Cast Sightings 3

Other Celebrities' Appearances on TPIR

Over the years, various luminaries have graced the stage of Bob Barker Studio. Here are some of them:

This is Bert Convy promoting Tattletales in 1974! Anitra has such a guilty look on her face!

I think he's taking a great risk messing with Dian in 1982! Both of his appearances can be seen here.

Also in 1982, Bill Cullen comes along to promote Child's Play!

This youngster describes The Price is Right and Bob Barker, and gives Johnny a special mention! Here's what he has to say.

Bob Eubanks came on down in 1985 to promote Card Sharks! Watch the clip, including the call from substitute announcer Rich Jeffries!

In 1992, Carol Burnett made a cameo, and graced the same stage she worked at years earlier! Watch her visit with Bob and the studio.

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