give or Keep, Any Number, Double Prices N/A Interesting convo before IUFB2. Violetta does "Eenie Meenie Meinie Mo" in Spanish!
1974.1155D #1155D Air 11/15/1974 Brent 1.1.09 9.5/9 GSN

Ruth, Laurie, Nancy, Sharon

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Race Game N/A MO. Bob uses a stopwatch in this early playing of Race Game! PG3: "You have one week to set the prices on the prizes!" Johnny reveals price of SC item; Bob: "Don't include that in your bid!"
1974.13 1974 (No JL) Brent 1.1.10 9-/9 GSN

Hazel, Sherry, Carol, Bernice

Clock Game, Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags N/A VERY close-up shot in PG1! Carol asks for the model year of the car in PG3; Hilarious and VERY GOOD playing!
1974.14 1974 (No JL) Brent 3.1.10 8.9/8 GSN

Kristi, Lynn, Sandra, Julie

Temptation, Range Game, Hi Lo N/A Julie was wise to take the prizes! Spontaneous applause before IUFB2. Lynn *really* pushes the Range Game!
1974.1121D #1121D Air 10/21/1974 Greg 1.1.10 7.8/7 GSN

Debbie, Karen, Rosemarie, Cynthia

Any Number, Hi Lo, Race Game N/A Race Game is won in 13 seconds! Funny chat w/contestants before IUFB3; Debbie tries to take off her rings!
1974.16 1974 (No JL) Brent 2.1.05 9.9/10 GSN

Cathleen*, Susan, Cynthia, Pamela

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most Expensive N/A Cathleen hides from the camera in PG1! Peter is from Nairobi, Kenya! Peter & Cathleen hang all over each other in the SC reveal!
1974.17 1974 (No JL) Brent 3.1.13 9/9 GSN

Diet, Sharon, Susan, Susan

Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Range Game N/A Diet is "Dee-ette". Great win in PG2 on the advice of one vociferous audience member! Interesting convo with the SC winner.
1973.0605D #0605D Air 10/26/1973 TPIR Trade 3 #1.4 8.5/8 GSN

Tess, Jean, Linda, Mike

5 Price Tags, Hi Lo, Range Game N/A Tess wins 2 prizes, a car, and gets her earrings back! They forgot the last price card in Hi-Lo; put in place by gameplay! Funny chats before IUFB3. Halloween themed SC w/magic tricks!
1974.1213D #1213D Air 12/25/1974 TPIR 2 of 2.??? 7/7 GSN Trade

Betty, Karen, Cindy, Cheryl

Grocery Game, Any Number, Most Expensive N/A MO. Dennis James subs for Barker on this ep, and Johnny plays Santa during the showcases!
1975.01 1975 (No JL) TPIR Trade 3 #1.2 8.5*/9* GSN

Melina?, Jenina?, Teresa, Roxanne

Money Game, Shell Game, Race Game N/A Tracking problems throughout the episode. Long chat w/Ellie (a guy) from Cairo before IUFB2.
1975.1283D #1283D Air 2/12/1975 Tony 1.1.02 9.9/10 GSN

Bernadette, Lorraine, Linda, Paula

Range Game, Grocery Game, Money Game N/A A page tried to stop Erica from going on stage to kiss Bob! Hilarious Grocery Game playing: "I haven't felt the same since Erica kissed me!"
1975.03 #1324D Air 3/13/1975 Brent 1.2.8 7.5/8.5 GSN

Patricia, Cynthia, Diane, Monagayle

Shell Game, Double Prices, Any Number N/A SC bid was exactly $100 off; needed to be less than $100 to win both SCs! Long convo with Diane before IUFB3. Monagayle is "a wife of a husband!" Elevator SC & salute to horseracing.
1975.04 Rec 2/1975 (No JL) Tony 1.1.06 10/10 GSN

Julie, Sheila, Patricia, Gloria

5 Price Tags, Double Prices, Hi Lo N/A Patricia is a nervous wreck!
1975.1354D #1354D Air 6/18/1975* Russ 8.D11.5 9.5/8.5 SM No OCs

Gabriella, Susan, Cheryl, Carol

Temptation, Range Game, Grocery Game N/A Barbara beats on her cousin! Was supposed to air 4/3/75.
1975.06 Rec 3/1975 (No JL) Tony 1.1.05 10/10 GSN

Kimberly, Pamela, Delaine, Patricia

Money Game, Give Or Keep, Race Game N/A B4 IUFB2, Nuri tells Bob his mother looks younger than him! Bob asks Johnny how to send her back to Russia; Johnny appears briefly too! Bob doesn't know what a wok is!
1975.1341D #1341D Air 3/24/1975 Russ 1.04 4/7 GSN

Bobbie, Barbara, Terry, Susan

Any Number, Give or Keep, Race Game N/A $30 v. $29 differences in the Showcases!
1975.08 1975 (No JL) Brent 1.2.4 7/6 GSN

Winnie, Winifred, Doreen, Adrian

Lucky Seven, Hi Lo, Range Game N/A Turntable gets green borders & green carpet. Nice camera shot in Range Game. Scrabble themed SC; big winner Winifred wins $10,326!
1975.1422D #1422D Air 5/13/1975 Brent 1.2.7 6.9/7 GSN

Pamela, Ruphina, Elizabeth, Nancy

Hi Lo, Any Number, Double Prices N/A Ruphina plays the Hi-Lo Game! CR mixup before IUFB2. , Elevator SC, and the rare Do-It-Yourself showcase!
1975.1 Rec 4/1975 (No JL) Tony 1.1.04 10/10 GSN

Ronald, Denise, Beverly, Patricia

Card Game, Grocery Game, Race Game N/A Showcase podiums left onstage as Bob enters! Joseph refers to Bob as "I mean Bob...Bob Baker!" before IUFB3. "HAPPY MAY 15th" SC!
1975.1425D #1425D Air 5/23/1975 LMAD Tues. & Computer.2 10/10 CBS Special

April, Sharon, Cheryl, Mary

Clock Game, Give Or Keep, Any Number N/A Aired after 2002 Pillsbury Bake-off. 30 mins long. Mary is hilarious! April skipped to spot #2 when she came down.
1975.1503D #1503D Air 7/16/1975 Brent 1.1.15 5/7 GSN

Mildred, Phyllis, Donald, Bonnie

Clock Game, Grocery Game, Card Game N/A Bob comments on Donald's beautiful legs! "CLOCK GAME" title appears on the prop. Discussion of jobs before IUFB3; newbie James says he sells women's underwear! Bi-centennial SC!
1975.13 1975 (No JL) Brent 1.2.5 5.5/5 GSN

Pamela, Bridget, Jill, Sue

Temptation, Double Prices, Grocery Game N/A Supposedly the last show with the yellow turntable! Ann Pennington fills in for Anitra. Bob chats b4 IUFB3 about who makes decisions at home; Fantasy SCs about psychics & queens.
1975.14 1975 Russ 1.03 5/7 GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Shell Game, Ten Chances, Most Expensive N/A Premiere of Ten Chances. A black-haired Dian fills in for Anitra! SC salute to Florence Chadwick. BTW, this is NOT the premiere of the Green Set: if you see that anywhere, it's false!
1975.15 1975 (No JL) Imad 2.2.4 9.9/9 GSN

Janice, Virginia, Kimilene, Dolores

5 Price Tags, Range Game, Race Game N/A 30-minute episode with the Rainbow Set! 3 overbids on IUFB3.
1975.1581D #1581D Air 9/10/1975 Aldridge 3.6 7-4.9/6 SM No OC

Maria, Cathy, Jeanette, Ruby

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive Any Number, Range Game, Give or Keep Experimental hour-long show with rainbow wheel! With slate & CNAOS plug! Debbie takes *forever* in Grocery Game! **Very odd** SCSD rules!
1975.1661D #1661D Air 11/3/1975 David F 2.1 6.5/7 GSN & SM

Mary Jane, Carol, Christie, Eleanor

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive Any Number, Poker, Give Or Keep First permanent hour-long ep, first win of Golden Road, premiere of the Poker Game, etc. Hilarious "Captain Klutz" showcase!
1975.1693D #1693D Air 11/26/1975 Russ 2.1.4 9.5/7 (low) GSN

William, Kathleen, Michelle, Marcy

Temptation, Grocery Game, Double Prices Ten Chances, Give or Keep, Clock Game Interesting SCs; rock climbing, and Johnny plays an Indian in a Thanksgiving tribute!
1976.1752D #1752D Air 1/6/1976 Fun Stuff 3 DVD.1 9.9/10 GSN

Deborah, Guadalupe, Catherine, Pamela

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Clock Game Most Expensive, Card Game, Hi Lo Crying Guadalupe! Bob makes fun of Janice's faux teeth & he hands Pamela her shoes after IUFB1! Pamela chases Bob before PG1! The rest of the episode is action-packed too!
1975.2 Rec 12/22/1975 Barkow 2.2.6 8.5/6 GSN WinTV

Lorraine, Betty, Denise, Myrna

Temptation, Clock Game, Grocery Game Ten Chances, Give or Keep, Range Game ?
1975.1743D #1743D Air 12/31/1975 Greg 1.1.11 7.9/8.5 GSN

Eva, Mary, Kathleen, Leona

Lucky Seven, Double Prices, Give or Keep 5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Most Expensive Bob gets attacked before PG3, and threw off the director on IUFB1! Flakey Flick "Kinky Kong" SC!
1976.1791D #1791D Air 2/2/1976 David Barkow 1.1 7/9 Trade GSN

Rochelle, Larry, Margaret, Shirley

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most Expensive Any Number, Range Game, Hi Lo Rec 1/6/1976. The GAS showcase - the Price is Right's resident rock band shows off their musical instruments & their VW Bus!
1976.1812D #1812D Air 2/17/1976 Russ 2.3.2 9/10 GSN WinTV

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, Ten Chances, Poker Game Range Game, Hi Lo, Money Game Rec 1/20/1976. PATRICIA BERNARD is caught in the bathroom! Mary Poms fills in for Janice; Anitra does microphone handoff.
1976.1844D #1844D Air 3/11/1976 Nick 7.D2.1 7.7/8 GSN

Brenda, Michelle, Elisa, William

Card Game, Hurdles, One Right Price Any Number, Shell Game, Range Game 2nd playing (earliest re-shown) of Hurdles! Bob evokes "great happiness" from William, and the TPIR theme plays after a $1k win! Abraham is from South America & chats before IUFB6!
1976.1855D #1855D Air 3/19/1976 Kav 2.1 9/8 GSN

Carmella, Penny, Connie, Raynetta

Most Expensive, Three Strikes, Grocery Game Danger Price, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices Miss USA Summer Bartholomew (future Sale of the Century hostess) is in the audience! Bob is wearing a pimpin' outfit! Danger Price is on the turnatable.
1976.1935D #1935D Air 5/14/1976 David F. #2.2 9/9 Trade GSN

Natalia, Elaine, Linda, Patricia

Grocery Game, 3 Strikes, Clock Game Most Expensive, Danger Price, 5 Price Tags Special Showcases: Tribute to D.W. Griffith, and "Janice Pennington, this is your strife!"
1976.1963D #1963D Air 6/2/1976 TPIR Trade 3 #1.11 7.5/5 GSN

Mary, Yvonne, Cynthia, Coreen

Golden Road, Hurdles, Double Prices Dice Game, Bonus Game, Race Game Premiere of Dice Game! See this ep's PG2 & PG4 on Johnny's in the audience before IUFB3. Dice Game has an *8* in the price! Elevator SC.
1976.1975D #1975D Air 6/11/1976 Brent 1.2.2 9/5 (low) GSN

Judy, Victoria, Paula, Joann

Most Expensive, Any Number, Hurdles 5 Price Tags, Safe Crackers, Race Game Early Hurdles playing.
1976.2043D #2043D Air 9/22/1976 Brent 1.2.1 9/8 GSN Un WinTV'd

Linda, Anna, Marilyn, Mary

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Range Game Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Hurdles Rec 6/15/1976.
1976.2005D #2005D Air 7/2/1976 David F. #2.3 ? Trade GSN

Janice, Jacqueline, Alicia, Darlene

Lucky Seven, Range Game, Bonus Game Poker Game, Hurdles, Any Number Bob mentions that it's the 1000th TPIR Show; it is not, but it IS the 4th Season Finale. Viola is clueless! Bicentennial SC tribute to George Washington, and special 1000th Ep SC.
1976.2015D #2015D Air 9/3/1976 Fun Stuff 1.7 7.5-8/8 GSN

Marilyn, Gail, Carol, Patricia

Bonus Game, Temptation, Danger Price 3 Strikes, Bullseye, Most Expensive 2nd Bullseye appearance; range is $9 to $10 & only nearest to bullseye is taken! 3 overbids on IUFB3! Patricia and Marilyn meet for the first time since graduating in 1960!
1976.2152D #2152D Air 12/7/1976 David F. #1.6 7/7 GSN

Melinda?, Kellie, Gwendolyn, Lorraine

Switcheroo, Clock Game, Race Game Hi Lo, Dice Game, Danger Price An early playing of Switcheroo! Clock Game played for a 4-digit prize, and interesting split screen effect in Dice Game! (SCSD2-end is on a different tape)
1976.2181D #2181D Air 12/27/1976 Russ 6.1.2 8.6/7 GSN

Raif, Cecile, Deborah, Kristina

Give Or Keep, Temptation, Poker Bullseye, Card Game, Clock Game Anitra's 2nd-to-last ep! Amusing SCSD1; These girls can't spin the wheel, but when they do, they do it well!
1977.2194D #2194D Air 1/6/1977 Fun Stuff 2.1 9**/9 GSN

Regina, Linda, Lea, Evangelina

One Right Price, Ten Chances, Hurdles Cliff Hangers, Temptation, Most Expensive **Great VQ; god-awful tracking! Deborah is breath-taken before IUFB2. Linda FREAKS OUT at her new car, and James makes quite an outlandish bid on a prize in Cliffhangers!
1977.2234D #2234D Air 2/3/1977 Russ 3.2.6 9/9 GSN

Becky, Robinetta, Sherie, Marlene

Danger Price, Temptation, Give or Keep Money Game, Hi Lo, Clock Game One of Holly's first shows! Danger Price is played on the turntable.
1977.2274D #2274D Air 3/3/1977 Russ 6.1.1 8/6.9-7.9 GSN

Tracy, Kashela, Linda, Irma

Any Number, Grocery Game, Race Game Danger Price, 5 Price Tags, Range Game Irma is very excited! 4 out of the 6 wheel spinners get $1k bonuses!
1977.2473D #2473D Air 9/14/1977 Fun Stuff 4 DVD.1 9.9/10 GSN Trade

Susan, Yolanda, Janice, Betty

Clock Game, Secret X, Any Number Double Prices, Ten Chances, Hurdles This is *the* Yolanda ep, and the premiere ep of Secret X. Theresa has outfit problems too. Tribute to Sinatra in SC.
1977.2532D #2532D Air 10/25/1977 Fun Stuff 2.3 9/9 GSN

Michael, Madeline, Glenda, Wanda

Grocery Game, Card Game, Squeeze Play Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game An early playing of Squeeze Play!
1977.2533D #2533D Air 10/26/1977 Russ 6.1.4 9/8 GSN

Jennifer, Nancy, Candy, Sandy

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Secret X Range Game, Temptation, Bullseye Bob is mugged! Jennifer has a teddy bear named Grizzly Mancini who had a ticket to the show!
1977.2561D #2561D Air 11/14/1977 Brent 1.3.2 8.9/9 GSN

Pamela, Kathleen, Clifton, Alice

Bonus Game, Poker Game, Professor Price Double Prices, Any Number, Grocery Game Premiere of Professor Price! Kathleen runs on stage in the intro! Bob kneels down to get Peggy's bid on IUFB3. Bob has a long chat w/Mildred before IUFB5! A Perfect Show! PG6 played for a car!
1977.2583D #2583D Air 11/30/1977 Tony 1.1.07 7.5/9 GSN

Cynthia, Heidi, Rebecca, Wanda

Clock Game, Card Game, Shell Game Double Prices, Hole In One, Danger Price Good Episode! Cynthia can't find her way out of the audience! Graphics go haywire in PG1. B4 IUFB3: Hollering Loretta! Bob speaks Spanish b4 IUFB4; Velma's tie says Hour Power!
1977.2603D #2603D Air 12/14/1977 David F. #1.1 8/8 Trade

Cherie, Roseanne, Elizabeth, John

Give Or Keep, Dice Game, Safe Crackers Double Prices, Grocery Game, Card Game Bob makes great convos throughout the show. PG4: HOLLY wants you to know there's more TPIR coming up! Interesting SCSD2: Bob feels like he's a psychic! Tribute to Gregory Peck in SC.
1977.2613D #2613D Air 12/21/1977 Russ 6.2.5 9/9 GSN

Richelle, Sherrie, Diane, Robert

Double Prices, Hole In One, Clock Game Dice Game, Give Or Keep, Squeeze Play Dice Game board screws up, but Marilyn is a great roller! Sigma Chi makes a ruckus at the open
1978.2641D #2641D Air 1/9/1978 Russ 3.2.7 9/9 GSN

Raymond, Florence, Linda, Lynn

Golden Road, Danger Price, Give or Keep 3 Strikes, Grocery Game, One Right Price Chance at a Mercedes-Benz in PG1! Bob gets attacked twice, including a vicious lump on his head from Florence! 2 spinoffs in the first SCSD.
1978.2645D #2645D Air 1/13/1978 Fun Stuff 2.4 9/9 GSN

Cynthia, Flossie, Joyce, Eilleen

Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, Grocery Game Double Prices, Ten Chances, Secret X
1978.2652D #2652D Air 1/17/1978 Fun Stuff 2.5 9/9 GSN

Carol, Jerrie, Patricia, Lynne

Clock Game, Hole In One, One Right Price Most Expensive, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game One of the first $500 Wins in Hole in One!
1978.2724D #2724D Air 3/9/1978 Russ 6.2.1 8.6/8.5 GSN

Janice, Barbara, Ray, James

Clock Game, Any Number, Bonus Game Double Prices, 3 Strikes, Hurdles Great come-from-behind win in 3 Strikes! Felicitas goes crazy & runs up on stage when her name is called before IUFB2!
1978.2752D #2752D Air 3/28/1978 David Barkow 1.8 7/6 GSN Trade

Audrey, Valerie, Linda, Norma

Clock Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game Most Expensive, Temptation, Give Or Keep Today's show is brought to you by Jay Wolpert! SC tribute to Sir Alec Guinness.
1978.2763D #2763D Air 4/5/1978 Fun Stuff 2.6 8.9-8/9 GSN

Barbara, Dawn, Jural, Thomas

Clock Game, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Double Prices, Hurdles, Card Game A cardboard cutout of Holly bounces on the trampoline on IUFB1! Men seem to do all the winning, as Bob notes! *3* overbids on IUFB5! SC salute to Carl Ginex of TPIR staff!
1978.2851D #2851D Air 6/5/1978 Fun Stuff 2.7 9/9 GSN

Charlotte, Malcolm, Diana, Patricia

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Shell Game Squeeze Play, Hurdles, Money Game The front of contestant’s row yellow tiles are replaced with the star bursts! Hurdles pistol gives quite a bang. Wheel is REALLY CLOSE in SCSD2! SC salute to John Huston.
1979.3384D #3384D Air 9/13/1979 Russ 3.2.9 ? GSN WinTV

Consuelo, Carol, Erin, Evelyn

Bullseye, 3 Strikes, Clock Game One Right Price, Bonus Game, It's Optional Rec 6/20/1979. Model chat after PG4, and blooper in PG6!
1979.3402D #3402D Air 9/25/1979 Russ 1.05 7/7 GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Bonus Game, Dice Game, Danger Price One Right Price, Hole in One, Poker Game Bob gets a one-person "Standing O" in the intro. Model chat after PG4!
1979.3414D #3414D Air 10/4/1979 Russ 3.2.10 ? GSN WinTV

Tarese, Teresa, Hattie, Stephanie

Golden Road, Hi Lo, Clock Game Squeeze Play, Punch-A-Bunch, Take Two Rec 8/7/1979. Last ep with the 1976-79 Come on Down music. Bob is attacked in PG2! Big wins & big losses all over the place today!
1979.3473D #3473D Air 11/14/1979 Fun Stuff 1.5 8/5 (low) GSN

Toni, William, Rosejean?, Myrtle

Grocery Game, Double Prices, 3 Strikes Range Game, Any Number, Bonus Game Bob makes fun of Rosejean's bidding in IUFB4. Elevator SC.
1979.3482D #3482D Air 11/20/1979 Brent 1.3.3 8/5 GSN

Donna, Betty, Leray, Michelle

Safe Crackers, Take Two, Switcheroo Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Hurdles SC: Making of a Tennis Pro.
1979.3493D #3493D Air 11/28/1979 Brent 1.3.4 8/4 (low) GSN

Fred, Allison, Cheryl, Martha

Lucky Seven, Hurdles, Squeeze Play Race Game, Shell Game, Money Game Evil car price: $5551! Hurdles gun makes lots of smoke. Bob mentions Mexican guy shouting bids & passing tequila, & shows him before IUFB4! Money Game falls apart!
1979.3532D #3532D Air 12/25/1979 Brent 1.3.1 8.5/8 GSN

Earlee, Charlene, Mary, Janet

Clock Game, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Race Game, Grocery Game, Dice Game Bob is wearing quite the suit! Earlee gives Bob a squeeze! Tari buys *35* Candies in PG5 & NAILS $7! SC includes Seasons Greetings from ALL the show's crew!
1980.3562D #3562D Air 2/19/1980 Brent 1.3.6 (skip 5) 7.7/5 GSN

Enriquetta "En", Russell, Arthurette, Patricia

Grocery Game, Temptation, Most Expensive Take Two, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Enriquetta has "En" on her nametag until Seg 3! Model chat after PG3 about what's gonna happen next! *ME*.
1980.3573D #3573D Air 2/27/1980 Fun Stuff 2.2 7.9/8 GSN

Sabrina, Lori, Serena, Louise

Any Number, Take Two, Hi Lo Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game Bob kicks Squeeze Play! The ARP almost falls out of Bob's pocket before IUFB4, leads to a LONG convo! Is Orville a lover?
1980 Taped 3/1980 AN 1.2.11 8.7/6 (low) GSN

Pamela, Amelia, Carol, Ricky

Lucky Seven, Take Two, Penny Ante Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Trader Bob Premiere of Trader Bob! Ricky is a free agent quarterback; see how well he does at a thinking game!
1980.3652D #3652D Air 4/22/1980 Phil D2.4 6-8/7.9 GSN

Eunice, Leah, Okla, Carol

Any Number, Hurdles, Poker Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, Money Game INCOMPLETE. Premiere of Barker's Bargain Bar! Phil Wayne's 35 Birthday! (Missing SCSD2-end)
1980 Rec 4/23/1980 Russ 6.4.4 7/6 (low) GSN WinTV

Lisa, Jodi?, Shirley, Michael

Grocery Game, Temptation, Clock Game Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Rec 4/23/1980. VERY CLOSE $1.00 spin in SCSD1! Plus, a few VERY funny moments happen in this episode!
1980.3735D #3735D Air 6/20/1980 Aldridge 4 #1.2 8.7/9 GSN Trade

Vanna White, Bertha, Richard, Michelle

Hi Lo, Lucky Seven, Poker Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Vanna White is a contestant and stays in CR for the whole hour--Bob makes a rude comment to her during IUFB6!
1980.3781D #3781D Air 9/15/1980 1980 TPIR Disc.1 10/10 CBS OC

Karen, Jessie, Greta, Gilda

Range Game, Poker Game, Punch-A-Bunch One Right Price, Ten Chances, Grocery Game Very good playings of Punch-A-Bunch & Ten Chances! Grocery Game cash register is broken! Both SCSDs are very exciting, too! Fur coat offered in PG6!
1980.3861D #3861D Air 11/14/1980 Aldridge 3.8 8/8 Trade

