Catalog of Non-TPIR Shows

This is my official catalog of non-TPIR shows I can trade for. As I find more and watch them, I will write about them here, so stay tuned for updates! Also, those of you looking through this list are encouraged to alert me about any factual omissions or typos I have made in the list; likewise, I will encourage you to learn more about these shows by sources like Wikipedia, the Game Show Pilot Light, or maybe by trading with me for them! Maybe someday I'll have pages for each show, but that is highly unlikely any time soon at all.

In parentheses by most shows is important information: first is the source, usually GSN, OB (original broadcast), OC (original commercials), SM (studio master); next is the Video Quality/Audio Quality. 10/10 is the best, 0/0 is the worst. A number like 10/8 indicates better video than audio (uncommon), and something such as 8/10 indicates better audio than video quality. Scores below 6 indicate significant flaws in the quality.

Shows A-L:

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THE $1.98 BEAUTY SHOW - 1978 Ep from GSN 50 Greatest Game Shows MW 1.D2.3 and somewhere else

3'S A CROWD with Jim Peck - Husbands Bob v. Art v. Guy - Aired pilot & 9/1979 premiere, with the infamous "Spaghetti" answer! from GSN 50 Greatest Game Shows Ian 2.1.16 and MW 1.D2.2

50 GRAND SLAM with Tom Kennedy

$50,000 A MINUTE with Geoff Edwards & Meredith MacRae

THE $64,000 CHALLENGE 1/15/1957, with Ralph Story. Mr. Frank plays for $64,000 in Geography; Billy Petersen and Larry Rivers challenge each other in Modern Art for $8,000. Barkow 2.1.2 w/OCs for Kent Cigarettes, etc.

THE $64,000 QUESTION with Hal March

THE $128,000 QUESTION with Alex Trebek


ALL-STAR BLITZ with Peter Marshall

ALL-STAR SECRETS - 1979 with Bob Eubanks. Celebs gsBCBill Cullen, Della Reese, John Schuck, Nanette Fabray, Arte Johnson. Game: Laura v. Chris v. Deedee. With OCs Russ 5.1.5

BANK ON THE STARS - 1954, with Bill Cullen. With OCs Russ 5.1.10


BEAT THE CLOCK - at least 5 eps

THE BETTER SEX - 1977 with Bill Anderson & Sarah Purcell. Men's team "Mean Machine" (with a VERY GOOD player George) starts by playing against 30 females in the audience. Russ 3.3.11

THE BIG SHOWDOWN - Recorded 3-14-75 - Only existing episode! Andy** v. Diane v. Mike* - Jim falls down the steps at the intro! Barkow 2.1.3

THE BIG SPIN - With Pat Finn Derrick 1.D4.4

THE BIG SURPRISE - 1st player: Margot Russ 5.2.10 With OCs

BLACKOUT Charlie Siebert & Markie Post - Lisa v. Jan Ian 1.1.12 (8.8 - tracking/8)

BLANK CHECK - 1975 - Maggie Brown wrote a check for $5,324 on the last program (SM, no OCs) Russ 4.13

BLIND DATE - 1950, with Arlene Francis. Father's Day episode. First game: Alice selects herself a date from 2 possible bachelors. Russ 5.1.9




Break The Bank - Rayburn (1985) - Michael & Lori v. Tim & Becky TPIR Trade 3.2.12

Break The Bank - Farago (1986) - Chris & Chuck v. Chris & Kathie Barkow 2.1.5 (rough audio)

THE BUCK STOPS HERE - Jim Peck - Unsold pilot! Lisa* & Matt* (Computer programmers) v. Sarah & Jerry (Detectives): $15,000 Bonus Win Barkow 2.1.12





CELEBRITY BOWLING - 1970s, with Jed Allen. Celebs Tom Kennedy, Richard Deacon, Ed Ames, McLean Stevenson. With OCs Russ 5.1.6

CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES with Jim McKrell. Finale from 1976! Dave v. Hilary CC 2.4 (SM, 9.5/9)


THE CHALLENGERS with Dick Clark - 4/1/1991 - Mike v. Kurt v. Meredith Ian 1.2.8

CHILD'S PLAY with Bill Cullen, 1982

CHOOSE UP SIDES - 1956 with Gene Rayburn. 1st game: Mario v. Milton - A light-hearted kid's stunt show! With OCs Russ 5.1.4


COLLEGE MAD HOUSE - 1990 OB (9/9) Kevin, Jennifer, Jim, Wendy (Washington Huskies) v. Todd, Carolyn, Bard, Sherry (Oregon Ducks) Nick 5.D4.4



DECISIONS, DECISIONS - Unsold pilot with Bill Cullen. Joyce Bulifant & David Letterman - Madeline v. Mike CC 3.2 (SM, 7-8/8)

DIAMOND HEAD GAME with Bob Eubanks. Corelee v. Doreen Russ 5.3.3

DO YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE? with Johnny Carson. Contestants Mr & Mrs. Kishner - ABC SM w/OCs Russ 4.9

DOCTOR I.Q. With assts. Sue England & Carol Byron. 1st contestant: Maryanne from Honolulu! With OCs for KABC-TV in LA TMS 1.1.1