Jesus, Cindy, Deborah, Phyllis

Shell Game, Danger Price, Dice Game Most Expensive, Grand Game, Range Game Shell Game bonus win! Pauline is hilarious - she chases Bob around the set & Marcia is excited too!
1980.3922D #3922D Air 12/23/1980 Tony 1.1.09 7/7 GSN

Pamela, Elisa, Walter, Judith

5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar, Danger Price Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, 3 Strikes PG1: $10K+ Car Alert! HILARIOUS IUFB2 reveal: Barbara Hunter (filling in as a model) crashes the TPIR Train, with the Cliffhangers crash cue! SC2 tribute to Dudley Moore.
1981.3982D #3982D Air 2/3/1981 Brent 3.2.1 7.9 < 7/8.5 CBS

Darren, Kathleen, Gracie, Brenda

Danger Price, Hole In One, Clock Game Squeeze Play, Superball!!!, Money Game Premiere of Superball!!! Pickens pauses for several seconds in Clock Game! Several VERY CLOSE spins in SCSD1! Exacta in PG6! SC2: TPIR auction!
1981.4041D #4041D Air 3/16/1981 1980 & 81 DVD.2 10/10 CBS OB w/OC

Sally, Gustava, Mary, Cindy Li

Shell Game, Ten Chances, Squeeze Play Danger Price, Money Game, Bullseye Fur coat win in PG1!
1981.4063D #4063D Air 4/1/1981 Tony 1.1.11 7.5/8 GSN

Deanne, Hersley, Lynda, Sally

Temptation, Danger Price, Cliff Hangers Double Prices, Hit Me, Any Number Bob's first entrance from the back of the studio! April Fool's 1981 Showcase!
1981.4093D #4093D Air 4/22/1981 Nick 3.D2.1 10/10 CBS

Agnes, Helen, Lydia, Keely

Danger Price, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain Bar Clock Game, Card Game, Give Or Keep Agnes putts from a line too close; they make her putt again! Station EBS test cuts a little into Bob's plug for the Fun & Games Show! SC2: "The Price Is Right Lifestyles" with a Fur Coat!
1981.04 1981 David F. #1.2 7.5/8 Trade

Carol, Carolyn, Joanne, Ralph

Give Or Keep, It's Optional, Safe Crackers Double Prices, Grocery Game, ? Bob walks over to check out a Give Or Keep prize, & discusses investments in SCSD2. SC2 - the TPIR Cheer Squad! Joanne wins *3 CARS* this day & attacks Bob after the SCs!
1981.3975D #3975D Air 1/30/1981 Kav 2.2 9/8 GSN

Karen, Edith, Lupe, Katherine

Any Number, Most Expensive, Grand Game Race Game, Secret X, Dice Game Current Miss Universe, Miss USA, and several former ones are all sitting behind Contestants Row! Occasional DVD or digital cable mess. ME.
1981.4175D #4175D Air 9/11/1981 Imad 1.1.1 9.9/9.9 GSN

Luz, Bonnie, Loretta, Diana

Any Number, Hit Me, Most Expensive Race Game, Dice Game, Shell Game Friday episode of 10th Year Premiere Week! George has a hilarious incident with a woman's nametag on his...where? before IUFB4!
1981.4225D #4225D Air 10/16/1981 1981 Celeb. DVD.1 10/10 CBS OB/OC

Diane, Mary, Edwin, Julie

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bullseye Bob's mom's birthday! Models show their thighs after PG4! Furs in 1st SC; 2nd SC is a PARTY! Rajinder wins $27,456; a near-record at the time!
1982.4554D #4554D Air 6/3/1982 TPIR Trade 3 #1.8 9.2/7.5 GSN

Gail, James, Caroline Kaith, Adoris

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair Take Two, Card Game, Bonus Game Graphics problems w/IUFB1! Amusing PG2. Bert Convy makes out w/Dian in IUFB3 to promote Tattletales again! Julia (IUFB4) was on Bob's Ontario radio show! TPIR Cheer squad SC.
1982.4374D #4374D Air 1/28/1982 Russ 6.4.2 7/6 (low) GSN

Dolores, Kimberly, William, Suzy

Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check-Out Race Game, Give or Keep, Any Number Premiere of Check-Out! Suzy has never seen Lucky Seven, and thinks it's the new game!
1982.4492D #4492D Air 4/20/1982 Nick C 3.D4.1 8/9 GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Card Game, ?, Range Game Race Game, Ten Chances, Penny Ante Audience boos the bid and leads the other SC player to bid $1! DSW sirens last a *really* long time!
1982.03 Air 1/12/1982? Tony 1.1.10 8.5/9 GSN

Mary Kay, Derek, Brenda, Sandra

Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, Bullseye Clock Game, Give Or Keep, Money Game Great Seg 1: Odd bids, Bob comments; Bob gets interrupted by "A NEW CAR!" in PG1! Bart Eskander turned "30 or 40?" Crazy PG4. Bob asks woman to take off shirt in a *twisted* convo!
1982.4692D #4692D Air 11/30/1982 Brent 1.2.9 5/5 GSN

Mita, Thomas, Christine, Cindy

Superball, Any Number, Most Expensive One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Grocery Game Alta is attending a beer convention! Mita steps in GUM on the turntable, and the "Clash of Two Turntable Designs!" Bob makes a big deal of Elizabeth going the wrong way!
1982.4551D #4551D Air 5/31/1982 David Barkow 1.2 8/9 Trade GSN

Teresa, Frank, Maryann, Michelle

Superball, Poker, Range Game Most Expensive, Money Game, Hi Lo Bob's swimsuit photo shown during the PG4 model chat! Bob changes the bar cart to a "soda pop cart" in IUFB2 for the Baptist. Elevator SC.
1982.06 1982 Brent 2.1.11 10/9 GSN

Sharon, Dudley, Imajean, Barbara

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair Poker Game, Switcheroo, Range Game Bob talks on the phone before PG4. House gets five 9s in PG4!
1982 1982 Imad 2.?.1 10/9.9 GSN

Laurie, Eleanor, Bradley, Marilyn

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Hit Me Squeeze Play, Switcheroo, Double Prices SC2: Flakey Flick showcase - "Godmother 3"! Great convos throughout the show. The Beauties don't like Bob's suit! Bob has to squeeze Squeeze Play! No "Dig We Must" in SCSD2!
1982 Rec 7/1982 Nick 7.D1.1 8.5/8 GSN

Nancy, Georganne, Elizabeth, Gregory

Shell Game, Double Prices, Take Two Clock Game, It's Optional, Penny Ante Happy birthday to executive producer Frank Wayne! Double Prices for a car!
1982.4571D #4571D Air 9/6/1982 Imad 1.1.2 9.9/9.9 GSN

Kari, Donna, Kelly, Yvonna

Blank Check, Double Prices, Trader Bob Clock Game, Ten Chances, Penny Ante The 11th SEASON PREMIERE!
1982.4642D #4642D Air 10/26/1982 TPIR Trade 3 #2.5 9/9 GSN

Patricia, Janice, Alberto, Velma

Safe Crackers, Hole In One, One Right Price Poker Game, Cliff Hangers, Money Game Bill Cullen arrives on the TPIR train before IUFB3; VERY amusing! Orange golf ball on Hole in One! Perfect bid on IUFB5. Elevator and TPIR Auction SC.
1982.09 1982 Brent 1.4.4 6/9.5 GSN

Cathy-Ann, Deborah, Wanda, Sandra

Lucky Seven, Now....and Then, Most Expensive Poker Game, Safe Crackers, Switcheroo Models sing Happy Birthday to Bob after PG3! Snowy video, and part of IUFB1 is chopped. Bob plays PG2 for Deborah.
1982.1 1982 TPIR Trade 3 #1.9 9/7.5 GSN

Faye, Diane, Marvel, Cindy

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers Race Game, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number SAMOAN ALERT: Salvatore (Col. Sanders)-PG6! Barbara Hunter (producer) & Diane are wearing the same thing! (PG2) Brenda's shoes b4 IUFB4! Georgia comes up b4 IUFB5. Johnny Artist SC.
1983.4755D #4755D Air 1/14/1983 Tony 1.2.01 8/9 GSN

Rebecca, Lillian, Michelle, Donna

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Grand Game Take Two, 5 Price Tags, Range Game Bob pulls off the price underneath the pricetag in PG5; confusion ensues!
1982.4724D #4724D Air 12/23/1982 Brent 2.1.03 8.1/8.5 GSN

Susan, Broderick, Lori, Esther

Most Expensive, Temptation, Now....or Then One Right Price, Trader Bob, Any Number "Ladies, will you please take off your stockings?" Ester knows what she's doing! Model Chat after PG1-Christmas Wishes!
1982.4725D #4725D Air 12/24/1982 Tony 1.2.02 6.9/6 GSN

Joretta, Karen, Sheldon, Kimberly

Lucky Seven, Safe Crackers, Punch-A-Bunch Take Two, 3 Strikes, Bullseye Bob chats about his wild plaid Christmas suit! Odd font for the $1k card in PG3. Nancy has a touching story b4 IUFB6! Shot of Contestants' Row during SCs!
1983.4741D #4741D Air 1/3/1983 TPIR Trade 3 #2.6 8/6 GSN

Judy, Susan, Barbara, Loretta

Any Number, Plinko, Most Expensive Poker Game, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair Premiere of Plinko!
1983.4753D #4753D Air 1/12/1983 Brent 3.2.2 9/9 GSN

Susan, Karen, Abram, Phyllis

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Danger Price Double Prices, It's Optional, Shell Game Electrical trouble with PG1! No lights, no trilons, no nothing! Bob gets BOO'd on his putt! Trouble with sound effects before IUFB3! Interesting convo b4 PG5. It's Optional EXACTA! Funny SC2.
1983.4754D #4754D Air 1/13/1983 Brent 3.2.3 9/9 GSN

Sherri, Sonja, Carrie, Linea

Lucky Seven, Trader Bob, Clock Game One Right Price, Now....and Then, Card Game Funny opening! Bob doesn't walk out the big doors immediately! TPIR gets political during PG2 & b4 IUFB3! Contestant gets 3 aces in a row on Card Game! SC1: TPIR Cheerleaders!
1983.4934D #4934D Air 5/19/1983 Brent 2.1.02 9/8.5 GSN Trade

Jerome, Nancy, Suzanne, Diane

Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Clock Game Safe Crackers, Hit Me, Any Number Clock Game is played for a car! Bob tells Olivia's mom where she is at all times! Patrrick is a "metal stud erection technician!"
1983.4824D #4824D Air 3/3/1983 Brent 1.4.2 7/9 GSN

Joanne, Charles, Rosemary, Judith

Superball, Clock Game, Card Game Most Expensive, Grand Game, One Right Price Bob comments on "Bob Barker or *Bust!*" Perfect bid on IUFB2. Holly has the price tag upside down in PG4. SC features Johnny's cousin Zeke!
1983.4843D #4843D Air 3/16/1983 Brent 1.4.1 (after a 7.8/9 GSN

Jeanette, Carolyn, Monica, Martha

New Card Game, Bonus Game, Take Two Double Prices, Check-Out, Any Number Premiere of New Card Game; Holly kicks Bob's mic cord on the way out! A Telly Savalas look-alike and a TX Ranger appear b4 IUFB2! Joy knows she bid perfect on IUFB5
1983.4864D #4864D Air 3/31/1983 Nick 7.D1.2 8.7/8.5 GSN

Cathy, Roberta, Donna, Theresa

Lucky Seven, Hurdles, Clock Game Poker Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Double Prices The final playing of Hurdles!
1983.4865D #4865D Air 4/1/1983 Aldridge 4 #1.5 9/9 GSN

Stephanie, Barbara, Mildred, James

5 Price Tags, Blank Check, Danger Price Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Any Number April Fool's Day show, with a HILARIOUS showcase skit! (ME)
1983.4883D #4883D Air 4/13/1983 David Barkow 1.9 8.5/6 < 9 OB w/OC trade

Jancinta, Tina, Maryanne, Glenda

Blank Check, One Right Price, Hole In One Danger Price, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes Tina wants to give Johnny a kiss before IUFB1! Audio is bad in first seg; perhaps I can fix it. Olson Family Tree SC!
0 4/18/1983 Tim 7.D2.2 9/9 GSN

Tamara, Charles, Janet, Deborah

Superball, One Right Price, Dice Game Danger Price, Bullseye, 3 Strikes No comments about the show yet.
1983 1983 Kav 2.3 9/9 GSN

Allyon, Kathy, Ida, Karen

Money Game, Race Game, Pick-a-Pair Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game Michael Damian and Steven Ford from Y&R appear during Showcase #2, and Mr. Damian also appears during PG3! Occasional DVD or digital cable mess.
1983.1 1983 Tony 1.2.03 8.9/9 GSN

Judith, Tammie, Christine, Robert

Give or Keep, 3 Strikes, Race Game Double Prices, Any Number, Check-Out Funny convo w/Robert before IUFB2, and he talks about fudge before IUFB3: ?!? 3 Strikes played for a $10K car, but it's NOT 3 Strikes Plus! Perfect bid on IUFB4. Johnny's Family Tree SC!
1983 1983 Kav 2.4 8.8/8 GSN

Martha, Caryn, Tina, Rosalind

Most Expensive, It's Optional, Hit Me Danger Price, Switcheroo, Range Game Fauiki, Bob's housekeeper, is in the audience!
0 1983 Tim 7.D2.1 9/9 GSN

Felicia, Denise, Kathryn, Louise

Superball, Most Expensive, 3 Strikes Poker Game, Any Number, Penny Ante Some problems with digital cable evident.
1983.11 1983 Brent 1.2.10 5.5/8 GSN

Lavonne, Billie, Claudia, Tina

Lucky Seven, Hi Lo, One Right Price Poker Game, Shell Game, Ten Chances PAINFUL loss in Lucky 7; 1st 3 digits EXACTA then 4th skunked! Bob makes fun of Billie's wrinkles
1983.4971D #4971D Air 6/27/1983 Aldridge 4 #1.6 9/9 GSN

Sean, Joanne, Marybeth, Diana

Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me Danger Price, Bonus Game, Safe Crackers Meg Ryan and Frank Runion, from As The World Turns, come to model IUFB1! Bob makes another sexist crack before IUFB2.
1983.4972D #4972D Air 6/28/1983 Kav 3.1.5 9/9 GSN

Pamela, Fred, Linda, Mary

Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Double Prices Poker Game, Any Number, Penny Ante Michael Tylo from Guiding Light appears during PG3 and in SC1! Daniel has one monster beard, and Wilma comes onstage when she's called before IUFB2!
1983.4974D #4974D Air 6/30/1983 Kav 3.1.1 9/9 GSN

Valerie, Buddy, Barbara, Shanna

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Blank Check One Right Price, Card Game, Hi Lo First Plinko Stick use, and it doesn't work well the first time! The late Rory Calhoun, from Capitol, appears during IUFB2 and in SC2!
1983.4915D #4915D Air 5/6/1983 Kav 4.D1.1 8/9 GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Danger Price Blank Check, Most Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch Crooked titles at the open! Bob mentions a viewer suggestion to show product prices during descriptions in Hit Me. 3 overbids on IUFB3! Hilarious Blank Check playing; Bob is frazzled!
1983.5061D #5061D Air 10/31/1983 Tim 3.1.1 9.9/9 GSN

Jennifer, Keri, Dorothy, Howard

Superball, 3 Strikes, Barker's Bargain Bar Poker, Clock Game, Grand Game Howard walks on stage as Bob comes out the big doors! Interesting convo before IUFB4, and a tough choice to be made in PG4. Bob 'hangs loose' before PG6!
1983.4985D #4985D Air 8/26/1983 Tony 1.2.07 9/9 GSN

Evelyn, Ronald, Evette, Essie

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair Double Prices, Cliff Hangers, Any Number 11th Season Finale! Two newborns shown @ the open! $1 is the FIRST bid on PG3, and it *wins!* Mountain climber refuses to go off the cliff in PG5, leads to win on technicality!
1983.4991D #4991D Air 9/12/1983 Imad 1.2.1 9.9/9.9 GSN

Deborah, Suzanne, Dolores, Marvin

Range Game, Danger Price, Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, The New Card Game 12TH SEASON PREMIERE, and premiere of Phone Home Game. TPIR Time Capsule Showcase - 2568 AD
1983.4992D #4992D Air 9/13/1983 Imad 1.2.2 9.9/9.9 GSN

Barbara, Maryanne, Diane, Cynthia

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Race Game One Right Price, Deluxe Dice Game, Now....or Then 2nd show of 12th Season! Bob makes a crack about Richard Dawson & his writer at the show open! Number falls off a price tag, and Dice Game board goes crazy! SC1: Model Swimsuit SC!
1983.4993D #4993D Air 9/14/1983 Imad 1.3.1 9.9/9.9 GSN

Cynthia, Steven, Sandra, Constance

Safe Crackers, Phone Home Game, Most Expensive 3 Strikes, Cliff Hangers, Money Game 3rd show of the 12th Season!
1983.4994D #4994D Air 9/15/1983 Imad 1.3.2 9.9/9.9 GSN

Lilian, Rebecca, Viola, Priscilla

Golden Road, Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair Clock Game, Plinko, Poker Game 4th show of the 12th Season! Sirens for Golden Road win. Two hilarious showcases: Johnny the Roving Reporter, and a Department Store showcase involving each of the interviewees!
1983.4995D #4995D Air 9/16/1983 Imad 1.4.1 9.9/9.9 GSN

Judith, Robert, Elizabeth, Willa

Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Phone Home Game Take Two, Any Number, Secret X 5th show of the 12th Season! IUFB2: I'd like to get friendly with Willa! So woud Rheal! Funny convo before IUFB6! Has Judith seen Secret X? "Mrs. Frank J. Greco, Jr." is a Production Assistant!
1983.21 1983 Tony 1.2.08 9/9 GSN

Frances, Najma, Margaret, Judy

Blank Check, Pick-a-Pair, Dice Game One Right Price, Master Key, Race Game Judy wants to take her clothes off before IUFB3!
1983.22 1983 Tony 1.2.09 9/9 GSN

Ruby, Mary, Maria, Beatrice

5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Safe Crackers Poker Game, Temptation, ? 19th winless show in TPIR history!
0 1983 Tim 7.D3.2 9/8* GSN

Sherril, Valerie, Tara, Jesse

Safe Crackers, Check-Out, Money Game Race Game, Punch-A-Bunch, ? VQ changes at times. WILD SCSD1! Sherril ALMOST got $1, the music even started, but then the wheel moved! Then Valerie thought she won 95 cents in SCSD1! (she won $1,000!)
1983.5053D #5053D Air 10/26/1983 Tony 1.2.10 9/9 GSN

Dawn, Colleen, Theresa, Cindy

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Danger Price Clock Game, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar Bob tells 2 animal jokes at the show open. Early Plinko reveal with the Plinko sign behind the audience! SC2: 3 hard-working girls and the pizza delivery boy!
1983.5011D #5011D Air 9/26/1983 Tim 2.1.1 9.9/9.9 GSN

Karen, Joanne, Jeanne, William

Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Phone Home Game Poker Game, Dice Game, Secret X Bob announces the show is #1 in Daytime! He's on quite a mean streak, too! Is Albert a parking ticket fugitive from Cincinatti? Watch big wins and tough losses! Dept Store SC.
1983.5063D #5063D Air 11/2/1983 Russ 7.D11.3 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Master Key, Take Two, Most Expensive Safe Crackers, Any Number, Hit Me Bob Barker makes 2 girls in CR be cheerleaders! Interesting Fire & Rescue SC, similar to The Big Breakout SC from 2/1/84!
1983.25 1983 Tim 2.1.2 9.9/9.9 GSN

Sandra, Maria, Rozlyn, Melinda

Card Game, Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play, ? Listen carefully; Mildred is having hot flashes! Squeeze Play is broken ' cuz it's played for a car! Some "additional research" leads to ANOTHER Olson Family Tree Showcase!
1983.5112D #5112D Air 12/6/1983 Russ 3.3.1 8.8/8 GSN

Joan, Jerome, Rosalee, Patricia

Master Key, Clock Game, Walk Of Fame Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Janice wrecks the TPIR Train into the turntable in IUFB4 & the couch almost falls off! Roland has a cool caricature of Bob at the open! Semi-attack after PG6. SC1: Big John the Roving Reporter!
1983.26 1983 TPIR Trade 3 #2.2 7.8/7 GSN

Jack, Judy, Angela, Cathy

Most Expensive, Phone Home Game, Poker Game Safe Crackers, Money Game, Cliff Hangers Models sing Happy Birthday to Bob after PG1! Nina is "tickled pink!" SC: Friendly Character Delivery Service. SC2: An airplane!
1983.27 1983 Tony 1.2.05 9/9 GSN

Lori, Lynne, Maureen, Noel

Master Key, Range Game, Most Expensive Race Game, Temptation, Pick-a-Pair TPIR Robot appears before IUFB1. Thrilling PG1 outcome! 3-way spinoff in SCSD1. Nervous Harriette gets a stool during IUFB4! Bob makes fun of Joan's shaky knees before SCSD2.
1983.3 1983 Tim 3.1.2 10/9.9 GSN

Teresa, Carol, Jeffrey, Deborah

Temptation, Shell Game, Double Prices Race Game, Money Game, Grand Game Bob mentions new British version of TPIR before IUFB5! Funny convo with Bernard before IUFB6. SC2: how did Johnny get enough money to go through announcing school?
1983.31 1983 Brent 1.4.6 5/6 ?

Jeannine, Martha, Shelley, Jerry

Master Key, Squeeze Play, Walk of Fame Safe Crackers, Bullseye, 3 Strikes Perfect bid on IUFB1.
1983.32 Christmas time 1983 David Barkow 1.7 8.5/9 GSN Trade

Rosemarie, David, Elvira, Jennie

Give or Keep, Walk Of Fame, 3 Strikes Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante Christmas 1983 Home Viewer SC - Home for Christmas. Squeeze Play played for a car! Olson Family Tree SC, Part 2!
1983.33 Christmas time 1983 Russ 2.3.6 8.8/9 GSN

Karen, Heather, Doris, Chauncey

Temptation, Trader Bob, Double Prices Take Two, Dice Game, Now....or Then Christmas. Temptation won't reveal the last digit in the car price, and a HUGE blooper in Trader Bob!
1984.5152D #5152D Air 1/10/1984 David F. #1.3 8/9 Trade

Susan, John, Lola, Janie

Blank Check, Danger Price, Hole In One Double Prices, Bonus Game, The New Card Game WHERE IS SUSAN?!?! A *robot* models 1st IUFB! Bob wrote his name on check in PG1! Sherry explains "I Lost It Watching TPIR" during PG3,
1984.5172D #5172D Air 1/24/1984 My Tape.1 10/10 GSN

Patti, Viveca, Judy, Ida Marie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Blank Check Take Two, Punch-A-Bunch, Squeeze Play NIP except a funny conversation with Dr. Timothy when he comes on down, and a dollar sign was hung backwards in Punch-A-Bunch.
1984.5173D #5173D Air 1/25/1984 Tony 1.2.04 8<6/9 GSN

Tamara, Charles, Janet, Deborah

Superball, One Right Price, Dice Game Danger Price, Bullseye, 3 Strikes Minor graphics trouble at the open. Funny convo w/Florence b4 IUFB2!
1984.5192D #5192D Air 2/7/1984 Tony 2.1.1 8.5/9 GSN

Helene, Katie, Camelia, Gary

Most Expensive, Blank Check, Phone Home Game Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Deluxe Dice Game Katie has a terrible time with Blank Check (gee what else is new!) Janice forgot to come out to model for PG3!
1984.5183D #5183D Air 2/1/1984 My Tape.2 10/10 GSN

Rosa, Beth, Dolores, Kathleen

Range Game, Clock Game, Hole In One Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money Game Hilarious ep! Betty terrorizes Bob & everyone throughout the show, even when she wins $1k in SCSD1. Hilarious "Big Breakout" showcase!
1984.03 1984 David F. #1.4 10/9 Trade

Cheryl, Cynthia, Paul, Karen

Any Number, Trader Bob, Clock Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Now....and Then, The New Card Game Lamont is 6'10" in Contestants Row! Bob makes fun of the models in PG2. Buzzer-beater in PG3! Farmer Johnny tries to use a water-finding stick to find SC prizes!
1984.5193D #5193D Air 2/8/1984 TPIR 2 of 2.1 8/8 GSN Trade

Phyllis, Deborah, Robert, Denise

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Safe Crackers Take Two, Master Key, One Right Price Hayloft Ethel appears before IUFB2 and has another interesting chat before IUFB6. Watch for knee-knocking Patricia on PG5 & SCSD2!
1984.05 1984 TPIR 2 of 2.2 8/8 GSN Trade

Cynthia, Julia, Barry, Kristine

Clock Game, Danger Price, Phone Home Game Double Prices, Switcheroo, Range Game Clock Game played for a car! Ada wins big on Phone Home Game.
1984.5395D #5395D Air 9/14/1984 TPIR Trade 3 #1.5 7/7 CBS OB

Alene, Tammy, Patricia, Donna

Shell Game, On The Nose, Squeeze Play Poker Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game Premiere of On The Nose--baseball is played! Tammy says funny things in PG1, and Phyllis is hilarious in CR before IUFB3! 2 perfect bids in this ep. Freaky birds SC!
1984.5412D #5412D Air 9/25/1984 Russ 3.2.8 ? GSN WinTV

Sheila, Etta, Donna, Deborah

One Right Price, Hole In One, Take Two Safe Crackers, Balance Game, ? Rec 6/11/1984. Holly dresses up like a Samoan during the SCs and chases Bob around the stage during the end credits!
1984.08 #5442D Air 10/16/1984 Kav 3.2.1 6-7/8 ?

Cynthia, Kristine, Mark, Shawn

Most Expensive, On The Nose, Balance Game Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Grand Game
1984.5185D #5185D Air 2/3/1984 David F. #2.4 9/9 Trade GSN

Diane, Jorene, Carol, Karen

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Hi Lo Most Expensive, Bonus Game, Safe Crackers Diane has $1 left & still wins PG1. Frederick & Bob have a very confusing conversation that leads to nowhere.
1984.5503D #5503D Air 11/28/1984 Kav 2.5 8.9/8 CBS No OC

Trancle, Margie, Francine, Lori

Barker's Bargain Bar, On the Nose, Trader Bob Range Game, Money Game, Penny Ante
1984.1 #5534D Air 12/20/1984 Brent 2.1.01 8.7/9 ?

Sherry, Anna, Diane, Cynthia

Double Prices, Clock Game, Hole in One Race Game, Squeeze Play, Plinko Bob gets a nice Standing O! VERY CLOSE Clock Game win! A pregnant lady wins Race Game in a record 9 seconds!
1984.11 Christmas time 1984 Aldridge 3.10 ? ?

Edward, Carol, Christine, Leanne

Blank Check, One Right Price, Master Key Walk of Fame, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair Christmas 1984 ep with the infamous Pick-A-Pair blooper! SC2 is filled with prizes only Dian can dream of.....
1985.5791D #5791D Air 9/9/1985 Russ 7.D12.1 ? CBS No OC

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Now....or Then, Barker's Bargain Bar Race Game, Safe Crackers, Punch-A-Bunch 14th Season Premiere!
1985.5875D #5875D Air 11/8/1985 TPIR Trade 3 #2.7 6.5/4 (low) ?

Connie, Scott, Alexandra, Calleen

Superball, Range Game, 3 Strikes + Bump, One Away, Grand Game Johnny's last ep. Bob visits producers to ask why $12,000 bid wont show, & no overbid buzzers on IUFB1! Bob messes w/everyone about Bum*P*! Alexandra does contestant call before PG5.
1985.02 1985 David F. #2.5 8.5/9 Trade GSN

Clarance, Phyllis, Adrienne, Lara

Grocery Game, One Right Price, Deluxe Dice Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money Game Gene Wood announces. Christmas Home Viewer showcase announced; Gene plays Santa! Dice Game player rolls all sixes!
1986.5945D #5945D Air 1/10/1986 Russ 1.08 8/8 CBS No OC

Maria, Bryan, Alice, Collette

Bump, Hit Me, Temptation Safe Crackers, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game Rich Jeffries announces, and Bob Eubanks makes a cameo for Card Sharks before IUFB2! Bob has a LONG opening story about the raucous TPIR audience!
1986 Air Jan. or Feb. 1986 Phil D2.3 9/9 OB No Ocs

Judy, James, Esther, Kevin

Superball, Deluxe Dice Game, Most Expensive Range Game, Any Number, Grand Game Bob Hilton announces! Bob Barker is in a curt mood! Model chat after PG3! Cameraman Joe Arvizu tripped over a potted plant during his shot of the PG4 prize! Stephen spins big & it pays off big!
1986.6202D #6202D Air 9/30/1986 Nick Trade 5 Tape.1 6/8 ?

Esperanta, Paul, Marisa, Kelly

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Away, Phone Home Game Take Two, Cliff Hangers, Money Game $12,000 Win in Phone Home Game!
1986.03 Rec 6/1986 Kav 2.6 7.9/10 ?

Kelly, Kim, Carl, Tamara

Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes $11,000 Win in Phone Home Game!
1986.04 1986 TPIR Trade 3 #3.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Most Expensive, One Away, Plinko Clock Game, Hole In One, Take Two TPIR Special #1! Clock Game offers cash bonus. Hole in One offers not $500 but $1000, and not one putt but two!
1986 1986 Russ 6.2.4 8.6/6 (low) GSN

Tyrone, Patricia, Susanna, Kenneth

Shell Game, Most Expensive, Add 'Em Up Bump, Penny Ante, One Away Rumors of Holly getting married! PG1 is play-along; Model Chat after PG2.
1986.05 1986 TPIR 1 of 2.8 8.5/8 GSN Trade

Keith, Anne, Graham, Suzanne

Lucky Seven, Race Game, Grand Game Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number TPIR Special #2! Goof in Lucky Seven; 3rd number stays covered while all others revealed! Anne (Fruit Lady) wins $10K on the 1st punch! New L7 & Any # boards debut.
1986.06 1986 TPIR Trade 3 #3.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, Hole In One, Money Game Race Game, Punch-A-Bunch, One Away TPIR Special #3! Virginia plays PG1 very well. Money Game for a boat, & TPIR Robot in IUFB4.
1986.07 1986 TPIR Trade 3 #3.3 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Danger Price Grand Game, Temptation, Range Game TPIR Special #4! Premiere of new Danger Price board, and a blooper of course!
1986.6171D #6171D Air 9/8/1986 Jim DVD 3.2 10/10 CBS

Lawrence, Toletha, Ralph, Teri

Safe Crackers, Any Number, Grand Game Clock Game, Double Prices, Switcheroo 15th SEASON PREMIERE! Mark Goodson is the 1st IUFB & reads a poem about the TPIR staff! Play Along in PG2.
1986.09 1986 Aldridge 3.9 8.5/8 ?

Carol, Jeffrey, Janice, Joseph

Any Number, Superball, Most Expensive Grand Game, Race Game, Shell Game TPIR Special #5! Grace pops Bob's studs in PG4 & Maryella faints after winning the showcase!
1986.6243D #6243D Air 10/29/1986 Tony 2.1.2 9.9/9.5 GSN

Bertha, Rebecca, Michael, Susan

Blank Check, Hole in One or Two, Danger Price One Right Price, Any Number, Cliff Hangers Funny convo w/Willard before IUFB2. Hilarious PG2! Bertha is crazy!
1986 Taped 9/15/1986 Russ 6.1.5 8.7/8.5 GSN WinTV

Carol, Janet, Jimmy, Sue

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, Add 'Em Up Race Game, Card Game, Give Or Keep TPIR Logo knocked off-center during the opening! Come-from-behind win in Add Em Up!
1987.6321D #6321D Air 1/5/1987 Russ 6.1.6 8.9/9 GSN

Linda, Darsalee, Michael, Maryanne

Grocery Game, Temptation, Squeeze Play Take Two, Punch-A-Bunch, Money Game Play-Along Grocery Game! Bob does a great Temptation reveal, faking a stuck last digit!
1987.6322D #6322D Air 1/6/1987 Russ 6.1.7 8.9/9 GSN

Tammy, Nancy, Lawrence, Cynthia

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Plinko Bump, Add 'Em Up, Pick-a-Pair Big Wheel is damaged before SCSD1! Perfect Add 'Em Up win! Nancy's wearing a ton of rings
1986.11 1986 TPIR Trade 3 #3.4 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Superball, Money Game, Danger Price Plinko, One Away, Clock Game TPIR Special #6!
1986.12 Rec 9/1986 Aldridge 4 #1.7 9/8 GSN

John, Patricia, Marilyn, Teri

Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game Double Prices, Grocery Game, One Away Teri plays Master Key in PG1; Hilarious! Bob builds it up so well! SCSD1 is Play-Along.
1986.6203D #6203D Air 10/1/1986 Eddie 1.2 7/6 (low) CBS No OC

?, ?, ?, ?

Card Game, Plinko, Race Game Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair Ceremonial 3,000th episode of TPIR! Plinko is play-along!
1986.6211D #6211D Air 10/6/1986 David F. #3.6 8.9/9 GSN WinTV

?, ?, ?, ?

Money Game, Check-Out, Squeeze Play Most Expensive, Shell Game, Ten Chances Deborah the Shell Game cheater! Bob uses a mild curse word during PG5! *Actual* 3,000th episode of Price is Right!
1986.15 Air 10/1986 Aldridge 4 #2.4 6/7 CBS No OC

Gerri, Stephen, Barbara, Wendy

Master Key, One Right Price, Take Two Clock Game, Temptation, Bullseye Rod Roddy's 1st day as Permanent Announcer! A new All-Time winnings record of $54,772 is set!
1986.16 Rec 11/18/1986 Russ 2.1.6 7/8 GSN WinTV

Lucinda, ?, Alfred, Debra

Golden Road, Check-Out, Barker's Bargain Bar Poker, Give or Keep, 3 Strikes Bob comments that nothing shall touch his painstakingly styled hair. Is Ruby dangerous? (IUFB2 & PG3)
1986.6303D #6303D Air 12/10/1986 Russ 7.D13.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Double Prices, Safe Crackers, Hole In One Race Game, Card Game, Bonus Game A "walking" golf ball and a near blooper in PG3!
1987.6324D #6324D Air 1/8/1987 Russ 7.D14.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Master Key, Range Game, Race Game Most Expensive, Any Number, Hit Me Funny chat with Ricky in PG4.
1987.6331D #6331D Air 1/12/1987 Russ 7.D14.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Danger Price, Clock Game, Hole In One One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Secret X LOOOONG model chat!
1987.6363D #6363D Air 2/4/1987 Russ 7.D13.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Barker's Bargain Bar, Phone Home Game, Any Number Poker Game, Cliff Hangers, Deluxe Dice Game Kyle fills in for Janice, and a Dice Game rarity!
1987.6435D #6435D Air 3/27/1987 Jim DVD 3.1 10/10 CBS

Wayne, Gail, Jack, Dena

Temptation, Plinko, Clock Game Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Range Game TPIR becomes the longest continuously-running daytime network game show in TV history! Bob gets a nice escort out the doors, and Mark presents Bob with a license plate saying "LCRDGNT".
1987.6443D #6443D Air 4/1/1987 David F. #1.5 7/6 Trade OB/OC

Shawn, Gregory, Raranda, Julia

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Cliff Hangers April Fools 87 w/a SC of crappy trips-John bids $3! Bob served hot dogs to audience before show, and Rod mentions his diet before IUFB2; he's wearing a non-sequined suit!
1987.6561D #6561D Air 9/14/1987 Fun Stuff 4 DVD.2 9/9 CBS No OC

?, ?, ?, ?

Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Clock Game Race Game, Grand Game, Card Game 16th Season Premiere! Bob plays a psychic before IUFB2!
1987.6613D #6613D Air 10/14/1987 Dark/Gray Hair DVD.2 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Bob's last episode with dark hair!
1987.6614D #6614D Air 10/15/1987 Dark/Gray Hair DVD.1 10/10 CBS

Phyllis, Natalie, William, Sharon

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Punch-A-Bunch Take Two, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Bob's first episode with gray hair! PG3 is Play-Along and won spectacularly with no strikes! Janice colors white over Bob's dark hair on the P-A-B $10,000 bill! Interesting 4th IUFB.
1988.6754D #6754D Air 2/11/1988 Russ 6.2.3 7.8/8 CBS No OC

Lisa, Harold, Pamela, Janice

Card Game, Clock Game, Phone Home Game Most Expensive, Secret X, Deluxe Dice Game Because of a BAD storm, both sides of the audience are empty! Bob tells a funny story about T or C & mentions needing a new Big Wheel! Kyle fills in for Dian, and a *Big* Phone Home Game win!
1988.6943D #6943D Air 9/14/1988 Brent 1.3.8 5/8 ?

Michele, Brian, Angela, Hugh

Hole In One, Danger Price, Bump Check Game, Secret X, One Away Bob enters from the turntable! Betty White does the inspiration putt in PG1.
1988.6941D #6941D Air 9/12/1988 Fun Stuff 5 DVD.1 9.9/10 CBS OC

Lavon, Tori, Robert, Donna

Golden Road, Now....or Then, One Right Price Take Two, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes 17th Season Premiere!
1988.6975D #6975D Air 10/7/1988 Russ 6.2.2 7.9/7 CBS No OC

Jacob, Loretta, Cynthia, Rose

Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Phone Home Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, One Away Janice's Camera Incident: Janice is knocked off stage by a camera, and Holly does the mic handoff! A *big* Phone Home Game win, and a cheater in 3 Strikes!
1989.7175D #7175D Air 3/3/1989 Brent 2.1.04 9/9 CBS

Samuel, Marena, Jonathan, Janice

Bump, Hole In One, Poker Game Double Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, One Away *Several* production errors! In P-A-B, the hole is empty; automatic $10K win! In One Away, the car is won automatically! Fingers Greco makes a cameo!
1989.7273D #7273D Air 5/10/1989 Kav 3.1.4 7/7 CBS OC

Christeen, Anita, Joan, Pierre

Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, Super Saver Most Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, One Away Premiere of Super Saver! Joan's husband started cooking because he got sick of her cooking!
1989.7331D #7331D Air 9/11/1989 Fun Stuff 5 DVD.2 10/9 CBS OC

Kathleen, Darrell, Diane, Harry

Make Your Move, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar Double Prices, 3 Strikes +, Grocery Game 18th Season Premiere!
1990.7552D #7552D Air 2/20/1990 Tim 1.1.3 8.5/9 CBS No OC

Jennifer, Corrine, Anthony, Mona

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, One Right Price N/A Special Half-Hour show today, and Bob likes to point that out! SC2: Holly entertains Baby Janice with hand shadows!
1991.7891D #7891D Air 1/28/1991 Tim 2.2.1 ? CBS OC

Kathleen, John, Gregory, Marilyn

Most Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, Card Game Safe Crackers, Temptation, Now....or Then Kathleen has very strong punches, gets AMAZINGLY lucky in SCSD1, and wins over $46,000! Rod makes a BIG mistake calling a son instead of his father!
1990.7701D #7701D Air 9/10/1990 Fun Stuff 1.2 8/8 CBS No OC

Angela, Mary, Rex, Sally

Golden Road, Plinko, Gallery Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye 19TH SEASON PREMIERE! Premiere of Gallery Game. Mark Goodson makes a cameo after PG1. *Fetish Blues* as a consolation?
1991.8122D #8122D Air 10/1/1991 Tim 1.1.1 8.9/10 CBS No OC

Pamela, Suzanne, Eric, Renee

Any Number, Most Expensive, Plinko Make Your Move, One Away, Super Saver Mary, a Samoan, is called before PG3 and Bob has a lot of fun with her! Bob and Dian have a chat after PG3! Before IUFB6, How does Mary tell Rod to call the next contestant, in Samoan? Hilarious!
1991.7892D #7892D Air 1/29/1991 Tim 2.2.2 ? CBS OC

Linda, Carol, Paige, Donald

Grocery Game, 3 Strikes, Make Your Move Range Game, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Chat with Janice - "Someone's gonna win the next game!" One of the LONGEST 3 Strikes playings ever, and ooohhhh so rewarding! SC2: Barker's Factory! SC winner wins almost $60,000!
1991.8271D #8271D Air 1/20/1991 Tim 4.2.2 ? CBS OC

Lonila, Cherie, John, Karen

Clock Game, Check-Out, Any Number Take Two, Money Game, Secret X "Rod, would you tell me the prices?" during PG2! One of the prizes falls off the prop during PG3! Bob gets psychic about the last half of the show!
1992.8263D #8263D Air 1/15/1992 Tim 4.1.1 ? CBS OC

Lena, Tyrone, Gwendolyn, Noelle

Any Number, 2 For the Price of 1, Punch-A-Bunch Race Game, One Away, Grocery Game Cash register is acting up in Grocery Game! Yet another Still Models showcase, shopping through Mexico. A little boy appears during the credits!
1991.7945D #7945D Air 3/8/1991 Tim 5.D4.1 9.4/9.5 CBS No OC

Janice, Barbara, Timothy, Katherine

Superball, Gallery Game, Lucky Seven Range Game, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Bob scolds Barbara during IUFB1 and makes fun of her throughout the show! Funny convo with Janice in PG3, and some name confusion before IUFB4! Dian hugs on Rod before IUFB6!
1991.7985D #7985D Air 4/5/1991 Kav 3.2.2 5.5/5 CBS No OC

Illuminada, Katherine, Kim, Michael

Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar, Gallery Game Clock Game, One Away, Grocery Game
1991.8144D #8144D Air 10/17/1991 Brent 3.2.6 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Swap Meet, Money Game, Check-Out Details coming soon
1991.8091D #8091D Air 9/9/1991 Jim DVD 4.1 10/10 CBS

Andrew, Kelly, Francis, Manuel

3 Strikes Plus, Swap Meet, Grand Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, Double Prices 20th Year Celebration. Juanita "Would you like me to do it again?"--amazing Cliffhangers win for a car, & spins in SCSD2. Premiere of Swap Meet. Rod tries to be a surfer in the SCs!
1991.8092D #8092D Air 9/10/1991 Fun Stuff 6.1 8.9/9 CBS OC

Laura, Sherrill, Matthew, Julie

Most Expensive, Plinko, Lucky Seven Squeeze Play, Pick-a-Pair, Money Game The Tuesday show of the 20th Year Premiere Week!
1991.8093D #8093D Air 9/11/1991 TPIR 9-11-91 DVD.1 10/10 CBS

Stephanie, Ronald, Jenna, Carlton

One Away, One Right Price, Secret X Range Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game 3rd show of the 20th Season! (Currently not available; I don't know where it is.)
1991.8094D #8094D Air 9/12/1991 Imad 1.4.2 9/9 OB (OC?)

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? 4th show of the 20th Season!
1991.8095D #8095D Air 9/13/1991 Imad 1.5.1 ? OB (OC?)

Margaret, Mabolasa?, Laura, Helen

Check Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Any Number 2 For The Price of 1, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante 5th show of the 20th Season!
1991.8102D #8102D Air 9/17/1991 Brent 3.2.5 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game Make Your Move, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Details coming soon
1991.8115D #8115D Air 9/27/1991 Brent 3.2.4 9.5/9 GSN

Richard, Patrice, Luke, Kimberly

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Swap Meet Range Game, 3 Strikes, Bullseye More details coming soon
1991.8141D #8141D Rpt 3/3/1992 Tim 1.2.2 9.3/9 TBC CBS OC

Ernest, Daniel, Cynthia, Delia

3 Strikes +, Safe Crackers, Bullseye Clock Game, Secret X, Temptation Bob walks out the OTHER back doors! SFX trouble in IUFBs 3 & 4 leads to mass confusion & talked about ever after! Bob almost runs into the camera before IUFB4! SC1: Models' magazines!
1991.8142D #8142D Rpt 3/4/1992 Tim 1.2.3 ? CBS OC

Melanie, Shirley, Curtis, Marilyn

Superball, Lucky Seven, Bump Most Expensive, Any Number, Hit Me SAMOAN ALERT! Melanie ATTACKS Bob after PG4 (crazy sweater lady), and Marilyn attacks Bob in PG3 with her big...never mind! The entire cast jumps during PG3! Dian does mic handoff.
1991.8221D #8221D Air 12/9/1991 Aldridge 4 #1.8 8.9/8 GSN

Una, Donald, Dora, John

Now....or Then, Race Game, Dice Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Master Key, Range Game Someone wrote in to say the opening is too loud! Dian macks on Rod before IUFB6!
1991.8202D #8202D Air 11/26/1991 Tim 5.D6.1 8.8/9 CBS

Julie, John, Gina, Joseph

Clock Game, One Away, Hi Lo Swap Meet, Pathfinder, 2 For the Price of 1 One Away for a Lincoln Towncar today!
1991.8601D #8601D Air 11/30/1991 Tim 1.1.2 9.7/10 CBS OC

Melissa, Richard, William, Brandee

Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Temptation Clock Game, Bullseye, Any Number Bob has a word to say to Orsaula at the beginning to the show! Great reveal for PG3! Cherish spins the wheel backwards in SCSD2 and that leads to some winning!
1991.8224D #8224D Air 12/12/1991 Tim 6.D3.4 ? CBS Some OCs

Craig, Karen, Eugene, Kimberly

Superball, Money Game, One Right Price Make Your Move, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Karen is very excited before IUFB2! 5-digit Money Game is subject to the whim of El Cheapo, and Ralph almost loses his pants in PG4!
1992.8262D #8262D Air 1/14/1992 Tim 3.2.2 ? CBS

Aline, Didi, Jane, Douglas

Super Saver, Lucky Seven, Clock Game Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, Danger Price Pathfinder EXACTA! Francis bids $80 on a set of encyclopedias! Big Wheelie with poor Aline; she does well even with her score! SC2: Models bid on dinner with Rod in Contestant's Row!
1992.8264D #8264D Air 1/16/1992 Tim 4.1.2 ? CBS

Jennifer, Shannon, John, Cynthia

Make Your Move, Hole In One, Range Game Poker Game, Plinko, Money Game Plinko clip gets REALLY stuck, and the plastic cover doesn't help! A very young girl is shown at the open! Holly does the Inspiration Putt! Cynthia's kiss untied Bob's shoe before PG3. ME
1992.8265D #8265D Air 1/17/1992 Tim 4.2.1 ? CBS OC

Donald, Leslie, Pamela, Julie

Spelling Bee, Swap Meet, Check Game Safe Crackers, Bullseye, Dice Game Bob comments on denominations of money before SCSD1, and chit-chats an awful long time! Rod has quite the bow tie on! Some of end credits chopped
1992.8305D #8305D Air 2/14/1992 Tim 6.D4.1 ? CBS OC

Michael, Theresa, Patrick, Angelina

Bullseye, Race Game, Money Game Double Prices, Spelling Bee, 2 For the Price of 1 Michael skids onto the Turntable during his last run in PG2!
1992.8311D #8311D Air 2/17/1992 Tim 5.D2.1 9.3/9.5 CBS OC

Douglas, Tamara, Sheri, Michael

Grocery Game, One Right Price, Ten Chances Danger Price, Plinko, Dice Game Bob embarrasses Suzanne about college mascots before IUFB3 and SCSD1.
1992.8312D #8312D Air 2/18/1992 Tim 5.D2.2 9.8/9.5 CBS OC