DON ADAMS' SCREEN TEST. 5/16/75 (5.9/7) - Judges: Howard Cox, producer; Rona Barrett, critic; George Marshall, director. First Contestant: Sheila. Hour-long pilot Russ 5.3.1

DOTTO from 1958 - Anne-Marie Wynn is a contestant. Ladies and gentlemen, here come the Great Quiz Show Scandals! With OCs Russ 5.1.2

DOUBLE DARE with Alex Trebek (15 eps)

DOUBLE TALK 8/18/1986, with Henry Polic II. Premiere! - Betty White & Stuart Daemon - Babs v. Alice. Nick 7.D3.3 (GSN, 8/8)

EVERYTHING'S RELATIVE - Unsold Pilot with Jim Peck

EYE GUESS With Bill Cullen. Mildred plays the Bonus. Bill presents the Eye Guess home game & it's really Password! An interesting memory game CC 3.13 (GSN, 8/6-low, buzz)



FAMILY GAME 1967, with Bob Barker - Welton v. Hart v. Guess families Russ 3.3.13 With OCs

FAST DRAW with Johnny Gilbert - Old, rare, color show from the late 60s! Anita Gilette & Robert Alda: Marilyn v. Carl CC 2.3 (SM, 8/9)


GAMBIT - Wink Martindale - Livingston's v. Ferraro's Barkow 2.1.9

THE GAME GAME with Jim McKrell - Ep #31. Carrie v. celebs Doug McClure, Jessica Walters, and Burt Reynolds CC 2.5 (SM, 9/9)

GET THE MESSAGE - 12/25/1964: Christmas Day Series Finale GSn Specials.A.1


GOING GOING GONE 1959, with Richard Llewellyn. Russ 7.D20.1 (45:26) (SM, 9/9)

THE GONG SHOW - Steve Martin is a judge, and some very raucous acts! (50 Greatest) GSn Specials.B.5

HE SAID, SHE SAID with Joe Garagiola - with Jackie Davidson, Sally Field, Nanette Fabray, Joyce Ray, and their husbands MW 1.D3.1 (9.9/10)


HIGH-LOW 1957 with Jack Barry. Guests Burl Ives, Arlene dahl, John Van Doren. 1st game: Terry Curtis Russ 6.3.9 (With OCs)

HIT MAN 1983, with Peter Tomarken

THE HONEYMOON GAME with Jim McKrell - Hour-long pilot created by Jack Barry on 10/3/1970, mostly reusing the failed 1960s TJW format. The show made it to limited syndication in 1971. MB D1.1 (8.9/9)

HOT POTATO (11 eps)

HOT STREAK with Bruce Forsyth - Pilot #3, VTR 10/19/1984. Team captains Lance v. Wanda Nick 7.D2.4 (SM, 10/10)

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION 1977. Panel: Abe Vigoda, Pat Carroll, Nipsey Russell, Meredith Macrae, Milton Berle, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Game: Jean v. Jim Russ 6.3.4


HOLLYWOOD'S TALKING with Geoff Edwards - 3/18/1973 Premiere! Guests Mary Tyler Moore, Ross Martin, Pearl Bailey, Milton Berle, Sally Struthers, Rich Little, Lloyd Hayes, John Forsythe, Fess Parker, Judy Carne, Jo Anne Worley, Doc Severinson, Joyce Anker, Dean Jones, Sebastian Cabot, and David Jansen: contestants Donna v. Appolos v. Gail AN 1.1.6 (SM, 7.9/8.5 - rough in spots)

IT TAKES TWO 1997, with Dick Clark. Robert/Charles vs Terry/Misty vs Jason/Shari - Janice Pennington and Rod Roddy are among the guests! Russ 6.5.11

IT'S ACADEMIC 1969, with Mac McGarry, from Washington, D.C. Walter Johnson/Einstein/W.T. Woodson Russ 6.5.1 SM, B&W

IT'S NEWS TO ME with John Charles Daly. Panel: Quentin Reynolds, Martha Scott, Mel Allen, Anna Lee. 1st player: Dick Deers Chicago 2.4





JOKER JOKER JOKER - at least 3 episodes

THE JOKER'S WILD now has its own page.

JUVENILE JURY 1953. Jurors Laura, Charlie, Richard, Susan, Billy Russ 6.5.10 With OCs

KEY WITNESS 1959 with Vincent Price. Unsold pilot. Russ 7.D20.2 (8/8)

LAS VEGAS GAMBIT 1981 with Wink Martindale. Dick & Susan O'Neill face the Gambit board MW 1.D1.2 (8/9) OB No OCs



LOVE CONNECTION - 1990 - (50 Greatest)

THE LOVE EXPERTS 1978-1979 with Bill Cullen - Panel Joanne Worley, Geoff Edwards, Elaine Joyce, Soupy Sales - Contestants Linda, Kristen, Muffy CC 3.1 (SM, 8.9/8.9)

LUCKY NUMBERS with Alex Trebek - (Unsold) Pilot #1 Taped 5-18-85, similar to High Rollers! Vicki v. Jeryl Ian 2.1.14 (9.9/9.9) and MT 13.2 (much worse)

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