Gerald, Aimee, Dixon, Kristin

Barker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Shell Game Swap Meet, One Away, Grand Game "Bob Baker" is called before IUFB2; Bob tells a story about being called that for years. Robert gets BAD ADVICE from his wife in PG6!
1992.8313D #8313D Air 2/19/1992 Tim 5.D1.1 9.3/9.5 CBS OC

James, Leslie, Annabel, Kevin

Most Expensive, Safe Crackers, Hit Me Make Your Move, Spelling Bee, Double Prices Safe Crackers is played for a car!
1992.8314D #8314D Air 2/20/1992 Tim 5.D1.2 9.8/9.5 CBS OC

Lisa, Jerald, George, Alice

Golden Road, Poker Game, Punch-A-Bunch Range Game, Pick-a-Pair, Money Game
1992.8315D #8315D Air 2/21/1992 Tim 5.D3.3 9.4/9 CBS OC

Kerry, John, Wendel, Gretchen

Check Game, Hole In One, Take Two Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Any Number Gretchen successfully explains Check Game to Bob! Someone shouts "Perspiration Putt" to Bob in PG2. Watch closely for the outcome of PG6 because they went to commercial WAY too quickly!
1992.8322D #8322D Air 2/25/1992 Tim 2.3.1 ? CBS OC

Emma, Alissa, Roger, Michael

Lucky Seven, Cliff Hangers, Pick-A-Number N/A Special 30-minute edition! Pick-A-Number is played for a car.
1992.8323D #8323D Air 2/26/1992 Tim 2.3.2 ? CBS OC

Richard, Alaina, Steven, Candice

Money Game, Race Game, Super Saver Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, 2 For the Price of 1 MO, starts at 1st IUFB. Bob has a really long convo with Trina-Louise before IUFB6!
1992.8324D #8324D Air 2/27/1992 Tim 2.3.3 ? CBS OC

Velisa, Mark, Deborah, Roger

Plinko, Any Number, Switch? Temptation, Check-Out, Double Prices Incomplete. Switch? premiere! CABLE WENT OUT during its playing! Bob jokes TPIR has 582 games! Holly eats some BURNT marshmallows over a fireplace in IUFB2! Missing SCSD2-end.
1992.8331D #8331D Air 3/2/1992 Tim 1.2.1 9/9 TBC CBS OC

Lupita, James, Teri, Derrick

Master Key, Range Game, 2 For the Price of 1 Poker, Ten Chances, Hi Lo Lupita starts off crying, so Bob tells a story! Bob interrupts Rod during IUFB4 prize plug! Is Jamie's very good poker hand good enough? Dian hugs all over Rod before IUFB6!
1992.8345D #8345D Air 3/13/1992 Bob & Barney.3 10/10 CBS Repeat

Laura, Johnny, Myrna, Brian

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Away, Pick-a-Pair Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Money Game Brian-PG1-goes to hug the models after his win. He later explains Big Wheel & does the ticket plug! Norma gets 2 Second Chances in Punch-A-Bunch. Roger says NOT perfect show, cameos.
1992.8351D #8351D Air 3/16/1992 Tim 3.2.1 ? CBS

Carolyn, John, Barbara, Robert

Check Game, Pathfinder, Take Two Range Game, Safe Crackers, Penny Ante Bob announces ratings higher than ever! Can't start the rangefinder again for 53 hours today! Safecrackers played for a car! Will Rod get nervous on camera before IUFB6?
1992.8352D #8352D Air 3/17/1992 Tim 4.5.1 ? CBS

Maria, Robert, Marta, Alan

Golden Road, Grand Game, Race Game Pick-A-Number, Secret X, Dice Game Details coming soon
1992.8353D #8353D Rpt 7/31/92 Bob & Barney.5 8/9.5 CBS Repeat

Frances, Stanley, Mary, Ronald

Most Expensive, Check-Out, One Away One Right Price, Plinko, Card Game Bad Vertical Hold on picture. 13c diff in Check-Out. One Away won on 1st try. 2 spinoffs in SCSD1. "Who looks like they know what they are doing?" **RARE** ORP playing w/Doors #2 & #3!
1992.8564D #8564D Air 11/5/1992 Tim 7.D4.1 9/9 CBS OC

Kenneth, Kelly, Linda, Margaret

Range Game, Hole In One, Swap Meet Double Prices, Plinko, Money Game No comments about the show yet.
1992.8565D #8565D Air 11/6/1992 Tim 7.D4.2 9/9 CBS OC

Tina, Mary, Maurice, Renee

Any Number, Punch-A-Bunch, Check Game Buy or Sell, Dice Game, Penny Ante Mary gets *2* $100 bonuses because Bob announced the wrong ARP for IUFB2! Prop problem with Penny Ante! SC1: Rod's Gym! Two SC contenders are "William and Mary"
1992.8405D #8405D Air 4/24/1992 1992 tape.1 ? CBS Repeat

Eric, Kimberly, Harold, Mary

Superball, Check Game, Lucky $even Switch?, Now....or Then, Dice Game Show #8405D. Roger comes out to clarify an error he made in PG1. Bob announces highest ratings ever.
1992.8415D #8415D Rpt 8/28/1992 1992 tape.3 ? CBS Repeat

Gracie, Raymond, Kerri, Allan

Super Saver, One Away, Most Expensive Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch, 3 Strikes Poor Gracie… (PG2) "I HATE this game! Every time I play it at home, I lose." Rare camera angle during 3rd IUFB bidding.
1992.8431D #8431D Air 5/11/1992 1992 tape.4 ? CBS Repeat

Melanie, Cassandra, Kelley, Ross

Most Expensive, Temptation, Check-Out One Right Price, Plinko, Money Game Funny 2nd seg: "Anna, you're a fraud!" After Kristin gets the first pair of numbers in the Money Game, they ding the bells & play the theme song for a few seconds!
1992.8442D #8442D Rpt 9/1/1992 1992 tape.5 ? CBS Repeat

Matthew, Dwight, Sharon, Mario

Super Saver, Take Two, Three Strikes Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play Come On Down music for 1st IUFB, GO MARIO! Odd error in PG4. Correct bid on IUFB5 (given by audience member :). Models do "still life", and laptop computer given away, in SCs.
1992.8443D #8443D Rpt 9/2/1992 1992 tape.6 9.8/10 CBS Repeat

Yvette, Rokki, Cathe, Victoria

Lucky $even, Poker Game, Plinko Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Range Game More announcement of great ratings. Name debate in 2nd seg. GO KIMBERLY! Dian putts w/o glasses. Fight for camera space on PG6. Correctly dated.
1992.8452D #8452D Air 5/26/1992 Imad 1.5.2 9/9 CBS OB

Scott, Patricia, Jason, Daniel

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Plinko One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Hit Me Carol Burnett makes a special appearance before IUFB6!
1992.8463D #8463D Air 6/3/1992 Tim 6.D4.3 9/10 CBS OC

Aaron, Laura, Grant, Tracy

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Take Two Squeeze Play, Hole In One, One Right Price SAMOAN ALERT: Van plays Take Two! Dian is out, and Ray Combs appears during IUFB6 to promote Family Feud Challenge, and his sweater matches the area rug!
1992.8482D #8482D Air 6/23/1992 Tim 3.3.2 ? CBS No OC

Sakita, William, Glenna, Jill

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Range Game Make Your Move, Money Game, Check-Out Winless show! Barker for King! SC2 - Another still model SC!
1992.8503D #8503D Air 9/23/1992 Fun Stuff 1.6 8.7/9 CBS OC

Elaine, Terry, Diane, Maureen

Superball, Check Game, Dice Game One Right Price, Any Number, Penny Ante Perfect Superball Win; only time in TPIR history!
1992.8534D #8534D Air 10/15/1992 Tim 3.3.1 ? CBS

Carla, Sailiesh, Jacqueline, John

Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair, Card Game Race Game, Pathfinder, Most Expensive Announcement TPIR is #1 in daytime! John is a very screwy Clock Game player! Bob has a long convo about academics before IUFB4 & a funny convo with Sandra before IUFB6.
1992.8535D #8535D Air 10/16/1992 Tim 1.4.1 9.9/9.5 CBS OC

Rebecca, Carol, Kimberly, Adriana

Any Number, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar Credit Card, Dice Game, Penny Ante Jackie gets quite a reception from Elizabeth before IUFB3! Cynthia is wild coming on down!
1992.8563D #8563D Air 11/4/1992 Tim 7.D1.2 ? CBS

Lacrista, Ava, Paul, Birgit

Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar, Spelling Bee Race Game, Lucky Seven, Grocery Game Alfreda walks up some weird stairs next to Rod's podium when she's called before IUFB5! Rod escorts her to CR & Bob has a chat with her!
1992.8602D #8602D Air 12/1/1992 Tim 1.3.1 9.7/9 CBS OC

Bertha, Gayla, Debra, Mario

3 Strikes +, Swap Meet, Grand Game Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Pick-A-Number PG1 played for a Corvette! "Santa Claus" CHEATS for a Buick & pulls off an EXACTA in Pathfinder! Y&R starts early today--TPIR honors their 5000th ep in SC2, including cast cameos!
1992.8603D #8603D Air 12/2/1992 Tim 1.3.2 9.7/9 CBS OC

Jimmy, Sheri, Kevin, Maureena

Spelling Bee, Danger Price, Magic # Double Prices, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair BAD MOVE in PG1! Interesting convo with Kevin about Naval Air during PG2. Funny convo about Queen for a Day before IUFB5! SC1: "Barker For President!"
1992.8604D #8604D Air 12/3/1992 Tim 1.5.1 9/9 CBS OC

Robin, Harry, Jacqueline, Danielle

Switch?, Hit Me, One Away Take Two, Plinko, Money Game One Away EXACTA - Bob says it's the first! Rod has candy during IUFB4 & leads to a funny convo! Plinko sign MIA! Gold-colored graphics in SCSD2.
1992.8635D #8635D Air 12/25/1992 Tim 5.D4.3 9.4/9.5 CBS

Cristopher, Deborah, Michael, Danielle

3 Strikes +, Swap Meet, Plinko Switch?, Lucky Seven, Check-Out Christmas show! PG1 played for a $38k+ Corvette!
1993.8691D #8691D Air 2/8/1993 Tim 5.D3.1 8.8/9.5 CBS OC

Melissa, Kimberly, Heather, Ricarda

Grand Game, Ten Chances, Danger Price Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, One Away Bob makes his entrance from the back for Grand Game, and a crewmember presents Bob with a model Corsair WWII plane with "Bob 'Ace' Barker" on it before IUFB3!
1993.8692D #8692D Air 2/9/1993 Tim 3.4.1 9/9 CBS OC

Marx, Graciela, Lance, Julia

Clock Game, Master Key, Range Game Make Your Move, Card Game, Super Saver Rod cracks up at open--he read "Mary" but "Marx" is a guy! Bob notes after SCSD1 they moved back the scoreboard! Rod should get a baseball cap along with his suits from Thailand! (b4 IUFB6)
1993.8693D #8693D Air 2/10/1993 Tim 3.4.2 9.9/9 CBS OC

Judy, Eric, Yancy, Denise

3 Strikes +, Bullseye, Most Expensive Magic #, Plinko, Money Game Bob gets a really long welcome! Funny convo with Steven before IUFB4. Lights on Door #1 freeze during PG4! Plinko sign broken; $25,000 graphic used instead!
1993.8694D #8694D Air 2/11/1993 Cullen D9.2 VG CBS RPT/OCs

Michael, Beverly, Tracy, Claudia

Safe Crackers, Pathfinder, Buy Or Sell Check Game, Dice Game, Penny Ante Pathfinder EXACTA! Bob reveals his age in PG2, and rips Michael's nametag in PG3!
1993.8695D #8695D Air 2/12/1993 Tim 2.4.2 ? CBS

Charles, Tony, Milagros, Elise

Squeeze Play, Swap Meet, Hole In One Double Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky Seven Bob kicks Squeeze Play! Janice does the Inspiration Putt! PG4 played by Door #3 w/odd camera angles! Rod *has* his backwards baseball cap from Thailand & so does Dian before IUFB5!
1993.8782D #8782D Air 4/13/1993 Tim 7.D3.1 9/9 CBS OC

Jeff, Gwynneth, Joseph, Kristen

Clock Game, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number Danger Price, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar Bob & Rod talk about the Home Viewer Showcase Showdown before IUFB6.
1993.8794D #8794D Air 4/22/1993 Tim 7.D6.2 9/8.9 CBS OC

Kent, Leo, Mary, Gavin

Squeeze Play, Plinko, Card Game Make Your Move, one Away, Bullseye No comments about the show yet.
1993.8841D #8841D Air 5/24/1993 Brent 3.2.7 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Check Game, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Clock Game, Check-Out, One Away Details coming soon
1993.8875D #8875D Air 6/18/1993 Fun Stuff 7 DVD.1 8/9 CBS No OC

?, ?, ?, ?

Swap Meet, Hole In One, Pick-A-Number One Right Price, Plinko, Dice Game Dian's final episode, and the 21st Season Finale! She gets to say a Farewell during PG6!
1993.8775D #8775D Air 4/9/1993 Tim 7.D5.2 8.9?/9 CBS OC

Kristy, Thomas, Thomas, Deanna

Check Game, Poker Game, Secret X 2 For the Price of 1, Grand Game, Dice Game Home Viewer SCSD is announced! Secret X played for a car! Bob has a funny convo with Kenneth about watching the show. "Rod Roddy Questions the House" and audience shows prizes!
1994.9091D #9091D Air 2/21/1994 Tim 4.5.2 ? CBS

Rodney, Olivera, Chantal, Kevin

Danger Price, Hi Lo, Ten Chances Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, One Away Details coming soon
1994.9092D #9092D Air 2/22/1994 Tim 4.3.1 ? CBS OC

Jonathan, Veronica, Nicole, Noel

Lucky Seven, Plinko, 2 For the Price of 1 N/A Special 30 minute show! Rod flubs the open a little.
1994.9093D #9093D Air 2/23/1994 Tim 4.3.2 ? CBS OC

Stacy, Bruce, Nancy, Monina

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Joker One Right Price, Money Game, Now....or Then One of Chantel's audition weeks! Kathleen's birthday is announced during PG3!
1994.9094D #9094D Air 2/24/1994 Tim 4.3.3 ? CBS OC

Tomas, Cambria, Larry, Leslie

Switch?, Punch-A-Bunch, 3 Strikes Make Your Move, Hole In One, Pick-A-Number Contestant named "Price" plays PG4! Wipeout in 3 Strikes. Bob accuses Rod of calling losers before IUFB6, and PG6's difficult setup didn't help!
1994.9095D #9095D Air 2/25/1994 Tim 4.4.1 ? CBS

Jyll, Dawn, Timothy, Wendee

Swap Meet, Super Saver, Card Game Magic #, Master Key, Range Game Rod has fun with the name Robert Magaña. Contestant interview process mentioned before IUFB5. CBS News interrupts last SC bid & SC reveal. Still model for PG6. TPIR goes Wiccan in SC1!
1994.9151D #9151D Air 4/4/1994 Tim 3.5.1 ? CBS

Andrea, Thomas, Megan, Vernon

Clock Game, Switcheroo, Double Prices Buy Or Sell, Card Game, Hi Lo Andrea is a Crazy Clock Game player! Bob really flubs up the Card Game explanation, and does at least 3 great false reveals!
1994.9153D #9153D Air 4/6/1994 Tim 3.5.2 ? CBS

Francisco, Wendy, Karen, Welton

5 Price Tags, Make Your Move, Credit Card Pick-A-Number, Super Saver, Lucky Seven Great 5 Price Tags win! Monique offers to sew Bob's missing shirt button in PG5 & does during SC1! Interesting reveal of IUFB3 price. Good (and revealing) convo with everyone before SCSD1!
1994.9261D #9261D Air 9/12/1994 Aldridge 4?.? 8/8.9 ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? 23rd Season Premiere!
1995.9422D #9422D Air 1/17/1995 Tim 1.4.3 10/9.5 CBS

Carroll, Graciela, Danel, Cherry

Check Game, 3 Strikes, Hi Lo Take Two, Master Key, Pick-A-Number Ruth teaches the others the "Tush Push" during SCSD2! After calling his group "Viruses," Rod advises Matthew before IUFB6 to buy his group dinner! Or antibiotics!
1995.9475D #9475D Air 2/24/1995 Brent 1.4.3 9.2/10 CBS

Rick, Manuel, Jenna, Jade

Golden Road, Plinko, Check Game Switch?, Lucky Seven, Super Saver Jade Mills wins it big in PG1 & the SCs! Discussion on linguistics before IUFB5. Lots of overbids today.
1995.9483D #9483D Air 3/1/1995 Tim 4.4.2 ? CBS

Elvis, Maria, Larislado, Tara

One Right Price, Plinko, Dice Game Swap Meet, Hole In One, Side By Side Janice plugs her book _Husband, Lover, Spy_ during IUFB4!
1995.9415D #9415D Air 1/13/1995 Tim 7.D8.3 ? ?

Colin, Randall, Cynthia, Marcia

Lucky Seven, Pick-a-Pair, Danger Price Side By Side, Punch-A-Bunch, Ten Chances No comments about the show yet.
0 1995 Tim 7.D7.3 ? ?

Amy, Ronnie, Robert, Michelle

Spelling Bee, Buy or Sell, Clock Game Freeze Frame, Card Game, Pick-a-Pair Freeze Frame is broken!
1995.9601D #9601D Air 5/22/1995 Tim 5.D5.2 9.9/9.5 CBS

Thomas, Stella, Candace, William

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Dice Game Take Two, Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers Trilons aren't working on PG1.
1995.9615D #9615D Air 6/2/1995 Tim 5.D4.2 9.5/8.5 CBS 1/2 OC

Ralph, Michelle, Thomas, Annette

Safe Crackers, Barker's Markers, Switcheroo Freeze Frame, Lucky Seven, Hi Lo Thomas proves he knows about can openers in PG3!
0 1995 Tim 7.D8.2 ? ?

Maura, Tony, Marcia, Mark

One Away, Range Game, Super Saver Most Expensive, Clock Game, Spelling Bee No comments about the show yet.
1995.9641D #9641D Air 9/11/1995 Fun Stuff 6 DVD.2 8.9/9.5 CBS No OC

Erin, Robert, Stanley, Cynthia

Golden Road, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Lucky Seven 24th Season Premiere, and it does *not* go well! Rod is referred to as "Hunka" as in Hunka Burning Love! Big conga line at the end, and Rod tasted the cake!
0 1995 Tim 7.D9.1 ? ?

Jennifer, Jordan, Paula, Yolanda

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Temptation Range Game, One Away, Hit Me No comments about the show yet.
1995.9705D #9705D Air 10/27/1995 Fun Stuff 7 DVD.2 10/9.9 CBS No OC

?, ?, ?, ?

Cover Up, Plinko, Make Your Move Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery Game Holly's final episode! Unlike Dian, she doesn't get to say anything special on her last show. Farewell to Matt, a page, as well!
0 1995 Tim 7.D9.2 ? ?

Lisa, Pat, Gigi, Alec

Make Your Move, Plinko, Ten Chances Most Expensive, Hit Me, Money Game No comments about the show yet.
1996.9825D #9825D Air 1/26/1996 Fun Stuff 1.3 8.9/9 CBS

Brian, Monica, Jody, Samantha

Range Game, Split Decision, Punch-A-Bunch Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Super Saver Chantel's first audition ep, and Brian gives back $5k in PG3 to get $10K! Rod plays the "Weekend Warrior!"
1996.9854D #9854D Air 2/15/1996 Russ 2.2.06 5/7 CBS

Mark, Sandra, Michael, Brianna

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Switch? Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Clock Game Tribute to Happy Gilmore in SC2; Adam Sandler cameos! Happy Birthday Sharon Freeh! Hilarious IUFB2 after 3 overbids.
1996.0001S #0001S Air 8/23/1996 Cullen Disc 9.3 10/10 CBS

Angela, Eileen, Jason, Rona

Lucky Seven, Plinko, One Away N/A Hour Long Special! Contains clips from all its years on the air. Big prizes & big winners too! Premiere of Chantel Dubay as a model. $50k Plinko for the first time.
1996.0041K #0041K Air 9/9/1996 Aldridge 4?.? 6/8 ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? 25th Season Premiere!
1996.0052K #0052K Air 9/17/1996 25th Anniv Special.2 (MO) ? CBS OC

?, ?, ?, ?

Plinko, Card Game, Squeeze Play Danger Price, 3 Strikes, Bullseye Kimberly Crawford (ran up on stage before IUFB4, featured on 25th Anniv Special) appears on this ep; wins IUFB6. (She is with the CA Forestry/Fire dept as I thought!)
1996.0063K #0063K Air 9/25/1996 TPIR 25.1 9/9 CBS

Jessica, Tracy, Karen, Delano

Freeze Frame, Master Key, Pick-A-Number Swap Meet, 3 Strikes, Hi Lo Delano gets 3 bids on IUFB1. Chats with Veneto before IUFB2 & 3. Bob & Rod discuss outcome of PG5 for a long time!
1996.0064K #0064K Air 9/26/1996 TPIR 25.2 9/9 CBS

Yolanda, Sergio, Tamara, Annakarina

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Easy As 1-2-3 Double Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, Split Decision Janice stands still to model in PG4. Harold & his wife weren't sitting by each other! (IUFB5). Split Decision has a 20-second timer; won on 1st try!
1996.0084K #0084K Air 10/10/1996 Tim 1.5.2 9.3/9 CBS Some

Cynthia, Karen, Nagatha, Vincenzo

Squeeze Play, Bullseye, Dice Game Race Game, Secret X, Money Game Dice Game EXACTA! The price is rolled perfectly!
1997.0292K #0292K Air 3/11/1997 Tim 2.2.3 ? CBS OC

Jason, Jina, Jessica, George

Switch?, Cover Up, Hi Lo Buy Or Sell, Joker, Lucky Seven INCOMPLETE: Goes only to PG6 intro. Victoria is a threatening-looking lady from Samoa! Funny convo w/George before SCSD1.
1997.0312K #0312K Air 3/25/1997 Tim 5.D6.3 9/9 CBS

Cheryl, Nicholas, Jerome, Heidi

Danger Price, Hole In One, Squeeze Play Magic #, Dice Game, Secret X Some of the First Four catch balls from the tennis machine in IUFB1! Janice does the inspration putt!
1997.01 Air 9/8/1997 Tim 7.D6.1 9+/9+ CBS

Chad, Debbie, Jason, Michelle

Cover Up, Plinko, Clock Game Double Prices, Lucky Seven, ? 26th Season Premiere! Lucy Johnson, Syd Vinnedge, & Marjorie Goodson visit. Chad is VERY hyper, and Janice wrecks his van in PG5; so much excitement that Rod didn't read the car plug!
1997.02 Aired 9/10/1997 Weekly Shows.4 8.5 / 8.5 CBS

Pamela, Jeremy, Shelly, Francisca

Any Number, Cliff Hangers, Race Game Squeeze Play, Temptation, Penny Ante $2,000 cellular phone?!? (PG 5) Goes with the $20,000+ car!
1997.03 Aired 9/11/1997 Weekly Shows.5 9 / 9 CBS

Constance, Blair, Kristi, Mark

Shopping Spree, Bullseye, Dice Game Easy as 1-2-3, Spelling Bee, Freeze Frame (IUFB2) *3* overbids on IUFB3! Parting shot of PG5 winner running across stage. SC: "Rod's Part-Time Travel Agency." SC reveal RO'd!
1997.04 Aired 9/12/1997 Weekly Shows.6 9 > 8 / 9.5 CBS

Oona, Bronoton, Beth, Carmine

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Secret X Buy or Sell, Grand Game, Money Game $1 & $2 bid in IUFB2! Bob has a chat with Beth before IUFB6.
1997.05 Aired 9/24/1997 Kodak.1 (MO) 9.9/9.5 CBS

??, ??, ??, ??

Lucky $even, Clock Game, Hit Me Barker's Markers, Cover Up, Cliff Hangers
1997.06 Aired 9/25/1997 Kodak.2 10/9 CBS

Angeline, Hilliard, Jennifer, Kara

Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play Shopping Spree, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair GREAT SHOW - So much happened that it is listed in great detail on the page referenced in the Hyperlinks section.
1997.07 Aired 9/26/1997 Kodak.3 8.9/9.5 CBS

Cheri, Rose, Angelena, Thomas

Any Number, Easy As 1-2-3, It's In The Bag Freeze Frame, Secret X, One Away Premiere of It's In the Bag! Angelena is jumpy in PG6, & wins perfectly. SC: Little Known Politicians.
1997.08 Air 9/29/1997 Kodak.4 10/10 CBS

Stephanie, Jabari, Jolie, Jordan

Barker's Bargain Bar, Shell Game, Card Game Make Your Move, Hi Lo, Lucky Seven Opportunity for $500 bonus in Shell Game. Rod shows off his gift (of candy! After he lost all that weight!) before IUFB6.
1997.09 Air 9/30/1997 Kodak.5 8.5/10 CBS

Jose, Jodie, Mark, Maria

3 Strikes, Now....or Then, Side By Side Swap Meet, Punch-A-Bunch, Money game IUFB1: Is it MARK or MARY? Bob plays psychic before IUFB3. Bob is conversational throughout the ep. Perfect bid in IUFB6.
1997.1 Air 10/1/1997 Kodak.6 (MO) 8>9.5 / 10 CBS

Elizabeth, David, Joanna, Clarence

Any Number, Range Game, Joker Most Expensive, Temptation, Penny Ante Perfect bid in IUFB4. Clarence doesn't want to say anything before IUFB6.
1997.11 Air 10/8/1997 Bob (10/97).2 9/9 CBS

Tina, Martin, Suzanne, Allyson

Money game, It's In The Bag, Buy Or Sell Range Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder MO (5 secs); chop bet PG1 & IUFB2 (diff eps?) Innuendo in 2nd PG ;) 2nd playing of IITB! Blind George CoD's for 5th IUFB! 2 Overbids on IUFB6. Long credit roll
1997.12 Air 10/9/1997 Bob (10/97).3 9/9 CBS

Jason, Linda, Cheryl, Marie

Shopping Spree, Clock Game, 5 Price Tags Squeeze Play, Cover up, Check-Out GREAT SHOW - So much happened that it is listed in great detail on the page referenced in the Hyperlinks section.
1997.13 Air 10/14/1997 Bob (10/97).4 9.5/9 CBS

Nandy, Sharon, Mary, Alexander

Switch?, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Freeze Frame, Grand Game, One Away Bob has interesting convo w/Thompson family "jazz musicians" before IUFB3. 2 (almost 3) spinoffs in SCSD1.
1997.14 Air 10/15/1997 Bob (10/97).5 9/9 CBS

Mary Ann, Nathan, Scarlett, Stanley

Range Game, Money game, Hi Lo Make Your Move, Temptation, Secret X This ep features the irridescent gray curtains! Nathan bids same as other contestants twice!-in IUFB1 & 2. Gets to the end of SC 83 cue!
1997.15 Air 10/21/1997 David F. #2.6 9/9 Trade GSN

Becky, Audrey, Juan, Kelli

Most Expensive, Spelling Bee, Race Game Magic #, Hit Me, Cover Up Magic # goes insane! Bob has fun with a brand new CBS page before the SCs.
1997.16 Air 10/27/1997 ?.? 10/9 CBS

Obie, Tracy, Elizabeth, Ulysses

Shopping Spree, Hole In One, 2 For the Price of 1 Freeze Frame, Any Number, Secret X Funny ribbon-looking curtains in the back! 3rd playing of Hole In One this season. Ronald is goofy in PG6!
1997.17 Air 11/17/1997 Fun Stuff 1.1 8.9/9 CBS

Kandic, Rodrigo, Troy, Jennifer

Superball, Money Game, One Right Price Easy As 1-2-3, Grand Game, 2 For the Price of 1 Rodrigo's Ball #2 gets stuck in Superball! . "2 For the Price of 1" played for a truck!
1997.18 Air 11/21/1997 Fun Stuff 1.4 9.4/10 CBS Some

Desiree, Ulysses, Nancy, Claudia

Lucky Seven, Fortune Hunter, Secret X Race Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game Premiere of Fortune Hunter, and 3-way $1 tie in SCSD1!
1998.0671K #0671K Air 3/2/1998 Marked as such.1 8.8/9 CBS

David, Sammie, Michael, Hillary

Easy As 1-2-3, Ten Chances, Grocery Game One Right Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky Seven Gene Wood does the CNAOS plug before SCSD2! Vehement booing in PG1! David plays an interesting and HILARIOUS PG2! Contestant before IUFB3 has the right name for the show - WIN!
1998.01 Rec 3/11/98 Air 4/9/98 TPIR 5000.1 9.5 / 10 CBS

Florita, John, Sybyl, Bridget

Lucky Seven, Cliff Hangers, Any Number Double Prices, One Away, Five Price Tags The 5000th ep of TPIR! Lucy Johnson dedicates the Bob Barker Studio. Each game played for a car.
1998.0762K #0762K Air 5/5/1998 ?.? 9/9 CBS

Janet, Karen, Lindsay, Constance

Money Game, Shopping Spree, It's In The Bag Squeeze Play, Secret X, Dice Game Constance has Bob laughing throughout PG1!
1998.0775K #0775K Air 5/15/1998 ?.? 9/9 CBS

Lisa, Jonathan, Carrie, Michael

Cover Up, Easy As 1-2-3, Hi Lo Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Any Number It's not DeLois, it's "DeLois AAHHH!" Ugo is very popular!
1998.02 Air 5/14/1998 Stephen's Bobs 5/98.1 8/8+ CBS

Latasha, Wilma, Tanya, Jumane

3 Strikes, Cliff Hangers, Fortune Hunter Squeeze Play, One Away, Penny Ante Only one strike is now put in the bag for 3 Strikes. Wilma thought she could win Bob in PG3! Lucille walks on stage before PG6. Jumaine almost flunked TPIR but won PG6 w/no mistakes!
1998.03 Air 5/18/1998 Stephen's Bobs 5/98.4 9/9 CBS

Brooke, Edward, Emei, Lorraine

Spelling Bee, Swap Meet, Safe Crackers Side By Side, Hit Me, Line 'em Up 2 $1k winners in SCSD1 - first one spun 65 + 35! Final ep of Murphy Brown aired on this day.
1998.04 Air 5/19/1998 Stephen's Bobs 5/98.5 9-/9- CBS

Kelly Anne, Kelly, Akel, Douglas

Golden Road, Now....or Then, One Right Price Most Expensive, Plinko, Card Game Long convo with nervous contestant Kathleen before IUFB2… Captain Doug says, "She'll be fine… after I win." Chantel hits the tennis balls! SC bids were $44k and $8.
0 1998 Tim 7.D10.2 ? ?

Joseph, Victoria, Patricia, Tara

Money Game, Pick-a-Pair, Range Game Pathfinder, Fortune Hunter, 2 For the Price of 1 No comments about the show yet.
0 1999 Tim 7.D10.1 ? ?

Janelle, Jack, Travis, Gena

Most Expensive, It's In The Bag, Any Number Switch?, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game No comments about the show yet.
1999.1202K #1202K Air 10/5/1999 TPIR from 1999.5 7+/8+ CBS

Stacy, Rudy, Pamela, Shay

Push Over, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Punch-A-Bunch One contestant is 90 years old. Ronald gets chastized in IUFB3 for outbidding her by $1.
1999.1254K #1254K Air 11/11/1999 My Tape.3 ? CBS

Ryan, Victoria, Trina, Jacob

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame Barker's Markers, Hit Me, Any Number Jacob, from Casablanca, tells Bob he lives there and took a camel to the show! Plays for a Mini Car (better than a camel ;-).
1999.1262K #1262K Air 11/16/1999 My Tape.6 ? CBS

Christopher, Laura, Garrett, Aretha

Switch?, Plinko, Temptation Easy As 1-2-3, Grocery Game, Dice Game NIP
2000.01 ? Match Game '64.8 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

Golden Road, ?, ? ?, ?, ? $69,580 motorhome won--biggest prize won to date.
2000.03 ? Random Stuff 3.4 10/10 CBS

Ryan, Douglas, Delight, Barbara

Range Game, Master Key, Push Over Barker's Markers, Cover Up, Pick-a-Pair Enya & Angela premiere as models
2000.1324K #1324K Air 1/6/2000 TPIR from 1999.3 8+/9 CBS

Hillary, Randy, Nathaniel, Linda

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Push Over Easy As 1-2-3, Cover Up, Secret X Dinging bells in the opening sequence? Problem w/PG4--they PULL out the last pricetag! 80c tie in both SCSDs, 3-way tie in SCSD2! Every Room showcase. In memory of Ted Cooper.
2000.1372K #1372K Air 2/22/2000 Stephen's Bobs 5/98.8 9/10 CBS

Conan, Dorian, Braden, Marcie

Golden Road, Plinko, Most Expensive Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Money Game Most expensive Golden Road gift offered to date, $72,000. Margarette climbs up on stage before IUFB5. Interesting SCSD2, Mike throws his watch (Bosnian good luck): $1k winner.
2000.1373K #1373K Air 2/23/2000 2:40 Tape.1 8.5 / 10 CBS

Joseph, Gaea, Maria, Tammy

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Switch? Squeeze Play, Card Game, Bonus Game $1k win in SCSD2.
2000.1384K #1384K Air 3/2/2000 2:40 Tape.6 10/10 CBS

Ron-Paul, Robin, Joel, Carolyn

Switcheroo, Shopping Spree, Flip Flop Clock Game, Let 'Em Roll, One Wrong Price Cola goes up on stage before IUFB-x, Bob has a chat.
2000.1391K #1391K Air 3/6/2000 TPIR, CNBC.1 9.5/10 CBS

Yvonne, Raymond, Cindy, Deborah

Range Game, Pathfinder, Buy or Sell One Right Price, Grand Game, Cover Up Cool camera angle right before the bids on IUFB2. Some digital cable problems. Lots of kids in the audience today! Canadian show 'W5' taped this ep.
2000.1422K #1422K Air 4/18/2000 My Tape.4 ? CBS

Genevieve, Wesley, Jaime, Susan

Clock Game, It's In The Bag, Dice Game Flip Flop, Most Expensive, Switcheroo Wesley tries to explain Clock Game; can't! Perfect Switcheroo win by Jamie; Bob asks Roger "when was the last time it happened?"
2000.07 4/21/2000 My Tape.5 ? CBS

Erin, Jason, Hazel, Jean

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar Race Game, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Bob pauses to talk to Chantel after IUFB4 about the Mighty Toads. John falls while coming down before IUFB5.
2000.08 5/31/2000 CS, TPIR.1 ? CBS

Austin, Cameron, Goldie, Paul

3 Strikes, Most Expensive, Bullseye One Right Price, Punchboard, Money Game Bob comes out the back doors.
2000.09 6/1/2000 CS, TPIR.2 ? CBS

Yolanda, Brady, Kevin, Jamie

One Wrong Price, Cliff Hangers, Temptation Flip Flop, Dice Game, Grocery Game Newsbreak, Elian Gonzalez can go. Missed some bids, most of PG1. GO LINDA! Bob mentions Queen for a Day (IUFB3); she cries for car & almost wins it! (PG3) Idiot in PG6.
2000.1 6/2/2000 CS, TPIR.3 ? CBS

Patrick, Ashley, Annette, Jeremy

Credit Card, Ten Chances, Grand Game Double Prices, Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar Perfect bid in IUFB4. $1k winner in SCSD2.
2000.11 6/6/2000 CS, TPIR.5 ? CBS

Wanda, Carmen, Elizabeth, Daniel

Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Grocery Game Double Prices, Danger Price, Dice Game Bob discusses Wanda's PG3 loss in SCSD1; audience screwed her out of a W! Rod smooches on Alice on a break, then calls her before IUFB5! Mentioning of!
2000.12 6/7/2000 CS, TPIR.6 ? CBS

Marc, Anne Lorraine, Calvin, Teresa

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Hi Lo Bidding confusion in IUFB2. A little kid is in the audience, gets primary shot after PG4.
2000.13 6/8/2000 CS, TPIR.7 ? CBS

Robert, Dani, Kimling, Kyle

Shopping Spree, It's In The Bag, Any Number Range Game, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Janice plays the violin magnificently & with fervor in IUFB2! Kathleen imitates James Brown in IUFB6. Tape ends after SCSD2.
2000.14 6/14/2000 4/00.1 ? CBS

Gary, Elizabeth, Eartha, Ryan

Lucky $even, One Wrong Price, Bullseye Double Prices, Punchboard, Ten Chances Last episode made of 28th season. Gary takes a spill after Bullseye, then spins the wheel backwards! Then Bob apologizes to a dog. ?!?
2000.15 ? 4/00.2 ? CBS

Nicholas, Chentel, Melissa, Alexander

Push Over, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2000.17 Air 10/2/2000 TPIR 29.1 ? CBS

Amber, Sean, Jonathan, Tina

Triple Play, Plinko, Most Expensive Double Prices, Dice Game, Bullseye 29th Season Premiere! Premiere of Triple Play!
2000.18 Air 10/3/2000 TPIR 29.2 ? CBS

Jennifer, Sharnita, Suzanne, Brian

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Grand Game Barker's Markers, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers
2000.19 Air 10/6/2000 TPIR 29.3 ? CBS

Lavonia, Michael, Angela, Richard

Danger Price, Switcheroo, One Right Price Flip Flop, It's In The Bag, Money Game During IUFB5, Lorean asks Bob "What was the question?"
2000.2 Air 10/17/2000 TPIR 29.4 10/10 CBS

Loretta, Carla, Bart, Teresa

Triple Play, Check Game, Now....or Then Freeze Frame, Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar The second time Barker's Bargain Bar is broken!
2000.21 Air 10/23/2000 TPIR 29.5 10/10 CBS

Deborah, Rebecca, Stephen, Charles

Flip Flop, Pathfinder, Buy or Sell Switch?, Card Game, Hi Lo Some scary contestants for Bob! Rodney's mom gave him a perfect bid, so Bob gave the $500 bonus to his mom!
2000.22 Air 10/24/2000 TPIR 29.6 ? CBS

Beatrice, Brent, Diana, Catherine

Safe Crackers, Let 'Em Roll, Range Game Plinko, Any Number, Double Prices NIP (see spoiler)
2000.23 Air 11/6/2000 Unsold Pilots.10 9.5/10 CBS

Ashley, Trentae, Lecia, David

Credit Card, One Away, Joker One Right Price, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair David yells "WHAAAT'S UPPP" after PG1.
2000.24 Air 11/16/2000 11/16/2000.1 ? CBS

Greg, Tricia, Gerald, Amanda

Safe Crackers, Hole In One, Squeeze Play Take Two, 5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar Today, Fingers putted in PG2 to celebrate her birthday; it rebounded in!
2000.25 Air 11/17/2000 11/16/2000.2 ? CBS

Robin, Bethany, Starr, Brian

??, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Part of TPIR pre-empted for Bush/Gore.
2000.26 Air 11/20/2000 11/16/2000.3 ? CBS

Kandedis, Melanie, Scott, Phyllis

Switcheroo, 2 for the Price of 1, Bullseye Swap Meet, One Away, Barker's Bargain Bar NIP
2000.27 Air 11/21/2000 11/16/2000.4 ? CBS

Shantadee, Nicholas, April, Daniel

Push Over, It's In The Bag, Ten Chances Flip Flop, Money Game, Secret X ?
2000.28 Air 11/22/2000 11/16/2000.5 ? CBS

Carolyn, Barbara, Elizabeth, Donna

Plinko, Line 'Em Up, Double Prices Clearance Sale, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair Interesting Comments on tpirsummaries (link).
2000.29 Air 11/27/2000 11/16/2000.6 (MO) ? CBS

Jora*, Wells, Phillip, Ellen

Lucky $even, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2000.3 Air 12/8/2000 12/11/2000.2 9 / 10 CBS

Wendy, Nancy, Jody, Bjorn

Push Over, Grand Game, One Away Race Game, 5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar No choices won for 5 Price Tags!
2000.31 Air 12/11/2000 12/11/2000.3 9 / 10 CBS

Mark*, Michelle*, Ethan*, Nataline*

Lucky Seven*, Pick-a-Pair, Safe Crackers Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Cover Up 1st seg pre-empted by Bush & Gore debacle. Eva, on her 80th b-day, takes a tumble spinning the wheel!
2000.32 Air 12/12/2000 12/11/2000.4 9 / 10 CBS

Corey, Laura, Jeremy, Jennifer

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Magic # Plinko, Dice Game, Hit Me Blackjack in Hit Me - first time in two years! Second-to-last show with Janice & Kathleen, & Paul Alter.
2000.33 Air 12/13/2000 12/11/2000.5 8.5 / 8 CBS

Caroline, Jacqueline*, Antonio*, Estephanie*

Barker's Bargain Bar, Line 'Em Up, Punch-A-Bunch Switch?, Card Game, Hi Lo CBS affiliate breaks in w/weather during 1st 4! ;-( Last taped show w/Janice, Kathleen, and Paul! Spin-offs in both SCSDs;
2000.34 Air 12/14/2000 12/11/2000.6 9 / 10 CBS

Daniel, Nancy, Brian, Bonnie

Temptation, Push Over, Punch-A-Bunch Double Prices, One Away, Hit Me Last aired ep w/Janice & Kathleen; supposed to air 10/18 but pre-empted. Daniel wins w/a $12 bid for IUFB2.
2001.01 Air 1/4/2001 Random Stuff 3.3 9/10 CBS

Dianne, Sarah, Meagan, April

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Buy or Sell Squeeze Play, Let 'Em Roll, Switch? Sarah can't say what the Fun Girls do on camera! Bob has fun w/name mispronounciations. 3 spinoffs in SCSD1-one on 5 cents!
2001.02 Air 1/5/2001 5/1/2001.1 9/10 CBS

Ryan, Douglas, Delight, Barbara

Range Game, Master Key, Push Over Barker's Markers, Cover Up, Pick-a-Pair Enya & Angela's first day.
2001.03 Air 1/11/2001 Random Stuff 3.6 9/10 CBS

Thomas, Katherine, Nellie, James

Credit Card, Grand Game, Card Game Squeeze Play, Pathfinder, Most Expensive NIP; see spoiler
2001.04 Air 1/12/2001 Random Stuff 3.7 9/10 CBS

Bethany, James, Doris, Joice

Spelling Bee, Race Game, Barker's Bargain Bar Push Over, Money Game, Grocery Game Rosie & Jeannie #2 are models this week.
2001.05 Air 1/18/2001 5/1/2001.4 ? CBS

Myisha, Kristine, Ronald, Elizabeth

Barker's Bargain Bar, Now....or Then, Temptation Side By Side, Any Number, Secret X SCSD2 is won on just 15 cents! Wild car price for PG5!
2001.06 Air 1/31/2001 2/3/2001.1 ? CBS

Samuel, Lisa, Maricella, Christopher

Lucky $even, Punch-A-Bunch, Buy Or Sell Squeeze Play, Money Game, Hi Lo Ugh. NIP
2001.07 Air 2/1/2001 2/3/2001.2 ? CBS

Brenda, Steven, Cherie, Kevin

Temptation, Range Game, Plinko Most Expensive, Dice Game, Hit Me Quickie games played for expensive prizes today.
2001.08 Air 2/2/2001 2/3/2001.3 ? CBS

Jonathan, Beverly, Thomas, Shannon

Triple Play, Take Two, Grand Game Pick-A-Number, Master Key, One Right Price Male contestant models the Big Wheel.
2001.09 Air 2/5/2001 2/3/2001.4 ? CBS

Jason, Joseph, Dolores, Michael

Push Over, Pathfinder, Danger Price Freeze Frame, Any Number, Hi Lo Enthusiastic audience today. Claudia & Jeannie (1/12-1/18 originally) were today's models. Contestant in showcase wanted to bid on only the car.
2001.1 Air 2/7/2001 2/3/2001.5 ? CBS

Melissa, Eric, Vincent?, Beverly

Most Expensive, Grand Game, Line 'Em Up Switch?, One Away, Joker Price Is Right home game seen in the showcases.
2001.11 Air 2/9/2001 2/3/2001.6 ? CBS

Nathan, Joey, Daniel, Ladonna

Lucky $even, Plinko, Double Prices Bullseye, Buy or Sell, Card Game Gosh, Patricia is VERY loud.
2001.12 Air 2/12/2001 Bobs from 1999.6 9/10 CBS

Jeffrey, Shannon, Ruby, Sara

One Wrong Price, It's In The Bag, Money Game Poker, Bonus Game, Range Game Slightly shaky video, improves by 2nd half. Jennifer joins TPIR as a model. PG2-could've won $16k! GARGANTUAN spins in SCSD2…small numbers though!
2001.13 Air 2/13/2001 Bobs from 1999.7 9/10 CBS

Matthew, Joe, Robyn, Gregory

Make Your Move, Dice Game, Check-Out Switch?, Punch-A-Bunch, Any Number Video shakes a touch in opening. Gregory cartwheels on down! Bob has another male model somewhere during the show.
2001.14 Air 2/19/2001 2/19/2001.1 (MO) ? CBS

Ruben*, Sheila, Brian, Margaret

Safe Crackers, Hole In One, Push Over Switch?, Cover Up, Cliff Hangers Claudia & Jennifer are the models.
2001.15 Air 2/20/2001 2/19/2001.2 ? CBS

Jeanne, Carole, Trevor, Mindy

Check Game, Master Key, Freeze Frame One Wrong Price, It's In The Bag, Dice Game NIP
2001.16 Air 2/21/2001 2/19/2001.3 ? CBS

Valerie, Steven, Bambi, Carrie

Lucky $even, Swap Meet, Plinko Magic #, Hi Lo, Money Game Magic # lost by only $4!
2001.17 Air 2/22/2001 2/19/2001.4 ? CBS

Michael, Tammy, Marabelle, Khalid

Clearance Sale, Spelling Bee, One Right Price Hit Me, Ten Chances, Barker's Bargain Bar Bob played Hit Me pretty much for the contestant… caused him to rush the other games. Clearance Sale result revealed early by sound guys. SC differences are $9 apart!
2001.18 Air 2/23/2001 2/19/2001.5 ? CBS

Melissa, Daniel, Angelina, Ryan

Push Over, Check-Out, 3 Strikes Most Expensive, Switcheroo, Double Prices Return of Check-Out. Revised appearance, and no calculator.
2001.19 Air 2/26/2001 2/19/2001.6 ? CBS

Chelsea, Kennith, Brooke, Junior

Card Game, Plinko, Switch? Now....or Then, Range Game, Any Number Rosie & Paige are the models. Oh boy, Card Game won with $500 range!
2001.2 Air 3/19/2001 5/1/2001.2 ? CBS

Adrienne, Lawrence, Shane, Marie

Clock Game, Hole In One, Swap Meet Squeeze Play, Money Game, Secret X Lexie (her 1st day) and Claudia Jordan are tryout models this week. Marie is a Clock Game Genius!
2001.21 Air 3/26/2001 5/1/2001.3 ? CBS

Virginia, Geoffrey, Jaime, Shawn

Easy as 1-2-3, Cover Up, Grand Game Joker, Any Number, Switch? Claudia Jordan & Heather Kozar (her 1st day) are the Beauties this week. Prop problem with PG1 plagues Claudia! Counterintuitive prices on PG6!
2001.22 Air 4/17/2001 ?.2 9/10 CBS

Eric, Bryan, Summer, Dennis

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye ?
2001.23 Air 4/19/2001 WWPV, TPIR.3 9.5/10 CBS

Kenneth, Dorina, Colleen, Lakisha

One Right Price, That's Too Much, Grand Game Buy or Sell, Switcheroo, Squeeze Play Premiere of That's Too Much! Kenneth, a Drill Sergeant, yells it vigorously and sets a precedent for years to come!
2001.24 Air 4/23/2001 4/00.3 ? CBS

Ryan, Yvette, Susie, Melissa

Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Barker's Markers Grocery Game, Flip Flop, Five Price Tags IUFB4 bids: $1k, $1001, $1002, $1003! Helen did not get the wheel all the way around TWICE in SCSD2.
2001.25 Air 4/24/2001 4/00.4 ? CBS

Blake, Christine, Christopher, Cindy

Lucky $even, Clock Game, Cliff Hangers Most Expensive, It's In The Bag, One Away $1k won in both SCSDs.
2001.26 Air 4/30/2001 5/1/2001.5 ? CBS

Linda, Ward, Cyndee, Ronnie

3 Strikes, Magic #, Grand Game Most Expensive, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Brandi is a Beauty this week.
2001.27 Air 5/1/2001 5/1/2001.6 9.5/10 CBS

Arianne, Justin, Chiquita, Azalia

Clearance Sale, That's Too Much, Check-out Plinko, Dice Game, Double Prices Bob has fun with the Tennis Machine, as usual, in IUFB1! Casey is quite a weirdo, bidding $1256 three times in Contestant's Row, and he doesn't want the fridge in IUFB3!
2001.28 Air 5/23/2001 4/00.5 ? CBS

Scott, Kristen, Mark, Yvonne

Triple Play, Push Over, Shopping Spree Grand Game, Master Key, Switch? First winner of Triple Play! When Rod called Charles, two Charles came down. PG4: "If the Fiber Caps are less than $10,000..." DUPLICATE EPISODE -- TPIR, CNBC tape
2001.29 Air 5/25/2001 4/00.6 ? CBS

Fran, Sonia, Cherie, Julie

Clearance Sale, Spelling Bee, Clock Game Penny Ante, Squeeze Play, One Away All female PG players. Very stupid bids on IUFB2!
2001.3 Air 5/29/2001 5/29/2001.1 (MO) ? CBS

Bettina*, John Paul*, Christopher, Tammy

One Wrong Price, Pathfinder, Push Over Magic #, Let 'em Roll, Flip Flop Push Over played for a car.
2001.31 Air 5/30/2001 5/29/2001.2 ? CBS

Teresa, Scott, Lucy, Adam

Lucky Seven, It's In the Bag, 2 for the Price of 1 Squeeze Play, One Away, Cliff Hangers Smart contestants today--for example, Lucky 7 contestant guesses 2 as last digit. Big Winner-Teresa, $55,058.
2001.32 Air 5/31/2001 5/29/2001.3 ? CBS

Beverly, Ronald, Brooke, William

Golden Road, Plinko, Range Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick-a-Pair Over $100,000 given away today! Barker's Bargain Bar broken still. CBS Business Affairs Department busy today… (Bob kept commenting)
2001.33 Air 6/1/2001 5/29/2001.4 ? CBS

Stacy, Ronald, Carolyn, Wesley

One Right Price, Punchboard, That's Too Much Safe Crackers, Hole In One, Side By Side Bob detoured to the turntable before Side By Side. Dewitt was allowed to lead into the 2nd IUFB--Bob was auditioning him. No slip behind the 2nd punch in Punchboard!
2001.34 Air 6/4/2001 5/29/2001.5 ? CBS

Christopher, Alicia, Lois, Meghan

Cover Up, Grocery Game, Squeeze Play Barker's Markers, Dice Game, Cliff Hangers Cheap prize packages today… Cliff Hangers, Squeeze Play, and Grocery Game's prizes totaled only about $9,100.
2001.35 Air 6/5/2001 5/29/2001.6 ? CBS

Nicola, Omar, Sounmi, Kateri

Master Key, Clock Game, Check Game Make Your Move, Hit Me, One Away Robert gets booed TWICE in SS2!
2001.36 Air 6/6/2001 TPIR Jun, Nov 01???.5 ? CBS

Rebecca, Andrew, Margaret, Sam

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Punch-A-Bunch Switch?, Bullseye, Money Game Very lame show today. NIP -- DUPLICATE EPISODE - also found on Board Experiments tape (Board Experiments is probably the OB)
2001.37 Air 6/7/2001 Board Experiments.2 10/10 CBS

Ryan, Jody, Alexander, Joy

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Ten Chances Double Prices, Check-Out, Any Number Horrible problems with Ten Chances today!
2001.38 Air 6/8/2001 Board Experiments.3 10/10 CBS

Lowell, Jose, Jessica, Adrianne

Lucky Seven, It's in The Bag, Easy As 1-2-3 Push Over, Card Game, Secret X Card Game displays a $10,000 opening bid for the first time.
2001.39 Air 6/11/2001 TPIR Jun, Nov '01.1 9.5 / 10 CBS

Caroline, Heather, David, Scott

Credit Card, Now....or Then, Dice Game Range Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar Look for this eps on another tape. Audience becomes barking dogs during Credit Card, and 1 bidder went over what Bob said to go lower than. VQ & AQ bad beginning.
2001.4 Air 6/12/2001 TPIR Jun, Nov '01.2 ? CBS

Ashley, Cindy, Edward, Valarie

Flip Flop, Line 'em Up, Grand Game One Wrong Price, Five Price Tags, Push Over Showcase podium displays incorrect grand total. Spinner 3 wins by default in both SCSDs.
2001.41 Air 6/13/2001 LMAD Monday.1 9.5/10 ?

Monica*, Lilie*, Christine*, Macale*

Freeze Frame, Temptation, Cliff Hangers Buy Or Sell, Let 'em Roll, Double Prices MO. 29TH Season Finale. This ep was featured in some newspaper article (USA Today?!?)
2001.42 Air 9/24/2001 30th Yr Premiere.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? One of the tapes I haven't logged yet is my tape with the 30th Season Premiere on it. Stay tuned for more details come summer time!
2001.43 Air 10/3/2001 Freshman PSAT.1 10/10 CBS

Melbert, Stephanie, Lisa, David

Lucky $even, Check-Out, Swap Meet Plinko, Money Game, Squeeze Play Missing first 10 seconds. 1/6 truly won, but at least there were lively contestants.
2001.44 Air 10/4/2001 Freshman PSAT.2 10/10 CBS

Jennifer, Daniel, Sarah, Andrew

Clock Game, Pass The Buck, Shopping Spree Side By Side, Dice Game, Secret X Premiere ep of Pass the Buck.
2001.45 Air 10/5/2001 Freshman PSAT.3 10/10 CBS

David, Erin, Kristen, Kathy

Clearance Sale, Let 'Em Roll, Check Game Take Two, Switcheroo, Double Prices When you see 1/6 in Switcheroo, you know it's inevitably the mop :-P
2001.46 Air 10/6/2001 Freshman PSAT.4 10/10 CBS

Angela, Joel, Lauren, Demorrow

Bonkers, Grand Game, Line 'Em Up One Right Price, Any Number, Cliff Hangers Perfect bid in IUFB1. Two $1k winners in SCSD1. For that matter, ALMOST a PERFECT show!
2001.47 Air 10/16/2001 Freshman PSAT.5 10/10 CBS

Karin, Michael, Patricia, Tanesha

Lucky $even, Plinko, Double Prices Barker's Markers, Now....or Then, Dice Game Peppy Patricia in PG1, and other good contestants today + 4/6 won.
2001.48 Air 11/14/2001 full tape Bob 6,11/01.1 ? CBS

Lindy, Susan, Holly, Robin

Push Over, Pass The Buck, One Right Price Danger Price, Range Game, 5 Price Tags Bob announces Rod's surgery and acknowledges Burton, who appears on camera.
2001.49 Air 11/15/2001 full tape Bob 6,11/01.2 ? CBS

Jill, Ronald, Patricia, Anthony

Most Expensive*, Punchboard, That's Too Much Double Prices, Ten Chances, Hit Me Newsbreak over IUFB1 to final reveal of PG2. Also various storm alerts.
2001.5 Air 11/16/2001 full tape Bob 6,11/01.3 ? CBS

Melissa, Stephen, Mary Ann, Thomas

Shopping Spree, It's In The Bag, Dice Game Switch?, Any Number, Cliff Hangers First four took a while to come down. Bob wishes Fingers a happy birthday before the showcases.
2001.51 Air 11/21/2001 full tape Bob 6,11/01.4 ? CBS

Melinda, Johnathan, Carmen, Deanna

Triple Play, Plinko, Easy As 1-2-3 Double Prices, One Away, Bullseye Bob ridicules Carmen for a high bid ($10k), reduced it to $2k, and won IUFB1. Lupe causes trouble in Contestants' Row.
2001.52 Air 11/27/2001 full tape Bob 6,11/01.6 ? CBS

John, Kristen, Jesse, Michelle

Switch?, Temptation, Grocery Game Plinko, Any Number, Push Over After all the winning, the show ended in a double-overbid.
2001.53 Air 12/7/2001 12/7/2001.1 10/10 CBS

Denise, Nancy, David, Kelly

Make Your Move, Money Game, Grand Game Squeeze Play, That's Too Much, Shell Game Burton Richardson. IUFB1: same swing as 12/14/00! PG2: Bob makes ref to previous contestant after seeing a wrestling shirt. Bob destroys the Shell Game ball in PG6 after it wouldn't bounce!
2001.54 Air 12/10/2001 12/7/2001.2 10/10 CBS

Ashley, Ikbah, Joette, Eric

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Shopping Spree Side By Side, One Away, Pick-a-Pair Burton. IUFB1: Same prize as 12/12/00! IUFB3: Perfect bid--DANIEL!! (the same WILD man seen on Bob celebrates b-day of staffer on SCSD1!
2001.55 Air 12/11/2001 12/7/2001.3 10/10 CBS

Sarah, Ryan, Giuseppa, Catherine

Cover Up, Switch?, Check-Out Squeeze Play, Punch-A-Bunch, Card Game Burton. Bizarre station technical difficulties throughout show.
2001.56 Air 12/12/2001 12/7/2001.4 10/10 CBS

Lana, Donna, Ramon, Rubie

5 Price Tags, Magic #, Barker's Markers Bullseye, Dice Game, Double Prices Rod is welcomed back to TPIR (the first time!) before PG1.
2001.57 Air 12/17/2001 12/7/2001.5 10/10 CBS

Billy, Michael, Benjamin, Barbara

Lucky Seven, Make Your Move, Plinko One Right Price, Temptation, Hit Me Joseph, gymnastics teacher, does a backflip before PG5.
2001.58 Air 12/18/2001 12/7/2001.6 10/10 CBS

Marla, Timothy, Leanne, Kathryn

Easy As 1-2-3, Pass The Buck, Safe Crackers Double Prices, One Away, Joker Cool Christmas decks! Does it hurt Marla to bid? (IUFB2) Alma wants a kiss; Bob tells Thomas to give her one. (IUFB4) Kathryn's decked out (PG5)
2001.59 Air 12/19/2001 12/19/2001.1 ? CBS

Trinidad, Paul, Deborah, Ronda

2 for the price of 1, Let 'Em Roll, Race Game Freeze Frame, Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar Very Christmasy show! Sadly, not much was won.
2002.01 Air 1/2/2002 Dave & Craig 01.4 10/10 CBS

Lauren, Jay, Willow, Andrew

Push Over, Grand Game, Money Game Poker Game, Pathfinder, Magic # Meh. NIP
2002.02 Air 1/4/2002 Dave & Craig 01.5 10/10 CBS

Rene, David, Monica, David

Clock Game, That's Too Much, Cliff Hangers One Wrong Price, Hole In One, Switch? Rod flubs: "TV's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes, The Price is Right!"
2002.03 Air 1/7/2002 Dave & Craig 01.6 10/10 CBS

Olivia, Elizabeth, Danny, Erika

Triple Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-Bunch Double Prices, Grocery Game, One Away SCSD2 won with 20 cents! Karla fails twice at spinning the Big Wheel!
2002.04 Air 1/8/2002 1/8/2002.1 ? CBS

Aaron, Rocky, Christian, Colleen

Credit Card, Dice Game, Cliff Hangers One Right Price, Cover Up, Hi Lo Pretty boring show. $25k bid for IUFB2, and 2 Christies came down before IUFB4.
2002.05 Air 1/9/2002 1/8/2002.2 ? CBS

Senora, Scott, Constance, Kimberly

Clearance Sale, Let 'Em Roll, Flip Flop Plinko, Switch?, Money Game NIP
2002.06 Air 1/10/2002 1/8/2002.3 ? CBS

Manuel, Joanna, Cameron, Danielle

Swap Meet, Push Over, Pass The Buck Secret X, Card Game, Most Expensive New Pass The Buck rules debut today.
2002.07 Air 1/11/2002 1/8/2002.4 ? CBS

Shannon, Matthew, Francisco, Adrienne

Master Key, Bonkers, One Wrong Price Hit Me, Ten Chances, Range Game NIP, see spoiler
2002.08 Air Night 6/27/2002 Goofy Tape.1:25 or so 10/10 CBS

Kevin, Catherine, Salvador, Travon

Triple Play, Punch-A-Bunch, Race Game Grocery Game, That's Too Much, Barker's Bargain Bar Salute to Fire & Policemen!
2002.09 Air 9/23/2002 31st Year Premiere.1 ? CBS

Robin, Christopher, Kelly, Charles

Triple Play, Plinko, Push Over Most Expensive, Pass The Buck, Double Prices First Episode of the 31st Season!
2002.1 Air 9/25/2002 31st Year Premiere.2 ? CBS

James, Jessica, Olalia, Jessie

Make Your Move, Flip Flop, Hole In One Secret X, Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up 2nd day of the first big set change since 1982. VERY funny episode, two really wild men win their way to the showcases!
2002.11 Air 10/4/2002 31st Year Premiere.3 ? CBS

Christopher, Pauline, Rosa, Shawn

Lucky $even, Punchboard, Buy Or Sell Side By Side, Hit Me, Cover Up INCREDIBLE Buy Or Sell comeback victory!!! $1,300+ ARP for 2 Palm m505s. Why doesn't anyone understand Hit Me?
2002.12 Air 10/23/2002 11-29-02.1 10/10 CBS

Michael, Lauren, Jon, Reginald

Triple Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko Double Prices, Temptation, Pick-a-Pair They shut the doors behind Bob *after* *PG1!* NIP
2002.13 Air 10/28/2002 31st Year Premiere.4 ? CBS

Jill, Danee, Joseph, Millie

5 Price Tags, Flip Flop, Step Up Switch?, Card Game, Hi Lo 1st episode of mine featuring Step Up. Glad they picked smart contestants!
2002.14 Air 11/27/2002 Computer.- 9/10 CBS

Joel, Judy, Blake, Billy

Range Game, Let 'Em Roll, Bonkers Plinko, Cover Up, Most Expensive Two $1k wins in SCSD1, but Ayodele does not get the wheel around all the way in the bonus spin/spinoff! Range Game played for a car. Perfect bid on IUFB3. Burton Richardson.
2002.15 Air 12/2/2002 11-29-02.2 10/10 CBS

Alexander, Katy, Edna, John

Push Over, Temptation, Check-Out Switch?, Bonus Game, Money Game Burton Richardson. Alexander schools the audience on bidding on IUFB1!
2002.16 Air 12/3/2002 11-29-02.3 10/10 CBS

Vergie, Jarrod, Ana, Eric

Freeze Frame, Master Key, Take Two It's In The Bag, Dice Game, Squeeze Play $1k win in SCSD1. Applause audio sounds a bit high on this one! Enjoyable show.
2003.01 Air 1/20/2003 1/8/2002.5 ? CBS

Alexandra, Christopher, Chaley, Sarah

Credit Card, Plinko, Dice Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair Really good show today! Good contestants. GO Daniel!
2003 Air 3/19/2003 LMAD/PYL.4 10/10 CBS

Paiga, Michael, Roymae, Brett

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Ten Chances Poker, 5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play Patrick bid $59.95 on IUFB2, but Bob and the light man thought he meant $5995! Would he have won with a $59 bid? Find out!
2003 Air 4/29/2003 LMAD/PYL.5 10/10 CBS

Sky, Lindsey, Edmund, Hillary

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Ten Chances Most Expensive, Any Number, Hit Me
2003.02 Air Night 5/10/2003 Two 2003 MDSes.1 10/10 CBS

Siena, Zachary, Jennifer, Candice

Let 'Em Roll, Any Number, Make Your Move Plinko, Lucky Seven, Double Prices MDS #5! Debut of the new Let Em Roll set. Plinko goes to $100,000! Attempt at the million is the closest to date!
2003.03 Air Night 5/17/2003 Two 2003 MDSes.2 10/10 CBS

Darlene, Justin, Bethany, Eugene

Spelling Bee, It's In The Bag, Freeze Frame Cover Up, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game MDS #6!
2003.04 2003 Two 2003 MDSes.3 10/10 CBS

Christopher, Maria, Sean, Kristin

Clock Game, Master Key, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2003.05 2003 Two 2003 MDSes.4 10/10 CBS

?, Eric, Dante, Antonia

Shopping Spree, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2003.06 2003 Two 2003 MDSes.5 10/10 CBS

Deborah, Joseph, Jennifer, Lynn

Check Game, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Lady writes check for $1888.88! Bob writes .88 on the check after the Eggcrate display!
2003.07 Air 5/23/2003 11-29-02.5 10/10 CBS

Shane, Christa, Becky, Lorena

Easy As 1-2-3, Ten Chances, Grand Game Freeze Frame, Dice Game, Secret X Bob says to Irma (correctional officer) in IUFB2: "You have no jurisdiction here. We can do what we please without having to be corrected." Dennis said $795 in IUFB6 but $785 stands!
2003.2601K #2601K Air 9/22/2003 TPIR 32.1 9.9/10 CBS

Cristopher, Kimberly, Jessica, Travis

Lucky Seven, Time Is Money, Push Over Plinko, Dice Game, Squeeze Play 32ND SEASON PREMIERE! Premiere of "Time Is Money!" Barbara Bloom & Syd Vinnedge come out at the open & Syd talks for a LONG time about Bob being president!
2003.2615K #2615K Air 10/3/2003 TPIR 32.3 10/10 CBS

Brittni, Miles, Rebecca, Suntha

Lucky Seven, Race Game, Plinko Squeeze Play, That's Too Much, Hi Lo Chat with Miles before PG2 about being from the country; he's excited in PG5!
2003.2631K #2631K Air 10/13/2003 TPIR 32.4 10/10 CBS

George, Benjamin, Laura, Crystal

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Double Prices, Check-Out, One Away Check-Out's win range is expanded to +/- $2 on this ep.
2003.2644K #2644K Air 10/23/2003 Bob's 80th Bday.2 ? CBS

Alicia, Kim, Jared, Celia

2 for the price of 1, On the Spot, Bonkers Most Expensive, Grocery Game, Dice Game Burton Richardson. No winners till PG6, and then show turned great! Bob's hypnotism kicked in at just the right time! SCSD1: guy gets 10c after 2 spins.
2003.09 2003 Bob's 80th Bday.3 ? CBS

Kimberly, Justin, Janesta, Christian

Spelling Bee, Clearance Sale, Push Over Time Is Money, One Away, Switch? Burton Richardson. Amazing Spelling Bee victory - CAR in 3 cards! Bianca does Bob's tag line at end of show.
2004.01 2004 4/9/2004.1 10/10 CBS

Rita, Sarafina, Samantha, Steven

Credit Card, Push Over, Master Key Freeze Frame, Dice Game, Now....or Then Perfect bids in IUFB 4 & 5. Happy Gregory finally breaks the losing streak after Bob accidentally called him Norman (I think Bob's memory is slipping)! 1972 cue used in IUFB6?
2004.02 2004 4/9/2004.2 10/10 CBS

Frederick, Lexi, Christina, Robert

Most Expensive, Money Game, Plinko Bonkers, Line 'em Up, Grocery Game Pefect bid in IUFB2. All four chips landed on $0 in Plinko!
2004.03 2004 Blank Tape / WC 20th.Last / Mid 10/10 CBS

Melissa, Danny, Jessica, David

Lucky $even, 1/2 Off, Switch? Take Two, Let 'Em Roll, Coming or Going Premiere of Half Off! First SC is "Price Court" - hilarious courtroom spoof! Very good show, contestants are hyper, etc. Missing part of SCSD2.
2004.04 2004 TPIR, J!.3 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, Timothy

Golden Road, Bonkers, Grand Game Secret X, Cover Up, Double Prices Bob gives Roger a hi-5 on the way up. Someone in the audience knew the price in Bonkers! PG3 loss…horrible!
2004.2971K #2971K Air 9/20/2004 TPIR 33.1 9.9/10 CBS

Darlene, Jean, Kathleen, Lance

Triple Play, Plinko, Most Expensive Pick-a-Pair, Money Game, Double Prices 33RD SEASON PREMIERE!
2004.2983K #2983K Air 9/29/2004 TPIR 33.3 10/10 CBS

Danielle, Meigan, Amanda, David

Switch?, Ten Chances, Now....or Then Coming or Going, Shell Game, Money Game
2004.2985K #2985K Air 10/1/2004 TPIR 33.4 10/10 CBS

Ashleigh, Patrick, Roseanne, Mildred

Most Expensive, Plinko, Temptation Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, One Away
2004.3001K #3001K Air 10/11/2004 TPIR 33.5 10/10 CBS

Joseph, Heather, Connie, Lori

Easy As 1-2-3, It's In The Bag, One Away Barker's Bargain Bar, Master Key, Pick-A-Number Good contestants today! 5/6 contestants won $10k+ in prizes!
2004.3003K #3003K Air 10/13/2004 TPIR 33.6 10/10 CBS

Jamie, Deshan, Stacey, Nathan

1/2 Off, Range Game, 3 Strikes One Wrong Price, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair Bob thinks Nathan is a firefighter… he's a pharmaceutical rep! Then he asks Ronald too. 3 Strikes was tedious. Ruby doesn't know what's going on!
2004.07 2004 Chicago Summer 05.1 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Shane plays a radio host, then $1 DOB on SCs!
2004.08 2004 Chicago Summer 05.2 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2004.09 2004 Chicago Summer 05.3 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2004.1 2004 Chicago Summer 05.6 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Range Game, Plinko, ? Most Expensive, Hi Lo, ? Not a bad show, unlike some G-R opinions. Bob gets a kiss from a Charger Cheerleader before PG6!
2004.11 2004 Make-Goods 2005.1 10/10 CBS

Elaine, Bradley, Helen, Brian

Triple Play, Cliff Hangers, Bonkers Easy As 1-2-3, Pass The Buck, ? Great contestants today, esp. HILARIOUS Brian in PG1! Bradley gets 2/3 EXACTA in PG2! Seven tries in Bonkers! Paul (a non-contestant) spins the wheel! $1k win in SCSD2.
2004.12 2004 Chicago Summer 05.5 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2004.13 2004 Chicago Summer 05.4 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Rare Now-Or-Then win in Six!
2005.01 2005 Make-goods 2005.? 10/10 CBS

Morgan, Margaret, John, Jerome

Flip Flop, Pocket Change, Punch-A-Bunch Barker's Bargain Bar, Now....or Then, Any Number Today is Shane's 34th birthday and Bob gets a kiss! Funny Flip-Flop playing. Pocket Change is really cool! Perfect bids in IUFB3 and IUFB4.
2005.02 2005 ?.? ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Credit Card, It's In The Bag, Money Game Secret X, Dice Game, Double Prices Loss on 1st pick in PG1! Stagehands bring out IUFB2 again! 2 contestant birthdays today. Heartbreaking PG2! "REAL LUCKY" PG4!
2005.03 2005 Computer.- 9.8/10 CBS

Stephanie, Andrew, Arie, Andrea

Freeze Frame, Lucky Seven, Cliff Hangers Switch?, Let 'Em Roll, Range Game Andrew bids $6K on IUFB1; after Bob makes fun of him, he sits down in CR! Then he tries to go up on stage after IUFB2, and almost knocks over CR in IUFB3! The whole day is just crazy!
2005.04 2005 Computer.- 9.8/10 CBS

Michelle, Fay, Melissa, Raymond

Squeeze Play, Master Key, Grand Game Race Game, Cover Up, Check Game ** MISSING SCSD1 ** Lot of excited big winners today! Fay does a lap around Master Key!
2005.05 2005 2/21/05.1 9/10 CBS

Chante, Mary, Kenneth, Corinna

Swap Meet, Hole In One, Bonkers Joker, Cover up, Double Prices Pretty bland ep.
2005.06 2005 2/21/2005.2 9.9/10 CBS

David, Victor, Marlin, Kristine

Triple Play, Grand Game, Coming or Going Switch?, Bonus Game, One Away Marlin: "Can I take two cars and the model?" Newsbreak right after Marlin's win. Lots of good contestants today. Total winnings $107,978: 6th best total for Season 33!
2005.07 2005 Computer.- 9.7/10 CBS

Philip, Stephen, Willie, Amy

1/2 Off, Lucky Seven, Clock Game Cover Up, Grocery Game, Double Prices TPIR $1M Spectacular! Old clips shown, including several Samoans like Alieta the Hat Lady! Stephen is quite a talker!
2005.08 2005 Computer.- 9.7/10 CBS

Sunburst, Michael, Cassandra, Bonnie

Switcheroo, Swap Meet, Push Over Bonkers, Let 'Em Roll, Barker's Bargain Bar 2 EXACTAs today: Switcheroo ALL 5 RIGHT on the 1st try! Bonkers is won in the 1st try too!
2005.09 2005 ?.1 ? CBS

Lorna, Emily, Breanne, William

Flip Flop, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain Bar Poker, That's Too Much, Secret X Bob makes the putt for the first time in a while! GO BRIANNE!
2005.1 2005 ?.3 ? CBS

Kelley, Kim, Cheryl, Michelle

Shopping Spree, Spelling Bee, Push Over Switch?, Grand Game, One Away ?
2005.11 2005 ?.2 10/10 CBS

Katey, Jason, Yuriko, Brittany

Make Your Move, Squeeze Play, Let 'Em Roll One Right Price, Joker, Any Number Bob & Rich laugh about the Red Hat Drinking Society during IUFB3's plug.
2005.12 2005 ?.4 10/10 CBS

Terry, Nicholas, Janice, Adam

Money Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Buy or Sell Double Prices, Cover Up, Now....or Then Bob dances with Janice before PG3. SCSD1: Wheelie & Bob thinks Janice won $1k but it didn't go all the way!
2005.13 2005 ?.5 10/10 CBS

Kara, Juliet, Anne, Charles

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Take Two Coming or Going, Bonus Game, That's Too Much ?
2005.14 2005 TPIR Sum. Eve 2k5.1 10/10 CBS

Mary, Barbara, Rebecca, Mark

1/2 Off, Clock Game, Money Game Most Expensive, Hit Me, Cover Up Someone has the nametag on their mouth before IUFB2!
2005.15 2005 TPIR Sum. Eve 2k5.2 10/10 CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

Clearance Sale, Pathfinder, Freeze Frame Check-Out, That's Too Much, Switch? 33RD SEASON FINALE. Edna wants to nibble Bob's ear after PG3! Poor Emmanuel has been overseas so long, he doesn't know the prices!
2005.16 2005 ?.? ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? 34TH SEASON PREMIERE!
2005.17 Air 12/25/2005* Christmas '06.6 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Christmas 2005 Make-good aired on Christmas '06!
2006.01 2006 David F. #3.1 ? ?

Kimala, Marla, Michael, William

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? 35TH SEASON PREMIERE!
2006.02 2006 David F. #3.2 ? ?

Brenda, Leah, Jose, Christine

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Tuesday of 35th Season Premiere Week.
2006.03 2006 David F. #3.3 ? ?

?, Christopher, ?, Jemifer

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Wednesday of 35th Season Premiere Week.
2006.04 2006 David F. #3.4 ? ?

Nassam, Rochelle, Shawn, Marielle

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Thursday of 35th Season Premiere Week.
2006.05 2006 David F. #3.5 ? ?

Joshua, Dale, Mary-Latisha, Denise

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Friday of 35th Season Premiere Week.
2006.06 Air 12/18/2006 Christmas '06.1 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2006.07 Air 12/19/2006 Christmas '06.2 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2006.08 Air 12/20/2006 Christmas '06.3 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2006.09 Air 12/21/2006 Christmas '06.4 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2006.1 Air 12/22/2006 Christmas '06.5 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 Air 3/5/2007 Chicago 1.5 ? CBS

Dolores, Kirk, Elizabeth, Cheryl

Flip Flop, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 Air 3/6/2007 Chicago 1.6 ? CBS

Jana, Mary, Anthony, Candy

Card Game, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 Air 3/7/2007 Chicago 1.7 ? CBS

Tommy, Julie, Paige, Irma

Push Over, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007.01 Tape 3/19/07 Air 4/17/07 Stevo Speech.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, 1/2 Off, ? ?, ?, ? YOURS TRULY, Mr. City, is in the audience (and boy, he looks tired! :-P) AMAZING WINS on IUFB1 and PG2, and what was the Line Em Up player thinking?
2007 2007 5/21/2007.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/21/2007.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/21/2007.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/21/2007.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/21/2007.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/28/2007.1 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/28/2007.2 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/28/2007.3 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 5/28/2007.4 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007.4015K #4015K Air 6/1/2007 5/28/2007.5 ? CBS

Roseanne, Jennifer, Eric, Nicole

Flip Flop, Pocket Change, Shell Game Switch?, Grocery Game, Money Game ?
2007 2007 6/4/2007.1 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 6/4/2007.2 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 6/4/2007.3 ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007.4024K #4024K Air 6/7/2007 6/4/2007.4 ? CBS

Michael, Katie, Michael, Rachel

1/2 Off, Make Your Move, Let 'Em Roll Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, Squeeze Play One roll is all it takes to win PG3! And it's *not* the first time...
2007.4025K #4025K Air 6/8/2007 6/4/2007.5 ? CBS

Brittany, Adam, Lindsay, Shaneika

3 Strikes, Race Game, Range Game One Wrong Price, One Away, Pick-a-Pair Adam is so excited to play PG3 that they almost forget to show the prize! All 3 trips offered in PG3 were to cities in the same state!
2007 2007 ?.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007 2007 ?.? ? CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? ?
2007.4033K #4033K Air 6/13/2007 ?.? ? CBS

James, Kristen, Erin, Tezza

Check Game, It's In The Bag, More Or Less Freeze Frame, One Away, Barker's Bargain Bar
2007.4034K #4034K Air 6/14/2007 ?.? ? CBS

Rose Ann, Mai, Craig, Carleen

Triple Play, Clock Game, Grand Game Easy As 1-2-3, Money Game, Coming or Going
2007.4045K #4045K Air 6/15/2007 ?.? ? CBS

Francisco, Kristen, Denise, Philip

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Range Game Double Prices, Grocery Game, Any Number BOB BARKER'S FINAL EPISODE AS HOST! Big winner wins $140,235 - 2nd highest daytime winner to date!
2008.0024S #0024SP Air 2/22/2008 Ian 3.D6.3 9/8.5 CBS

Andrew, Christina, Daniel, Erica

Lucky Seven, Plinko, One Away Clock Game, Push Over, Grand Game One of THE GREATEST TPIR episodes EVER! Awesome, enthusiastic contestants, and a $1,000,000 win in the showcases!
1973.0191D #0191D Air 1/8/1973 Russ 8.D5.1 8.8/10 SM w/OCs

Dian, Judy, Ching, Jackie

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A More details coming soon
1973.0332D #0332D Air 4/17/1973 Russ 8.D5.4 9/10 SM w/OCs

Barbara, Teri, Ava, Jan

Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Range Game N/A Early playing of range game featuring the $50 range
1973.0333D #0333D Air 4/18/1973 Russ 8.D6.1 ? SM w/OCs

Michelle, Sylvia, Sandy, Claudia

Money Game, Give or Keep, Clock Game N/A Bob and Sandy share a big kiss! She knows NOTHING about car prices! Nail-biter of a Clock Game finish!
1973.0485D #0485D Air 8/3/1973 Russ 8.D6.2 ? SM No OCs

Kathy, Terry, Fran, Pat

Grocery Game, Money Game, Most Expensive N/A Fran has a knee-knocking problem! TV recording system offered in the SCs
1973.0571D #0571D Air 10/1/1973 Russ 8.D6.4 8.9/10 SM No OCs

Donna, Phyllis, Linda, Cathy

Grocery Game, Any Number, Clock Game N/A One of the most confusing Clock Game playings for Bob results in 2 extra bids and a seat on the steps after the game!
1974.0722D #0722D Air 1/15/1974 Russ 8.D7.2 ? SM No OCs

Nalida, Maria, Theresa, Linda

Give or Keep, Any Number, Clock Game N/A A cabin cruser is offered in the showcase
1974.0731D #0731D Air 1/21/1974 Russ 8.D7.3 ? SM No OCs

Karen, Thelma, Janie, Penny

Lucky Seven, Mystery Price, Most Expensive N/A Penny had to fly in from Bakersfield to be on the show! Two cars offered during the PGs!
1974.0905D #0905D Air 5/24/1974 Russ 8.D7.4 ? SM No OC

Claire, Rosalyn, Paulette, Stanne

Grocery Game, Any Number, Most Expensive N/A More details coming soon
1975.1513D #1513D Air 7/23/1975 Russ 8.D10.1 9.5/9 SM No OCs

Cathleen, Julie, Elizabeth, Molly

Hi Lo, Money Game, Range Game N/A Bob is attacked by Molly while Anitra runs over his foot with the Hi-Lo podium! Absolutely hilarious!
1975.1514D #1514D Air 7/24/1975 Russ 8.D10.2 9.5/9 SM No OCs

Peggy, Glenda, Florida, Karen

Card Game, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A Features a showcase parody of "All My Children!"
1975.1515D #1515D Air 7/25/1975 Russ 8.D10.3 9.7/9 SM No OCs

Madeleine, Lucinda, Sally, Connie

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Grocery Game N/A Ann Pennington fills in for Anitra
1975.1552D #1552D Air 8/19/1975 Russ 8.D10.4 ? SM No OCs

Sandy, Edwina, Theresa, Kathy

Hi Lo, Most Expensive, Golden Road N/A Debut of the mutlicolored set, and the premiere of Golden Road!
1982.4614D #4614D Air 10/7/1982 Kriese 1.1.4 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Superball, Most Expensive, Dice Game Range Game, Pick-a-Pair, Money Game Details coming soon
1982.4632D #4632D Air 10/19/1982 Kriese 1.1.5 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Range Game, Secret X, Ten Chances Squeeze Play, Hurdles, Dice Game Details coming soon
1982.4734D #4734D Air 12/30/1982 Kriese 1.3.1 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Shell Game, Card Game, Danger Price Double Prices, Check-Out, Money Game Details coming soon
1983.4745D #4745D Air 1/7/1983 Kriese 1.3.4 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Bonus Game, Ten Chances, Barker's Bargain Bar Danger Price, Hit Me, Money Game Good audience today! Huge Standing O at the open! I'd get pulled over by Marie all the time! Andrea's just a little crazy during PG4!
1979.3364D #3364D Air 8/30/1979 Kriese 1.1.1 8.8/8 GSN

Richard, Peggy, Cathy, Elaine

Give Or Keep, Money Game, Race Game Squeeze Play, Hole In One, Clock Game Contestant's got chapped lips before PG2, and a nail-biting Clock Game finish!
1980.3654D #3654D Air 4/24/1980 Kriese 1.1.2 8.9/5 GSN

Kenneth, Cathy, Charlotte, Eleanor

Grocery Game, Danger Price, Ten Chances Squeeze Play, Secret X, It's Optional Details coming soon
1981.00 Recorded 1981 Kriese 1.1.3 8.9/8.5 GSN

Vickie, Ernestine, Scott, Melanie

Safe Crackers, Poker Game, Hole In One One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Home Viewer Showcase announced! Bob discusses possibilities for the hat rack in IUFB2, and Bob talks about Springfield with Lois b4 IUFB5.
1980.00 Recorded 1980 Kriese 1.1.6 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most Expensive Take Two, Hurdles, Card Game Details coming soon
1980.00 Recorded 1980 Kriese 1.2.5 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, Hole In One, Poker Game Squeeze Play, Shell Game, Any Number Details coming soon
1980.00 Recorded 1980 Kriese 1.2.6 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Give Or Keep, Race Game, Money Game Double Prices, Any Number, Hi Lo Details coming soon
1982.00 Recorded 1982 Kriese 1.2.7 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Safe Crackers, Poker Game, Hole In One One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Details coming soon
1975.00 #1764D Air 1/15/1976 Kriese 1.2.8 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Card Game, Range Game, Hi Lo Details coming soon
1979.3361D #3361D Air 8/27/1979 Kriese 1.4.6 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

5 Price Tags, Poker Game, Range Game One Right Price, Bullseye, Dice Game Details coming soon
1977.2623D #2623D Air 12/28/1977 Kriese 1.3.2 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Bullseye, Range Game One Right Price, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices Details coming soon
1983.4744D #4744D Air 1/6/1983 Kriese 1.3.3 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Range Game, Safe Crackers, Hole In One Squeeze Play, 5 Price Tags, Race Game Details coming soon
1980.3614D #3614D Air 3/27/1980 Kriese 1.4.5 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, Temptation, Shell Game One Right Price, Hole In One, Danger Price Details coming soon
1981.4003D #4003D Air 2/18/1981 Kriese 1.3.5 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Golden Road, Bullseye, Take Two Most Expensive, Card Game, Cliff Hangers Details coming soon
1974.00 Recorded 1974 Kriese 1.3.6 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, 5 Price Tags, Range Game N/A Details coming soon
1980.3555D #3555D Air 2/15/1980 Kriese 1.5.1 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Bullseye Double Prices, Shell Game, 3 Strikes Details coming soon
1982.4621D #4621D Air 10/11/1982 Kriese 1.5.2 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Money Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Safe Crackers Double Prices, Temptation, Bullseye Details coming soon
1979.3391D #3391D Air 9/17/1979 Kriese 1.4.1 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Safe Crackers, Ten Chances, Shell Game Squeeze Play, Hole In One, Take Two Details coming soon
1980.00 Recorded 1980 Kriese 1.4.2 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Hurdles Details coming soon
1972.0172D #0172D Air 12/26/1972 Russ 8.D4.1 8.5/8.5 SM No OCs

Joann, Gloria, June, Beth

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Most Expensive N/A Joann insists she's a winner!
1972.0175D #0175D Air 12/29/1972 Russ 8.D4.2 8.5/8.5 SM No OCs

Dolly, Pat, "Cowboy", Dorothy

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A Cowboy's name is really Johnny Kenney, but the producers wrote Cowboy on his nametag! Bob makes fun of him for not knowing what a "dogey" is!
1975.1553D #1553D Air 8/20/1975 Russ 8.D11.1 9.5/9 SM No OCs

Caryl, Lyllette, Marta, Judy

Any Number, Range Game, Grocery Game N/A 2nd day of multicolored set! Convo with Syed before IUFB2. $8.10 spent in the Grocery Game! Bicentennial SC, and close SC finish!
1975.1554D #1554D Air 8/21/1975 Russ 8.D11.2 9.5/9 SM No OCs

Sabrina, Cheryl, Diana, Susan

Give Or Keep, Money Game, Clock Game N/A Watch Nancy's improvement in PG3, and Bob's explanation for why she improved so much! "Frog Prince" fairy tale SC with a twist!
1975.1555D #1555D Air 8/22/1975 Russ 8.D11.3 9.5/9 SM No OCs

Beverly, Janice, Verona, Judith

Shell Game, Ten Chances, Most Expensive N/A Jerome's first words: "Whatever it is, it's mine!" Tight finish in PG2! Really odd credits at the end!
1975.1561D #1561D Air 8/25/1975 Russ 8.D11.4 9.5/9 SM No OCs

Brooke, Marilyn, Melody, Corina

Temptation, Grocery Game, Race Game N/A Melody's nametag is upside-down so she can read it easier if she forgets her name! Tedious PG2! PG3 is won on a technicality. SC2: "Nellie Nebish's Nemisis" Part 2!
1980.3791D #3791D Air 9/22/1980 Kriese 1.5.3 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Hi Lo, Barker's Bargain Bar Take Two, Shell Game, Money Game Details coming soon
1981.4272D #4272D Air 11/17/1981 Kriese 1.5.4 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Bullseye, Squeeze Play Race Game, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Details coming soon
1982.4582D #4582D Air 9/14/1982 Kriese 1.5.5 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Double Prices, Check-Out, Dice Game Safe Crackers, 5 Price Tags, Blank Check Details coming soon
1982.4655D #4655D Air 11/5/1982 Kriese 1.5.6 ? GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Golden Road, Poker Game, Pick-a-Pair Range Game, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar Details coming soon
1972.0121D #0121D Air 11/20/1972 Russ 8.D3.1 8.5/9.5 SM No OCs

Mary, Nellie, Charlene, Teri

Bonus Game, Any Number, Clock Game N/A More pathetic camerawork on this show. Ed is a magician!
1972.0123D #0123D Air 11/22/1972 Russ 8.D3.2 8.5/9.5 SM No OCs

Lori, Jackie, Ronnie, Bonnie

Any Number, Grocery Game, Clock Game N/A No Price is Right on during tomorrow's Thanksgiving, but Bob talks about MCing various parades all over the country!
1972.0125D #0125D Air 11/24/1972 Russ 8.D3.3 8.5/9.5 SM No OCs

Naida, Cecilia, Jolean, Judy

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices N/A First ever exacta in Any Number! Different reveal for the prizes too! Bob makes mention of ticket shortages for TnPIR, and chats with the contestants & audience before IUFB3.
1972.0153D #0153D Air 12/13/1972 Russ 8.D3.4 8.5/9.5 SM No OCs

Gwen, Janet, Josee, Nicky

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most Expensive N/A Bob gets Veryl in the mood to take care of Josee before IUFB3!
1972.0161D #0161D Air 12/18/1972 Russ 8.D3.5 8.5/9 SM No OCs

Jan, Gail, Pam, Pattie

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Most Expensive N/A Bob mentions to be patient if you wrote for tickets.
1980.3632D #3632D Air 4/8/1980 Kriese 1.6.1 9/7.9 GSN

Vicki, Michael, Sonja, Colleen

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most Expensive Take Two, Hurdles, Card Game Something chuckles Johnny at the open! 3rd Annual TPIR Academy Awards SC. Vickie has a slight top problem before IUFB2. Kiss on Bob's lips in PG3! Don't forget to fill out your 1980 Census.
1981.4162D #4162D Air 9/17/1981 Kriese 2.1.1 9/8 GSN

Wendy, Ann, Janet, Albertha

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Squeeze Play 3 Strikes, Punch-a-Bunch, Danger Price The Marines get excited for Walter!
1981.4302D #4302D Air 12/8/1981 Kriese 2.1.2 9.5/8 GSN

Tammy, Nicole, Teresa, Janice

Shell Game, Blank Check, Ten Chances Safe Crackers, Hit Me, Any Number Bob & Nicole discuss how to pronounce Nicole before IUFB2, and a great convo with the bus driver of a group who can't remember where they came from before IUFB4!
1981.4135D #4135D Air 5/22/1981 Kriese 2.1.3 9.5/8 GSN

Donna, Steven, Jacqueline, Kristi

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Range Game Take Two, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain Bar Bob asks Lorraine to take off her shirt before IUFB2, and a funny convo during PG2. Bob calls out Bonita before IUFB6 after missing his putt!
1977.2443D #2443D Air 6/29/1977 Computer.N/A 10/10 GSN

Robin, Sarah, Jennifer, Brenda

Clock Game, Dice Game, Hi Lo Range Game, Card Game, Bonus Game Brenda is so tired that she needs eye drops to spin the wheel! Her friends didn't think she'd have a chance on the show!
1983.4752D #4752D Air 1/11/1983 Kriese 2.1.7 6->9/8 GSN

Eugene, Sheila, Ineta, Kalyn

Squeeze Play, Plinko, Most Expensive Safe Crackers, Check-Out, Any Number Tracking problems persist through SCSD1 & IUFB5. Bob & Daniel discuss Bill Cullen before IUFB4 and later chides him for playing with dolls! Plus Bob comments on Check-Out!
1983.4764D #4764D Air 1/20/1983 Kriese 2.2.1 9.4/8 GSN

Arthur, Jane, Flora, Laura

Range Game, Plinko, Take Two Safe Crackers, Grocery Game, Dice Game Kitty in Act 3 is 6'4"! Bob stands on something so he can be as tall as she is, and has her harrass one of the stagehands in SCSD1!
1981.3983D #3983D Air 2/4/1981 Kriese 2.2.2 9/8 GSN

Barbara, Augustine, Catherine, Tawnya

Lucky Seven, One Right Price, Punch-A-Bunch Race Game, Hit Me, Any Number What's a "retired housewife?" Catherine tells all! Bob comments on the dearth of Hit Me winners, and brief GSN technical difficulties in the SCs.
1981.3994D #3994D Air 2/12/1981 Kriese 2.2.4 9.5/7.9 (muffled) GSN

Donna, Rosalee, Harriet, Valerie

Range Game, Poker, Hole In One Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Secret X Pro wrestler Ox Baker comes down before IUFB2 & freaks out Bob! Drunken Aurelia is weird before IUFB4 and gets a little Samoan (and/or frisky?) with Bob, and Secret X turns yellow! Bad bid on SC2!
1980.3721D #3721D Air 6/9/1980 Kriese 2.2.3 9/7.9 (muffled) GSN

LaRita, Theresa, Shauna, Lorae

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Hi Lo Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Ten Chances Bob says SCSD1 was 1st time the Bonus Spin didn't go all the way around! Go Jacques in Act 2! Strange shot of contestant over audience after PG2, and PG5 was ALMOST FUBAR'd! SC2: TPIR Auction
1982.4652D #4652D Air 11/2/1982 No G Kriese 2.2.5 9/8 GSN

Esther, Celia, Ala, Steven

Superball, Money Game, Barker's Bargain Bar Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, Dice Game GSN left in the CNAOS plug before SCSD2! SC2 is Mimes.
1982.4663D #4663D Air 11/10/1982 No Kriese 2.2.6 8.9/8 GSN

Kathy, Laticia, Lally, Karen

Shell Game, Range Game, Ten Chances Double Prices, Bullseye, Any Number Bob announces a Home Viewer Showcase! Lally's in quite a crazy outfit, and Bob learns some California geography before IUFB6!
1987.6274D #6274D Air 11/20/1987 Kriese 2.3.1 7.5/6-7 (low) CBS OB w/OC

Annette, Angeline, William, Beverly

Master Key, Range Game, Most Expensive Race Game, Hi Lo, Card Game Model Chat after PG3 about food! A TPIR staffer's baby is shown in IUFB5 and Bob jokes you can adopt one at an animal shelter!
1985.5764D #5764D Air 6/6/1985 Kriese 2.3.2 7/8 CBS No OCs

?, ?, ?, ?

Safe Crackers, Dice Game, Phone Home Game Squeeze Play, Secret X, 3 Strikes Bob's wearing a "tablecloth" today! James comes right up on stage after he's called before IUFB2! Vicki's dad looks a lot like Bob; interesting convo before PG2. Nice PHG win! Bad commercial edits.
1985.0001D Air 198? (5, perhaps) Kriese 2.3.3 6.8/6 (low) CBS

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, ?, ? ?, ?, ? David had an interesting strategy of bidding on IUFB1!
1985.5842D #5842D Air 10/15/1985 Kriese 2.3.4 8/8 OB w/OCs

Annina, Veronica, Glenn, Lauraline

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes Race Game, Range Game, ? Phenomenal 3 Strikes player! More to come, once I get my VCR fixed...
1972.0061D #0061D Air 10/9/1972 Russ 8.D1.1 9/9.9 SM w/OCs

Myrna, Carol, Don, Judy

Grocery Game, Any Number, Double Prices N/A Debbie is very excited about her car, and passes up the opportunity to win another!
1972.0074D #0074D Air 10/19/1972 Russ 8.D1.2 9/9.9 SM w/OCs

Carol, Augie, Sherrie, Connie

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Most Expensive N/A Carol's family rushes the stage, including a few children!
1972.0075D #0075D Air 10/20/1972 Russ 8.D1.3 9/9.9 SM w/OCs

Dorothy, Dolores, Marion, Brenda

Bonus Game, Any Number, Clock Game N/A
1972.0081D #0081D Air 10/23/1972 Russ 8.D1.4 9/9.9 SM w/OCs

Kelly, Karon, Pam, Cheryl

5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Double Prices N/A
1975.1261D #1261D Air 1/27/1975 Russ 8.D9.1 9/9 SM No OCs

Patricia, Lezlie, Christopher, Bertha

Shell Game, Money Game, Double Prices N/A Strange prop problem with Double Prices! Bob reads the contestants' minds before IUFB2 and 3, and wants another *audience* before IUFB2 before mentioning what Bertha said during the break!
1975.1262D #1262D Air 1/28/1975 Russ 8.D9.2 9/9 SM No OCs

Elaine, Laurie, Lynn, Sandra

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Range Game N/A Laurie has been to the show 11 times! Find out if she's "stupid!"
1975.1485D #1485D Air 7/4/1975 Russ 8.D9.3 9/9 SM Some OCs

Janet, Freida, Deborah, Catherine

Temptation, Grocery Game, Clock Game N/A Not a great showing in PG2!
1975.1491D #1491D Air 7/7/1975 Russ 8.D9.4 9/9 SM Some OCs

Rosemarie, Pamela, Jacqueline, Bonceu

Range Game, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices N/A Bonceu Fleming was a pitcher with the NY Mets! (I couldn't find him on the Internet.) Jacqueline works at the coroner's and played hookie today!
1975.1492D #1492D Air 7/8/1975 Russ 8.D9.5 9/9 SM Some OCs

Andrea, Marsha, Teresa, Nellie

Shell Game, Card Game, Most Expensive N/A Funny slate at the open! David's been giving everyone pricing advice; find out how he does for himself! Watch for his reaction on the Showcase results!
1974.1255D #1255D Air 1/24/1975 Russ 8.D8.4 9/9 SM No OCs

Cecilia, Joyce, Debbie, Ellen

Give or Keep, Any Number, Most Expensive N/A Jerry has been taping the show for 9 months; see how well he does!
1972.0095D #0095D Air 11/3/1972 Russ 8.D2.2 9/10 SM With OCs

Donna, Terry, Joanne, Marie

Bonus Game, Any Number, Most Expensive N/A Conflict of opinion before IUFB3! SC difference of only $9!
1972.0094D #0094D Air 11/2/1972 Russ 8.D2.1 9/10 SM With OCs

Trish, Nancy, Cary, Shirley

Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices N/A Nancy's a slave housewife!
1972.0113D #0113D Air 11/15/1972 Russ 8.D2.4 9/10 SM No OCs

Sherry, Pat, Patt, Ginger

Bonus Game, Any Number, Clock Game N/A Anitra brings out a puppy for IUFB1! Bob taught it how to kill before the show! Robin runs onstage before IUFB3 and Bob runs her back downstairs! Patt overreacts at the SC results!
1977.2292D #2292D Air 3/15/1977 Computer.N/A 9/9 GSN

Penny, Cynthia, Vera, Jean

Most Expensive, Any Number, Hurdles 3 Strikes, Range Game, Shell Game Yellow titles at the open. Bob gives Jean a hint on IUFB1, and almost $5,000 in prizes offered in *Most Expensive*! Hiromi *LEAPS* over two rows to get to Contestants Row!
1986.6251D #6251D Air 11/3/1986 Computer.N/A 9/9 GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Lucky Seven, Plinko, One Right Price Take Tao, Grocery Game, Dice Game Play Along!
1978.2682D #2682D Air 2/7/1978 Glen D1.1 9.5/8 GSN

Deborah, Shari, Theresi, Susan

Danger Price, Dice Game, Secret X Most Expensive, Hurdles, Any Number A blunder in Secret X doesn't end up so bad at all! Max is barely intelligible! Interesting "Plotzopoly" SC2.
1981.4314D #4314D Air 12/17/1981 Glen D1.2 9/10 GSN

Pamela, William, Patricia, Katrina

Give Or Keep, It's Optional, Race Game Squeeze Play, Ten Chances, Grocery Game EXACTA in It's Optional!
1982.4615D #4615D Air 10/8/1982 Glen D1.3 9/8.5 GSN

Brenda, Theresa, George, Marcelle

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Poker Game One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Give Or Keep 3 Strikes EXACTA, in a most interesting fashion!
1982.4732D #4732D Air 12/28/1982 Glen D1.4 9.9/9 GSN

Jeanne, Anthony, Tamara, Sandra

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes Poker Game, Any Number, Penny Ante Last ep with the 1975-82 set!
1983.4814D #4814D Air 2/24/1983 Glen D1.5 ? ?

Patricia, Joann, Mary, John

Double Prices, Blank Check, Plinko Race Game, Dice Game, Hurdles More details coming soon.
1983.5065D #5065D Air 11/4/1983 Glen D1.6 ? ?

Angela, Valerie, Maria, Gina

Squeeze Play, Hole In One, One Right Price Walk Of Fame, Card Game, Bonus Game More details coming soon.
1983.01 Maybe #4821D 2/28/83 Glen D1.7 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? More details coming soon.
1983.4913D #4913D Air 5/4/1983 Glen D1.8 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? More details coming soon.
1986.6294D #6294D Air 12/4/1986 Kriese D1.1 8/9 ?

Carol, Judith, Brian, Donna

Double Prices, Grand Game, Temptation Squeeze Play, Cliffhangers, Deluxe Dice Game How did Edward get such a following? Is it Rebecca or Rebella?
1986.6281D #6281D Air 11/24/1986 Kriese D1.2 8/9 GSN

Janelle, Joseph, Pamela, Lorraine

Bullseye, Add 'Em Up, Safe Crackers Take Two, Double Prices, Switcheroo Bob runs his mic on Dian's back during IUFB2!
1987.6335D #6335D Air 1/16/1987 Kriese D1.3 8.9/9 GSN

Kathryn, Kelvin, Sandra, Julia

Now or Then, One Away, Poker Game Range Game, Switcheroo, Most Expensive Interesting PG3 outcome!
1981.9999 Placeholder Computer.3 9/8.9 CBS w/OCs

Karinda, Christy, Robert, Linda

Master Key, Range Game, Most Expensive Race Game, Grand Game, Money Game Model chat after PG3 where Holly reminds you to control the pet population!
1986.6001D #6001D Air 2/17/1986 Computer.2 7.9/5 (low) ?

Gerry, Stephen, Barbara, Wendy

Master Key, One Right Price, Take Two Clock Game, Temptation, Bullseye More details coming soon.
1988.7065D #7065D Air 12/16/1988 GG D2.1 8.9/8.9 CBS w/OCs

Michael, Margarita, Dorothy, June

Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Secret X Bob calls a contestant "Winner", and the Christmas Home Viewer SC winner is announced!
1984.5512D #5512D Air 12/4/1984 GG D1.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Give Or Keep, Safe Crackers, One Away Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Deluxe Dice Game Premiere of One Away! More details coming soon.
1988.6935D #6925D Air 7/1/1988 GG D1.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Most Expensive, Plinko, Add 'Em Up Take Two, Penny Ante, Any Number Different font for intro & credits! More details coming soon.
1995.9693D #9693D Air 10/18/1995 Kav 4.D2.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Plinko, Any Number, Most Expensive Range Game, Temptation, Hit Me More details coming soon.
1994.9044D #9044D Air 1/20/1994 Kav 4.D2.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Safe Crackers, Hole in One, Double Prices Danger Price, Plinko, Money Game More details coming soon.
1990.7562D #7562D Air 2/27/1990 Kav 4.D1.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

Squeeze Play, Penny Ante, Temptation Poker, Pathfinder, Bump More details coming soon.
1975.1355D #1355D Air 4/4/1975 Russ 8.D12 (On Comp).1 9/9 SM

Betty, Emily, Shirley, Dalia

Most Expensive, Any Number, Shell Game N/A Funny convo with Reginald b4 IUFB2.
1975.1361D #1361D Air 4/7/1975 Russ 8.D12 (On Comp).2 9/9 SM

Alicia, Erika, Margaret, Sheryl

5 Price Tags, Hi-Lo, Double Prices N/A Bob wears his plaid pants again today! All four contestants before IUFB3 were born outside of the US, and Lars is afraid he's on T or C!
2003.2701K #2701K Air 12/1/2003 TPIR 12/1/2003.1 9/10 CBS

Sarah, Christopher, Sandra, Carol

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pass The Buck, Bonkers Barker's Markers, Any Number, Cliff Hangers More details coming soon.
2003.2702K #2702K Air 12/2/2003 TPIR 12/1/2003.2 9/10 CBS

Andrew, Ruklanthi, Nicholas, Cheri

Safe Crackers, Hole In One, One Wrong Price Coming Or Going, Pathfinder, Switch? More details coming soon.
2003.2703K #2703K Air 12/3/2003 TPIR 12/1/2003.3 9/10 CBS

Shaunte, Mitchell, Robert, Rebecca

Range Game, 5 Price Tags, Take Two Grand Game, Push Over, Card Game More details coming soon.
2003.2704K #2704K Air 12/4/2003 TPIR 12/1/2003.4 9/10 CBS

Teresa, Gretchen, Alfredo, Lisa

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Danger Price Double Prices, One Away, Check Out More details coming soon.
2003.2705K #2705K Air 12/5/2003 TPIR 12/1/2003.5 9/10 CBS

Katherine, Tenley, Jody, Ronelle

Flip Flop, Let 'Em Roll, Race Game Squeeze Play, Secret X, That's Too Much Jacquie Amacher of Chicago wrote to Oprah that her dream was to be a "Barker's Beauty" and it came true in PG1!
2003.2711K #2711K Air 12/8/2003 TPIR 12/1/2003.6 9/10, Don't TBC CBS

Richard, Ashley, James, Lauri

Spelling Bee, Switch?, Time Is Money Coming Or Going, Cover Up, Step Up Nice comeback in Spelling Bee!
2003.013SP #013SP Air 12/12/2003 Bob's 80th Bday.1 9/10, tracking CBS

Jessica, Isabel, Chantay, Daniel

One Wrong Price, Grand Game, Push Over Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, Double Prices Bob's 80th Birthday Bash, and MDS #7! Randy West announces.
2011.5643K #5643K Air 9/28/2011 Computer.N/A 9/10 (SD) CBS

Marie, Nathan, Erica, Anastasia

Lucky Seven, Half Off, Money Game Grand Game, Push Over, Plinko TPIR's 7,500th Show! Delightfully done showcases, and an exciting show!
1977.2373D #2373D Air 5/11/1977 Glen 3.D1.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1977.2483D #2483D Air 9/21/1977 Glen 3.D1.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1978.2654D #2654D Air 1/19/1978 Glen 3.D2.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1978.2741D #2741D Air 3/20/1978 Glen 3.D2.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1979.3371D #3371D Air 9/3/1979 Glen 3.D3.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1980.3744D #3744D Air 6/26/1980 Glen 3.D3.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1981.3973D #3973D Air 1/28/1981 Glen 3.D4.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1983.5013D #5013D Air 9/28/1983 Glen 3.D4.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1983.5071D #5071D Air 11/7/1983 Glen 3.D5.1 9/9 GSN

Rachel, James, Cynthia, Sandra

Switcheroo, Range Game, Most Expensive Take Two, Ten Chances, Pick-A-Pair Find out if changing 3 right on Switcheroo is a good idea, and if you can win with 10c in SCSD2! Screwy PG3 playing with a camera (and Holly) glitch :-P
1983.5123D #5123D Air 12/14/1983 Glen 3.D5.2 8.9/10 GSN

Leslie, Christine, Bobbie, Geneva

Clock Game, Hole In One, Walk Of Fame Double Prices, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game Leslie rambles profusely at the show's open about all sorts of things! See how she does in PG2 & how Geneva does after they "have something instead of those cribs & skis, I'm too old for those!"
1987.6373D #6373D Air 2/11/1987 Glen 3.D6.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1987.6513D #6513D Air 5/20/1987 Glen 3.D6.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1977.2445D #2445D Air 7/1/1977 Glen 2.1 ? ?

Karen, Sabrina, Janice, Rhonda

Switcheroo, Clock Game, One Right Price Danger Price, Give Or Keep, Ten Chances Season 5 finale. Rhonda is nuts! Funny SC "Everything you need to survive a blind date." Actor Lyle Waggoner appears in a SC. PG3 prizes are expensive! 2nd calldown and IUFB accidentally chopped off
1980.3622D #3622D Air 4/1/1980 Glen 2.2 ? ?

Angie, Greg, Teri, Linda

Clock Game, Hole In One, One Right Price Race Game, Dice Game, Cliffhangers Greg gets very lucky in Clock Game, & Teri bids $49 on a trip!
1980.3763D #3763D Air 9/3/1980 Glen 2.3 ? ?

Madeline, William, Cynthia, Brenda

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Squeeze Play Poker, Hurdles, Dice Game Disaster in 5 Price Tags! Funny contestant "William the Horse Ventriloquist", and "That Great Entertainer" showcase saluting actor Kirk Douglas.
1981.3954D #3954D Air 1/15/1981 Glen 2.4 ? ?

Yvonne, Dorothy, Joe, Joan

Safe Crackers, Hole In One, One Right Price Take Two, Secret X, Card Game Anne brings along her husband's boxers for good luck, and Bob waves them around in the air after she wins!
1982.4371D #4371D Air 1/25/1982 Glen 2.5 ? ?

Patricia, Marcy, Tammy, Elbie

Safe Crackers, Double Prices, Punch-A-Bunch Take Two, Hit Me, Money Game Funny old lady remembers everything Bob's done! Safecrackers played for a car. Some tracking imperfections in this episode.
1983.4765D #4765D Air 1/21/1983 Glen 2.6 ? ?

Janine, Heidi, Hettie, Diana

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, One Right Price Clock Game, Card Game, Pick-A-Pair During SCSD, Hettie unintentionally insults Bob where it hurts, so Bob gets even with her during showcase!
1983.4771D #4771D Air 1/24/1983 Glen 2.7 ? ?

June, Shereen, Elsie, Dorothy

Squeeze Play, Safe Crackers, Hole In One Poker, Secret X, Money Game Contestant with the longest name ever (you've got to hear this one to believe it; I couldn't possibly spell it for you)! Painful loss in PG3.
1983.4813D #4813D Air 2/23/1983 Glen 2.8 ? ?

Elaine, Arlene, Debra, Heidi

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Poker Game Most Expensive, Hi-Lo, Ten Chances Hilarious PG6! Bob messes up PG1; Howard's a scout leader who can make fire with "body heat!" Bob has audience boo Elaine loudly in SCSD___ by mistake & is only corrected after Elaine is humiliated!
1983.4964D #4964D Air 6/23/1983 Glen 2.9 8.5/8 ?

Tina Marie, Ann, Soni, Eugene

Any Number, Trader Bob, Danger Price Double Prices, Now and Then, Dice Game One of few shows where the 4 sets of L.A. sports teams tickets are won; Long discussion about Tina's job, and Bob even tells Tina's employer to "shove it" in SCSD1; hilarious!
1983.5033D #5034D Air 10/13/1983 Glen 2.10 ? ?

Diana, Kathy, Susan, Samuel

Golden Road, Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye Clock Game, Card Game, Secret X Hilarious contestant in PG5; Hoyt really knows *nothing* about cards!.
1983.5054D #5054D Air 10/27/1983 Glen 2.11 ? ?

Patricia, Linda, Michelle, September

Card Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Double Prices Take Two, Ten Chances, Bullseye Laura is utterly hilarious -- actually seems unhappy about being called, then wins her way on stage and drives Bob crazy! *3* games played for cars on this show!
1987.6351D #6351D Air 1/26/1987 Glen 2.12 ? ?

Rita, Doreen, Bennetta, Oscar

Spuerball, Range Game, Poker Game Bump, 3 Strikes, Check-Out Great playing of Superball for a car; Bennetta gets better with each ball after really blowing the practice ball! Funny convo between Bob, Marjorie, and a lady who makes Marjorie feel bad for being an
1987.6353D #6353D Air 1/28/1987 Glen 2.13 ? ?

Laurie, Robert, Jane, Vincent

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Race Game Most Expensive, Money Game, Hit Me First contestant Laurie can be seen staring into space for several seconds before she gets up! Funny playing of Plinko, and one SC prize is a primitive cell phone (it's about the size of a lunchbox)!
1983.4744D #4744D Air 1/6/1983 Aldridge #4.1.3 7/6 (low) GSN

Connie, Judy, Teresa, Ilean

Range Game, Safe Crackers, Hole In One Squeeze Play, 5 Price Tags, Race Game One of Holly's great Appliance Battles in PG2!
1988.6813D #6813D Air 3/23/1988 Kriese 5.1.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1988.6873D #6873D Air 5/4/1988 Kriese 5.1.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1988.6934D #6934D Air 6/30/1988 Kriese 5.1.3 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1988.7361D #7361D Air 10/2/1989 Kriese 5.1.4 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1993.01 Repeated 12-24-1993 Kriese 5.1.5 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1978.2802D #2802D Air 5/2/1978 Kriese 5.1.6 7.9/9 GSN

Karen, Lewis, Eloise, Vera

Range Game, Any Number, Hurdles Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bonus Game Eloise is quite a hoot during PG1!
1987.01 Air 1987 Kriese 5.2.1 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1993.8931D #8931D Air 10/18/1993 Kriese 5.2.2 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1988.01 Air 1988 Kriese 5.2.3 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon
1977.2421D #2421D Air 6/13/1977 Kriese 5.2.4 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon. Danger Price played for season tix to four LA sports teams.
1980.3783D #3783D Air 9/17/1980 Kriese 5.2.5 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon. Premiere of Now and Then!
1980.3851D #3851D Air 11/3/1980 Kriese 5.2.6 ? ?

?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ? ?, ?, ? Details coming soon. Home Viewer "Showcase of the Future" announced!
1988.6944D #6944D Air 9/15/1988 Richie T1.1 7/7 OB Some OCs

?, ?, ?, ?

Spelling Bee, Range Game, Race Game Barker's Bargain Bar, Add 'Em Up, Grand Game Details coming soon.
1988.7034D #7034D Air 11/17/1988 Richie T1.2 7/10 OB w/OCs

?, ?, ?, ?

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Danger Price Barker's Bargain Bar, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante Santa's Workshop home viewer SC announced!
1990.7541D #7541D Air 2/12/1990 Richie T1.3 7.5/9 OB w/OCs

?, ?, ?, ?

Golden Road, Clock Game, Grand Game Safe Crackers, Dice Game, Give Or Keep Interesting production error mentioned at the end.
1977.0418 Air 4/18/1977 (or 3/23) Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1977.1122 Air 11/22/1977 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1977.1206 Air 12/6/1977 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1983.1216 Air 12/16/1983 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1986.1006 Air 10/7/1986 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1986.1110 Air 11/10/1986 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1987.0210 Air 2/10/1987 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1988.0418 Air 4/18/1988 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1993.0914 Air 9/14/1993 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1994.0520 Air 5/20/1994 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1995.0206 Air 2/6/1995 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1995.0222 Air 2/22/1995 Computer.N/A

, , ,

, , , ,
1978.2691D #2691D Air 2/13/1978 Glen 4.D1.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1978.2694D #2694D Air 2/16/1978 Glen 4.D1.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1978.2814D #2814D Air 5/11/1978 Glen 4.D2.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1980.3913D #3913D Air 12/17/1980 Glen 4.D2.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1981.3971D #3971D Air 1/26/1981 Glen 4.D3.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1981.4004D #4004D Air 2/19/1981 Glen 4.D3.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1982.4362D #4362D Air 1/19/1982 Glen 4.D4.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1982.4412D #4412D Air 2/23/1982 Glen 4.D4.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1982.4645D #4645D Air 10/29/1982 Glen 4.D5.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1982.4681D #4681D Air 11/22/1982 Glen 4.D5.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1983.4784D #4784D Air 2/3/1983 Glen 4.D6.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1983.5003D #5003D Air 9/21/1983 Glen 4.D6.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1983.5005D #5005D Air 9/23/1983 Glen 4.D7.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1984.5151D #5151D Air 1/9/1984 Glen 4.D7.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1984.5164D #5164D Air 1/19/1984 Glen 4.D8.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1987.6333D #6333D Air 1/14/1987 Glen 4.D8.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1992.8365D #8365D Air 3/27/1992 Glen 4.D9.1

, , ,

, , , ,
1998.0822K #0822K Air 9/22/1998 Glen 4.D9.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1998.0904K #0904K Air 11/19/1998 Glen 4.D10.1

, , ,

, , , ,
2002.001LV #0001LV Air 1/31/2002 Glen 4.D10.2

, , ,

, , , ,
1985.5762D #5762D Air 6/4/1985 Computer.N/A 9/9 CBS OB w/OCs

Tana, Linda, Barbara, Alesha

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Take Two One Right Price, Balance Game, Card Game Funny "Treasure of Mucho Grande" SC
1975.1714D #1714D Air 12/11/1975 Nick C 3.D1.1 GSN

?, ?, ?, ?

Give or Keep, Ten Chances, Double Prices Temptation, Shell Game, Race Game
1975.1725D #1725D Air 12/19/1975 Nick C 3.D1.2

?, ?, ?, ?

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, One Right Price Any Number, Race Game, Grocery Game Close finish in the SCs!
1975.1921D #1921D Air 5/3/1976 Nick C 3.D2.1

?, ?, ?, ?

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Give or Keep Double Prices, Five Price Tags, Poker Game
1977.2383D #2383D Air 5/18/1977 Nick C 3.D3.1

?, ?, ?, ?

Range Game, Hole in One, Danger Price Double Prices, Ten Chances, Cliffhangers One of PG2's earliest playings, with a drum roll during the putt!
1977.2625D #2625D Air 12/30/1977 Nick C 3.D3.2

?, ?, ?, ?

Dice Game, Secret X, Race Game Card Game, Hurdles, Double Prices Janice crashes a car in the SCs! Special New Year's SC.
1984.5212D #5212D Air 2/21/1984 Nick C 3.D4.2

?, ?, ?, ?

Money Game, Cliffhangers, Clock Game N/A 1/2 hour show.
1988.6762D #6762D Air 2/16/1988 Nick C 3.D4.3

?, ?, ?, ?

Give or Keep, Lucky Seven, Danger Price N/A 1/2 hour show.
1989.7395D #7395D Air 10/27/1989 Fun Stuff 8.1 8.5/9 CBS OB w/OC

Curtis, Gabriela, Wendy, Joseph

Superball, Range Game, Make Your Move Squeeze Play, Lucky Seven, Bullseye Got this ep from the SC Winner! PG3 played for a CAR, but its weird too-early price reveal confused the contestant. Two $5 overbids on IUFBs, and a promo for Goen WOF!